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  1. FTTF for the Breeze is available today. I was just able to purchase for my March 2021 cruise! 😊
  2. Hi! I have been on Coumadin since 2016. I have to test weekly so I have an INR monitor that I bring with me. I always let my doctor know when I'm traveling because I don't email in my results while I'm gone. I also bring extra medication in case I need to adjust my dose or if our trip would get extended. I take my meds at night before bed and if the time change is only a few hours I just continue my bedtime routine. After you have been on it for awhile you will know what foods and drinks affect your levels and how they affect you. I have also learned to adjust my dose to my
  3. We have cruised on the Regal Princess and they did have a few events by the pool on sea days. They had a bartender competition and I remember them doing an ice carving. They also play movies and concerts on the big screen throughout the day. But if you are looking for the cruise director activities, music and games like Carnival has you won't find it on Princess. That being said we love cruising on Princess and so does our 14 yr old but we usually cruise during spring break when it's a younger crowd and there are more kids.
  4. That's the fun of cruising, always something to plan or research. I'm currently looking for something for March 2021.
  5. That's great that you were able to get the location you want. Have a great cruise the Regal is a beautiful ship!
  6. It looks like you need to be in front of the aft stairs. If you're not you will still have a covered balcony you just won't have the extra overhang. Keep checking back I'm sure there will be available cabins especially right around final payment time.
  7. This photo of the side of the Regal may help you. If you are wanting to be under the larger overhang you don't want to be too far aft. We had the last port side aft deluxe balcony cabin on deck 14 and the balcony was covered but not to the extent the cabins would be that are under the large overhang.
  8. We cruise with 3 in a cabin all the time with our now teenage son. The pictures above are accurate for a balcony cabin set up for 3 on the Emerald and Sapphire so I'm almost certain they are the same on the Ruby. Princess cabins are smaller than Carnival cabins as they have no sofa or real sitting area. 3 people in a Princess cabin will be tighter than you have experienced on Carnival but it can be done. We have had room stewards that made the beds into a queen but we have also had them refuse and only allowed the twin set up because the upper was open. We were told it was a s
  9. Look into Nationwide cruise insurance. They offer a policy with pre existing condition waiver that you can actually purchase at the time of final payment.
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