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  1. I have been looking into the technology of the medallion because I also have a Medtronic pacemaker. I read that the medallion is very similar if not the same technology as the wristbands used at Disney. After some research I personally feel the technology is safe and don't have a problem using it. I would keep the medallion away from my pacemaker just to be safe, but then again I walk through metal detectors. As far as using your cell phone on the ship. I haven't sent a Carelink from my cell on the ship but I call home using my cell as it's cheaper than using the cabin phone. I can't remember the exact cost, but I remember it wasn't near as expensive as I thought it would be. You can always contact your cell phone provider before you leave and get the per minute cost. Also make sure you turn off your data so you don't get those extra charges added on while you are using your phone. I hope you have a wonderful cruise! 😊
  2. Look at Nationwide Cruise Insurance they offer pre-existing coverage that you can purchase at the time of final payment. They have 2 different policies and only 60 day look back period.
  3. We booked a private sailboat several years ago in Cabo. We went to the Arch, swam to the beach near the Arch, then we went whale watching and at the end of the day they put up the sails and we went sailing around the bay. They also had food and drinks on board for us. Best day ever!!! We used Cabo San Lucas Tours (by Johann and Sandra). https://www.cabosanlucastours.net/Private-Group-Tours.htm
  4. We took a Princess beach excursion in Manzanillo about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the beach or resort we went too. I can say I remember we had a great time and have booked a similar if not the same excursion for our upcoming cruise. We often do Princess excursions and have always had great experiences.
  5. My 13 year old loves Princess kids clubs, his first cruise was at age 3 1/2. Once he figured out he could go and have fun he didn't want to leave and couldn't wait to go back. He has come home with various stuffed animals, t-shirts and crafts from the kids club over the years. In our experiences the entire staff on Princess is wonderful with kids. One year our room steward left chocolate chip cookies for him every evening and on another cruise there was a waiter that enjoyed talking to him and would always stop what he was doing to talk or say hi to him no matter where we were on the ship. On our last Princess cruise we bought the photo package and he and the photographers had a lot fun posing for pictures. He liked to "photo bomb" mom and dad and they played along with him. I think you will be very pleased with how great Princess is with kids. Happy Cruising!!!
  6. Thanks everyone!!! I can see the flight on the airlines site/app I just don't have the option to pick my seats. My TA verified my booking and sent me the confirmation so I know that we are booked. I'll check a few things on the website and if nothing happens I'll give them a call.
  7. What happens if the option to pick your seats doesn't show up on the airlines site? I rebooked my flights 2 times and both the original and 2nd booking I was able to go back in and pick my seats. My departure flight actually stayed the same with each new booking but of course I had to rebook it and the last time I am now only able to pick seats for my return flight. My departure flight doesn't show seats or give me the button to pick seats this time. Seems strange because I was able to pick them for the first 2 bookings. I'm hoping the choose/change seat button magically appears soon.
  8. Hi Arwen! I would suggest you book a Deluxe Balcony or a Minisuite. My son was 3 1/2 on his first Princess cruise. We booked a regular balcony cabin with an upper bunk because a minisuite was just too expensive for us at the time. Our room steward provided us with a roll away bed instead of pulling down the upper bunk due to his age. The roll away took up way too much space in the cabin so we chose to let him sleep in bed with us for the week. Not ideal, but it was the best option for the size of the cabin. If you decide to book a regular balcony with the upper bed/bunk you could ask the steward to put the mattress from the upper bunk on the floor for your granddaughter to sleep on. It might be tight as far as floor space but would probably be the easiest option. Or one parent could sleep in the upper bunk and the other with the child in the regular bed, not ideal but just a thought. Also Princess has the best kids clubs!!! Hopefully your granddaughter will be able to spend some time there. My once 3 1/2 year old is now 13 and really looking forward to the teen club, although I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Happy cruising!!!
  9. Are you going to Puerta Vallarta on your cruise? If so take a look at Wildlife Connection (they also have a FB page) and their Dolphins in the Wild tour. They take small groups out in the bay in search of the pods of wild dolphins. The guides are very familiar with the different groups of dolphins and their feeding times, habits and which ones like to interact. Once they find them you get into the water and swim with them. It is an amazing experience! We booked it on their website and just took a taxi to the marina. I believe I read that they now offer transportation to and from the cruise port. Have a great cruise! Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
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