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  1. How does someone go about using FaceTime while onboard or on the islands? Do you have to have an onboard package? Contact your cellular carrier? Or both? Daughter wants to be able to FaceTime with babysitting grandparents.
  2. I heard the Pride went to dry dock this past February. Anyone know what all was done to her? Thank you.
  3. So what is the purpose of this forum if you are saying use google? Geez........It was a simple question.
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!! Truly disappointed in responses to my question. So much, I don’t think I will continue to use this forum. What a shame to find some people can actually take the time to write something “snarky”. If you have don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say it. Again, extremely disappointed. I was simply asking a question. Never again. 🥺
  5. Unless I missed it.....can you get soda, milk shakes and speciality coffees with the Cheers program?
  6. Are there things to see and buy within walking distance while docked at the tender port in Cabo San Lucas? We are doing a 2-hour whale watching tour and was hoping to do some browsing after being dropped back off at the ship prior to departure. Thanks for the help. Happy cruising.
  7. If choosing to walk the mile from the Residence Inn to the cruise terminal, is there a “safe” path/sidewalk or are you walking along the road?
  8. So I’m just a bit confused...the rooms do NOT have central air conditioning? This will determine whether we book here or choose another more modernized hotel. Thank you.
  9. We have booked Rhythms for our 02/20 cruise. Have heard nothing but positive reviews. Always hoping to see more reviews of course. Fun to anticipate. Since we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary, we are hoping the dinner at the show will offer us a chance for a nice “perfect spot” table for 2. I’ll be in a panic about the return time to the ship...even though I realize the ship won’t leave without a Carnival excursion group. 😉
  10. When flying and all of the luggage weight restrictions and added costs, we no longer ‘elegant’ dress for dinner. Stick with cruise casual. No need for all the extra shoes either....which take a lot of weight and space. Recently on Norweigen cruise and their freestyle dining is awesome! Didn’t have the added worry of dressing up. Less stress when packing. Less expensive. More room for souvenirs for the return home 😁. Back in the day, you’d be totally stared at if you showed up in non-elegant attire. Today, definitely not a big deal. Although I will say, IMO of course......baseball hats, swim suits, robes and pajamas should not be allowed. Any hoot, it’s your vacation...just be comfortable. Happy sailing everyone.
  11. Celebrating our 40th anniversary aboard the Panorama. Coming in a couple of days early staying at Long Beach Residence Inn. Anyone know of a nice place with a nice atmosphere for dinner other than the Queen Mary?
  12. Can you walk from Residence Inn hotel to the cruise port?
  13. Anyone done this excursion? Thoughts/comments? Are you able to get a table for two? Any worries about returning to the ship? Tour ends 7:45....ship leaves 8:00 🥺
  14. We have an Ocean Suite on the Panorama. Will we be able to access the Havana pool? Or is that pool only for “Havana” cabins? Thank you.
  15. First time to Mexican Riviera. Are their close shopping areas near the ports at Cabo, Mazatlan and PV? Preferably, local artisans. And do they accept USD or only peso’s? Thank you.
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