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  1. Um. Mixers are free so you’re saying you can get a gin and tonic off ship for $2.25? Good luck with that. Just sayin.
  2. This package has been around for awhile now. Only a savings if you want the internet. The service fees you need to pay one way or the other, so that does compensate for the cost a bit, and the laundry is totally worth it. Super informative thread title, BTW. Perhaps a mod can add this to the existing thread.
  3. this one has an amazing aerial shot toward the end. Amazing.
  4. I believe there was a post that they arrived a day early but disembarkation was the next, making it one of those overnight times, like when you arrive back in Papeete one evening and disembark the next day. Not sure how that factors in.
  5. alas, we didn’t bring any with us and in any case we needed periodic access.
  6. Back to the issues raised by the OP. I really don’t know what some people except. You chose to book a cruise at a time of year the the weather is known to be unpredictable and often downright hazardous. 5 minutes on Google turns up all sorts of previous reports. You clicked though and accepted the WS terms and conditions. at the same time as you we, on the Breeze, missed 2 ports completely and had one substitute. I observed no one complaining other than a soft sigh when the captain came on the PA to say “I have another important destination announcement” after which we all resumed eating our lunch and then went to the excursion desk to rebook tours. We had one independent tour and reception called the operator for us so we could revise plans. What more were you expecting? the captain salvaged as much of the trip as possible under constantly changing conditions and even worked to add substitute ports where possible. A couple of the replacement ones are fantastic. BTW. Meanwhile, the WS crew continued to be paid, I assume you ate the chow they WS paid for, they need to pay for the fuel. The only truly saved expenses were the port fees when one was totally missed and you were compensated for those fees.
  7. We prefer to think of them as being “of a certain age”. An engine failure that lasted 2 hours 2 years ago is irrelevant. These things happen. We’ve never had problems with the A/C in our cabins. The worst part is that the controls are so worn you can barely read the numbers. Solved for me by using the iPhone flashlight along with the super power glasses. Adjusted once and we good to go. The bathrooms remain what they are - old but functional. One couple reported duct tape under their sink but we had no such issues. The was a minor issue with one cabinet where the door would flop around in high seas but a carryon in front of it solved the problem. We would have asked to have it fixed but the work around was easy, the Breeze had only two more itins and the bar was calling. Priorities!! I was actually surprised to see the crew running around and painting things including the exterior of the hull, having just heard that the paint was all being stripped down to bare metal during the lengthening. We saw nothing that gave us pause. If you want to see WS standards at work take the tour of the sparkling galley. We saw no hint of scaling anything back in the last couple weeks. The menus and selection was as always, the bar was fully stocked. Zero issues. the most important thing is that the smiling crew is smiling as always.
  8. Try this link: https://www.windstarcruises.com/cruise/itinerary-ports/star-collector-voyages/star-collector-lovely-leewards/?id=352&sid=3043 The chart shows watersports days. If it doesn't work, go the WS home page, find your cruise and then click on the Itinerary and Ports tab. As far as what's on board, this page gives a good idea, and includes information for a range of equipment available: https://blog.windstarcruises.com/water-sports-platform/ Happy sailing!
  9. What?? Totally cool. I want to be you! I noticed a few days ago that they must have turned of the - not sure what it’s called - transponder?, since she’s disappeared from marine traffic.
  10. Some of us thought they were pressing their luck by staying in Iceland as long as they did before turning the ships south, but then we repeatedly heard from locals that winter came about 6 weeks early this year. This was no way WS could have planned for the unusual weather. In the breeze everything was handled with great tact and understanding. I heard on one on board complain.
  11. Whoa. That would make me a tad concerned! I can’t imagine. We have land based in Portugal in December, then Alaska on the beautified Breeze next June (bucket list) and then a 21 day land culinary trip to China in October 2020. the next big unplanned trip after that will be my post-retirement reward in the fall of 2021, maybe something in Asia on WS, but those trips haven’t been announced yet.
  12. what about this would put you off Windstar? Things beyond the weather? They have lots of itins where this wouldn’t be an issue.
  13. We’ve always had port charges refunded. Also, I think if the cruise actually ended a day early (as in you were all disembarked) you should get credit for the day of the trip that you missed. Was this the late August itin on the Pride. There some talk about It in my thread about the breeze that was going in more or less the opposite direction. Others seemed happy with the way they were treated and the weather was horrible!
  14. I've never had any issues with odors - except on the Surf by the back stairway where smoke was bleeding through from the crew smoking area, but reports I saw were that this had been resolved. The entire ship experiences some vibration when they're using the engines, but you don't really notice it until they turn them off to go totally under sail. Sort of like when you don't notice the HVAC noise in your office until it shuts off and everything goes silent. Never bothered me.
  15. The reason most cited is that the lower you are the less you'll be bothered with motion during heavy seas. The compromise is that you need to climb and extra flight of steps, but that is an issue for some and not others.
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