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  1. That could work on Carnival. On Norwegian, we had to pay upfront for a $599pp overnight excursion. I hear it is standard policy for NCL even before the pandemic. It would have been a great way to unload OBC, but maybe NCL has caught on to that.
  2. Does it have the terms and conditions of the OBC? Some can be used for gratuities, some can't. Etc etc
  3. This is not encouraging. The refunds seem to be coming back in random amounts. Cruise planning can span years, and like many it seems, I too have paid using cards that I have closed. I would have hoped that the banks would be a little bit more proactive when refunds come in on a closed card. I bet if instead charges come in on a closed card, they would quickly find the former customer.
  4. Not commenting about this specific vitamin need... But about YouTube censoring or checking the validity of videos: it's not going to happen. There isn't any validation, checking, or taking down of inaccurate videos. There are plenty of videos hawking herbs, muscle building products, etc. that may or may not be effective. That's the problem with social media. The companies behind social media specifically say they do not check videos, posts, tweets, etc. There is a debate going on right now about this. You can search about Section 230, a law that the social media co
  5. Is that July 2021, or 2022? Just kidding. I hope.
  6. Thanks, I would correct my post, but the Edit disappears after about an hour. So to summarize and fix my error: TA OBC can be used for grats Cancellation OBC can be used for grats Cruiseline OBC from promotions (not cancel) may or may not be used for grats
  7. Agreed. Those quotes were from a regulatory filing, where companies think up the worse case scenarios and list them. It's not a like an NCL spokesman said all this stuff. Just the lawyers in a filing, using doomsday words like every other company does in their regulatory filings. Here's an example for discussion. I think most people will agree that Apple's is no danger of fumbling right now. Yet Apple's 2020 10-K filing lists ten pages of possible risks. Here's just three of them: Global markets for the Company’s products and services are highly competitive and s
  8. Just to confirm- cancellation OBC can be used for gratuities? So it is just the travel agent OBC that can't be used for grats? Sorry for the stupid question, but I've only had TA OBC.
  9. That's true. On the other hand, there's a strong case to be made for optimists as well. While they may experience disappointment as everyone does from time to time, my guess is that their attitude helps them easily recover from it. It's been studied for medical issues, I imagine the same is true for cruise disappointments, etc. "Optimism helps people cope with disease and recover from surgery. Even more impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health and longevity." Harvard Medical School
  10. You are right, United has focused on SFO in California. LAX is sort of the backup, but always playing second fiddle to SFO as far as United goes. LAX (and SFO) have the new revamped Polaris lounges, but the best flights internationally always seem to service SFO over LAX.
  11. For more fun, read any of the threads here about cruise company stocks! A whole new level of speculation and wild guesses 😆
  12. That was a ginormous boo boo. The cu$tomized Joy was there for what, only six months before they pulled the plug? And then they had to plow an additional $100M to undo the cu$tomization$?
  13. This means 2021 for NCL is pretty much gone, right? I have a NCL cruise for later this year ☹️
  14. I certainly understand your sentiments. Being on the cancel parade is not fun. With the slowness of refunds, and how they do it piecemeal with many small amounts, I am not really sure if I am being shorted or not. That would mean three years of no cruising though!
  15. And then sometimes, decisions are made by travel companies that make no sense. For example, United Airlines. United has the "test before flying, bypass Hawaii coronavirus quarantine" program. But only out of San Francisco SFO, not Los Angeles. The joke is that Los Angeles is a suburb of Hawaii, as there are so many that are born in the islands living in LA. Lots of back and forth travel between LA and the islands. 🤷‍♂️ Separately, United has for years favored SFO over LAX for flights to Asia, also a big head scratcher that belies demographics. My guess is that
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