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  1. "and how about that free food in the MDR? That was on me too!" 😄
  2. Just curious- when you say "last minute", how many days before sail is that? When I've seen good deals in the past, the sky high airfare ate up all the savings. I guess the airlines do the opposite strategy...
  3. It has already been mentioned that the sink is outside the curtained bath area, and yes, this is an advantage. One can brush while the other showers or uses the facilities. The bathroom and toilet glass is semi see through. Some are ok with this, some are not ok. It depends on how modest you are. Someone mentioned the curtain- yes it does help. But what happens when your spouse is outside and coming in? When the cabin door opens, the curtain will not help one bit. You'll be visible to the hallway. So, the Epic bathroom+curtain is not the same as every other cruise ship. We did sail on Epic knowing all this beforehand, as we were warned. The dates and itinerary were too good for us to pass up. We came up with a system to not exit or enter the cabin door when the other is using the facilities. It's really too bad- all they had to do was use opaque glass and that would fixed it 😀 For what it is worth, we will avoid Epic going forward. There's no single answer for everyone.
  4. This ain't nothing. You should see the wild bankruptcy proclamations in the stock threads about NCL, RCLH, CCL from armchair investors. If the naysayers were that convinced of bankruptcy, they should short the stock and be done with it. But they have to constantly pummel the companies on these threads. 🙂
  5. It's surprising to me, but train rides are quite expensive in the US
  6. The "unpack once but wake up in a different city/country every morning" thing will be hard to substitute...
  7. Who knows, this might be the foundation of future consolidation. Royal Norwegian International?
  8. I did get a new TA going forward. Looking back, I probably should have asked the cruiseline to transfer the booking away.
  9. Welcome to the meme craze. Coming soon, vote by thumbs up/down memes. On a related note, ever notice that proposition titles rarely match the contents of the measure? Political memes are like that, they take an incredibly complex subject and turn it into a five word slogan that bears little resemblance to the facts.
  10. True story- my TA pushed back on me wanting to take advantage of a $50pp drop. Said "it'll probably go lower, call back then" 😑
  11. I hope somebody at RCI has a nice big wall where they can keep a diagram of all the similarly named holding companies that are actually different. And a big "Do NOT Erase" sign on it.
  12. Flares are not toys- someone could be hurt. Or worse, it could cause a ship fire. Is the world going crazy nowadays? I wonder if zero tourism has toned down their "flare up".
  13. mpk


    Politics used to be private and personal too... not any more.
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