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  1. Yes.....we removed the transfers. Flying FREE from SFO to HNL Getting our own transfers Not sure, though, if it can be done after final payment.
  2. We were in 11626 which was under the Garden Cafe. It was bad !!! The noise of the chairs moving started very early in the morning and lasted through the day and nite. Sometimes we couldn't sit on the balcony because of the noise. After day 1 we realized why it was only $200 to upgrade to a mini suite from a balcony. We learned our lesson to only have cabins above and below us. But.....you will love the cruise !!
  3. snow1

    Volcano tours

    Check out Rickystourshawaii.com He operates a clean 12 passenger van. His 6 hour combination tour includes Hilo and Volcano National Park. His van picks you up at the pier at 8:30am. Contact him to see how many others will be on that particular day.....maybe it will just be the 5 of you. We took his tour when we were in Hilo a few years ago and have already booked Ricky again for our day in Hilo when we will be on the Pride of America this November. Send him an email and he will get back to you in a short time.
  4. Has anyone been on this excursion? Would you recommend it? Thanks
  5. Did you find the airline information on line or did you call? 120 days out would be great......I was told 60 days out. SFO to Honolulu 120 days is our final payment due date.
  6. We booked the "Free" airfaire from SFO to Honolulu. We were told that their is no upgrade available to First Class. And that we will get our flight info 60 days out. I hope it is 80 days out!!
  7. snow1

    Tours in Hilo

    It is $85 a person. He picks you up at the pier at 8:15 and returns at 3:15 Check out the website and it will give you the details of the tour. Plus, Ricky will answer any questions on line in a day or two. It is a great way to spend the day in Hilo and see alot.
  8. snow1

    Tours in Hilo

    Check out Rickys Tours in Hilo www.rickystourshawaii.com We took his wonderful tour a few years ago and have already booked him for our returning day in Hilo on the POA His tour is called the Combination Hilo and Volcano National Park Tour. I just noticed that this post was originally from a few years ago. It's up to date, in case someone needs it now.
  9. Thanks 123CruisyMum for the great review. We are taking this cruise in November. Do you remember the name of the beach that you walked to in Maui? Did it have chairs and umbrellas to rent? Thanks
  10. When you log in to NCL, and book excursions, you should get a 10% discount on any NCL excursions. We are also Silver and got the discount on our last NCL cruise. But.....I am going to check out the Big Box you wrote about.
  11. Beachiekeen, I'll be waiting for your review. Have a wonderful trip !!
  12. Thanks papa B me. We are going in November. Which ports did you have to tender in? Thanks
  13. It's not on my gold card I had it last year and was able to redeem it. Guess I'll have to keep checking !!
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