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  1. We are using the Free Flight Promo. Our EDocs were available at 121 days. At 38 days,when we were finally ticketed, they had the the air info added to it. During the interim, we were able to see all the reservations we had made for the cruise......excursions and speciality dining. I'd give them a call.
  2. Home/Departure City: San Franscisco Arrival/Destination City: Honolulu Airlines: United Number of Connections: None.....non stop both ways! Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - SFO 9:05a - HNL 12:37p Return Flight departure/arrival time - HNL 1:05p - SFO 8:09p Deviation: Flying in 2 days early Flight info received - 38 days out
  3. We were on the Star last September in a mid ship Mini Suite on deck 11. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact stateroom number. Yes....there is alot of noise from the moving of chairs in the buffet right above you. It starts very early in the morning and continues throughout the day into the evening. Some days, we couldn't sit on the balcony because the noise of the chairs was too loud to even have a conversation. We met a couple who were in mini suite but towards the front of the ship.....with no buffet above them.....and they said they had no noise at all. Honestly, the mini suite was nice, but we would never book a stateroom again that didn't have other rooms above it.
  4. 2 year ago we were on RCCL out of San Juan. When we disembarked, we did self walk off along with a few hundred other people. The line at customs took about 20 minutes (about 100 people before us), We hopped in a taxi to the airport. There was an accident on the road, so it took longer than expected. The airport (at about 9a) was a zoo. Luckily we were flying Seaborne to St. Thomas and that counter had no line. But the line for TSA was huge, even with us having TSA PreCheck. The person before my husband had to have her carry on checked which then added more time to getting to the gate. You never know what will go wrong. I can't remember where I read it, but somewhere on the NCL website, they say don't book a flight less than 6 hours after the ship gets to your final port.
  5. Our placeholders have been there and have not changed since we booked the cruise last November. We are at 57 days out and nothing !! i called Premium Air this morning I got a really nice guy, who told me that they used to give out the flight info at 60 days......now it's 30-40 days out!!!! Needless to say, I wasn't happy when I hung up!! I will keep checking my EDocs throughout the day.....every day !
  6. Premium Air 866-625-1163 I'm at 58 days.....guess I'll still have to wait !!! I check my E-docs a few times a day!
  7. So do I......!!!!!! One day, I hope to be surprised !! Just want to be able to upgrade to Economy Plus with more legroom for our 5 hour flight from SFO to HNL
  8. Today we are at 60 days......waiting for airfare info. I called the Premium Air the other day and asked about it. They told me at 50 days, they will call the airlines and negotiate our tickets. WHAT?????? When I told them that I was told that I would get the info at 60 days....they said "Who told you that?" Guess, I'm still waiting !!!! I've been following this topic for months....doesn't appear that the info will be available even at 50 days.!!
  9. If you still want to do a tour, check out: Ricky's Tours Maybe he has room on one of your days. His Combination Hilo and Volcano Nat'l Park tour is great. He operates a clean 12 passenger van and picks you up right at the pier. We took it last time we were in Hilo and plan to take the tour again in November. www.rickystourshawaii.com 1-808-938-5658
  10. Thanks hallux I was curious to know what airline geneticfreak was on that allowed him to upgrade to first class. I am pretty sure we will be on United......just waiting for the flight info to come through. Didn't think an upgrade to first class was available.
  11. What airlines did you fly? I was told that you couldn't upgrade to first class.....only economy plus.
  12. What......no hair curlers allowed? I was planning on bringing a flat iron for my hair (not clothes). Will they take it? Should I pack it in my carry on? Thanks
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