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  1. Thanks to all who responded. After talking to my hubby, I have decided to splurge! We currently have a cove balcony booked on the Mardi Gras in October. I am going to call and transfer the money I paid for our April cruise to our October cruise and upgrade to a suite! I will still have some money left over and OBC from the cancellation. It's a win win for me. Now..... if we can cruise!!
  2. I just got email confirmation that the April sailing of the Magic is cancelled. This is the 5th cruise cancelled for me and was to be my first Ultra cruise as well as my first Platinum cruise. Like most everyone else, I am bummed. I have another cruise booked in October, and I could transfer the money to that cruise. But I am not sure I want to. If I do, not only will my cruise be paid for but I will have over $1100 in OBC PLUS the $600 in OBC from the cancellation. That is $1700. That is another cruise or a real good time in the casino... lol. I am at a loss. 😞
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't November cruises already cancelled?
  4. Thanks to all who answered. We are still on the fence as to whether we are going to cancel or not. We do have a plan B decided upon. Like others, this is my 3rd cruise to be cancelled this year (whether by me or the cruise line) and I NEED A VACATION!!!!! LOL
  5. I am curious. If we want to cancel and get a full refund, how long is it taking now? Thinking about getting the refund instead of moving it to our April cruise. Honestly, I could use the money to take a land vacation in November instead of the cruise.
  6. I have a peanut allergy and have had NO problems at all. In the dining room, you can preorder your meals for the next evening. It's all very easy. If you want to do Sea Day brunch, let your dining room servers know and they will let you pre order that meal also. I stay away from most baked goods and most oriental food (just in case they use peanut sauce) and I have never had a problem. Pizza and Guys Burgers are fine. Dining room is great. Buffet use common sense. If you are unsure you can ask a server at the buffet and they will get the chef for you.
  7. My November 14 Horizon cruise out of Miami wasn't showing up a few weeks ago. Today, I checked and it is. That gives me hope we will be sailing! It will be my first as a platinum, first Ultra and first on the Horizon!!
  8. We are cruising on the Horizon out of Miami on November 14. Until recently, it was blacked out and not allowing folks to book. Today I looked and its there for booking. Looks promising!!!
  9. Not if I put the name as TBD. There is no name to change. I usually add it before final payment date.
  10. Call and ask to upgrade. Upgrade calls are few and far between. I am platinum and have been upgraded once.
  11. Everytime I book for hubby and myself, I always leave his name as TBD and add it just before final payment. That way if he pisses me off, I can take my BFF!!! hahahaha... just kidding!! But no really, I have done that on the last 3 I booked. He just tells me he is along for the ride.. lol.
  12. Has anyone renewed their passports within the last few months? If so, how long did it take for you to get them back? We have a cruise in scheduled in November (which I doubt is going) and another in April. Both of our passports need to be renewed by mid-June so I was planning on renewing after our November cruise which gives us 5 months to get them back. That should be enough time, but who knows anymore... LOL! Thanks!!
  13. I was able to get my final payment for our November cruise pushed back to September 16 (it was originally due August 16). I only have a $200 deposit on it at the moment and was hoping if they are going to cancel it would be cancelled before the Sept date. That is 14 days from now. Our cruise keeps disappearing and if you look for it, it doesn't show up at all. Not sure if that's because its full or because its going to be cancelled. We do have another cruise booked in April, so I may go ahead and pay the November cruise in full and then transfer those funds to the April cruise should Nove
  14. I get free stuff all the time!! Cookies, strawberries, wine..... from the casino! LOL, so I guess its not so free!! haha! Seriously though, one of the casino hosts saw us on shore with our grandkids one day and sent us, out of the blue, 4 fruit tarts with pastry cream (yummmmy). It was such a nice gesture. The grands loved them, as did we!!
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