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  1. I get free stuff all the time!! Cookies, strawberries, wine..... from the casino! LOL, so I guess its not so free!! haha! Seriously though, one of the casino hosts saw us on shore with our grandkids one day and sent us, out of the blue, 4 fruit tarts with pastry cream (yummmmy). It was such a nice gesture. The grands loved them, as did we!!
  2. What ships are part of the offer?
  3. We are due to sail on the Horizon on November 16. Our final payment date was August 16, but I called today and got that final payment date extended to Sept 16 (60 days out instead of 90 days out). Maybe you could call?
  4. I texted mine yesterday and she let me know she was no longer with Carnival. Very sad and sorry to see her go, but it is what it is. I manage an office of Customer Service people and when one leaves, we don't "announce" it. We just hire and train a new one and their customers are usually fine with it.
  5. Thank you!! Thanks for pointing that out. I completely missed the word August! Explains everything! (I would blame it on needing new glasses, but I just got new glasses... lol)
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Although I dont think I asked about vaccines, lol. I checked again this morning and nothing has changed. Mobile is still blacked out which means they are still working on it. I doubt we will be cruising in October, I know but one can hold onto a small sliver of hope, cant she? 🙂
  7. Nothing has transferred. Our is paid in full and we should be the first ones going out on the Sensation once it moves to Mobile.... IF we are cruising by then (which I doubt).
  8. My BFF and I were scheduled to sail on the Fantasy out of Mobile on October 3. I know the Fantasy has been sold and is being replaced by the Sensation. I got an email from Carnival letting me know not to call, they will be transferring our reservation over. They haven't updated anything. My email stated that the transfer should be completed by July 23. Today is the 27th and still no news. Right now, when I look on Carnival, Mobile is completely blacked out. My question is this - those of you who were to cruise on the Sensation out of Florida, have you been transferred to a new ship or are they working on your reservations? Just curious. Thanks!!
  9. Since we can't cruise, hubby and I along with our best friends (who happen to be our cruising buddies too) rented a cabin in the Smokies for a long weekend. Had a ball! It's not cruising, but it got us out of our homes and allowed us to relax and enjoy each others company.
  10. Who says the virus will be gone by October? Everything I hear says we will see another outbreak in the fall. I seriously doubt we will be cruising this year. I have 2 booked, one in October and one in November. October is paid in full, November is to be paid by August. Not sure what I am going to do. 😞
  11. Recently, I cancelled one online and one over the phone. It took weeks for both of the credits to show up on my credit card. All I can say is be patient. I cancelled mine in April and saw my credits in May.
  12. Our cruise was scheduled for 5/25. On April 14, we rescheduled the cruise for October, but had been waiting on refunds from our shore excursions and social media package. I got my refund for our shore excursions yesterday, but still have not received a refund for the social media package.
  13. Yes, I was one of the lucky ones. Our friends from Australia who were going to be sailing with us had to cancel due to the virus, so we all cancelled early on.
  14. Carnival owes me money also. We rescheduled our May cruise that was cancelled, but had paid for shore excursions, so that's the money we are waiting on. I was also booked on a European NCL cruise with airfare from AA. I was told and received my refund from NCL within 20 days of requesting it. American Airlines took about the same time, but I had to ask twice (they tried telling me my flights were non refundable when they in fact cancelled them) but I still got that back in approx. 20 days also. Not sure why it's taking 90 days for Carnival.
  15. Call Carnival. I am sure it will get straightened out.
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