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  1. I just booked the western Med for June 2021 on Harmony sailing out of Barcelona. We are also planning to spend some time on the backside in Barcelona. Any tips for hotels or locations in Barcelona? Did you use taxis or uber to get around? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Just booked a western Mediterranean cruise for 2021. About how far is the Hilton Barcelona from the cruise port? We plan to fly over the day two days ahead of the cruise then stay for a week or so after the cruise. I would assume taxis or the like are readily available from major hotels to get to the port.
  3. Following! We are from Charlottesville, VA. Nice to see so many fellow Virginians on the thread. We are booked on Harmony next June, after school lets out for the summer. Love the pictures of your fur babies, we also have a 3 year old maltese. He is my little cuddle buddy. Look forward to your posts from your week onboard. Which itinerary are you sailing?
  4. I am enjoying your live posts on Harmony. We are sailing her June of next year. I booked a cabana on South Beach for us during our stop....don't think they will be finished until the end of the calendar year. I assume the pool area is area open to everyone. I actually considered changing cabanas but not for $1,299. I'll stay on South Beach and walk to the pool or take the tram. 🙂
  5. Something else to keep in mind if you get a next cruise open booking, while you have up to a year to book your sailing, you have to select your sailing within 60 days or you lose the OBC benefit. I wanted to secure an open booking since the itineraries I am interested in won't be open until end of this calendar year. I tried to find a way to work it out with the Next Cruise folks on Freedom a week ago but it was a no go. I opted not to go with the next cruise certificate this time because I will not get the OBC.
  6. Just got off Freedom June 30. I pre-purchased the $199 all print package for the 13 of us sailing in the Villa suite. Every print picture taken of any of us were included in the package. If you purchase one package for room 1 and you and the 14 year old are in pictures for with those booked in room 2 and room 3, the pictures should be included in your package. My only caution is keep track your pictures as we had to request reprint of pictures we knew were taken but we couldn't find. At the end of the week, we had close to two hundred pictures taken.
  7. The vanity area has a closet with drawers for storage in the bedroom. My sister and her husband stayed in that room and didn't haven any issues with the layout and storage.
  8. I love reading this. While we just returned from Freedom this past Sunday, we are booked on Harmony for June of next year. Very excited to try Harmony to see how she differs from her sisters, Oasis and Allure.
  9. Does anyone have any info regarding the South Beach Cabanas? I rented one for our stop at CocoCay next year but see very little discussed about these type and don't see many showing those as an option to rent.
  10. As promised, a few pictures from the balcony.
  11. I paid $6,400 for passenger 1&2 and then $496 for the remaining passengers. Keep in mind that I booked in May 2017 for a June 2019 sailing. So not sure these costs are still current. If you plan to book, you need to plan well in advance since there is only one of this type of cabin on the ship and as soon as the sailing opens for booking it will book quickly.
  12. The concierge, Fabio, was awesome. He contacted me middle of the week prior to sailing and we corresponded through out the rest of the week to ensure all our reservation specific needs were met. Once on board, he went was very personable and engaging and made sure all we were happy and continued to adjust reservations for us as needed. He did not escort us on the ship, but did escort us off. We missed not having the direct "over the water view" with this balcony; however, the size of the balcony and the views were still spectacular. I'll post a couple of views looking out from the balcony so you can see the perspective.
  13. We were also on the same sailing of Freedom and stayed two pre cruise nights at Hilton Condado Plaza. Had a group of 13 so we had a total of four rooms at the hotel on the 8th floor. All ocean view rooms. I agree with the prices of food as we also ate at Dennys for breakfast Sarurday morning and for 13 of us had a bill, with gratuities, of nearly $200. We did, however, get lucky with our rooms and views. All of us loved the rooms and did not have any issues with cleanliness. I agree that it would be nice if housekeeping would make stops to do some basic things every day, like emptying trash. The views from our rooms was fantastic. This is a video from the room I was in, room 838. 20190621_175211.mp4
  14. We received four boxes of 12 one litre bottles of water which was very nice. You are correct, the second master is about 50% smaller but has a separate vanity room. If you get the invitation for the suite and pinnacle member cocktail party on the Helipad, don't miss it. We attended it as we sailed out of St. Lucia, I believe. It was beautiful. Not knowing your itinerary, if you stop at St. Thomas, I would highly recommend the Secret Sands excursion. We love that beach as it's more private and don't have vendors or anyone trying to sell us something every five minutes. Beautiful white sand with a gorgeous view of St. Johns.
  15. What can I say about this suite other than, wow! We had a fabulous time in the suite. Since I really didn't have many reviews or information to use to gauge expectations, I set low with hope of not being disappointed. We were NOT disappointed. We had a group of 13, ranging in age from 6 years to 53 years. The four bedrooms and four bathrooms worked very well. Each inside bedroom had twin beds which converted to a queen and two Pullmans. The livingroom couch converted to a double sleeper sofa. The hot tube on the balcony was wonderful. We all used it and was cool to sit in it when pulling out of ports. The only thing that we found odd in the entire suite was no refrigerator. There were two "chillers." One in the living area and one in the larger master bedroom. The only way to cool drinks or anything was to put a bucket of ice in there to bring the temperature down. Here are some pics I took of the cabin. I hope they load properly.
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