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  1. Haven't hear anything about Kelly Rizzaldo except that she is taking over for Ricardo who is on vaca. Anyone sail with Kelly lately?
  2. No way! WHere did you work? Remember Waldbaums(Now A&P)....well across the street is Coyne park. If you threw a stone, you would just about hit my house. LOL FYI: Rickys was just torn down. Yup, down to the foundation. A new pizzeria/restaurant is being built now. Mom says ....Remember "Family Affair" restaurant? We ate there all the time. It has changed many, many times. Denise
  3. Small world, huh! What part of Yonkers? I am near McLean & Central ave. How many years ago? Denise / Yonkers
  4. I did not write that. ??? :confused: Hey.....I look at it like this......If there weren't whiners, there would be no changes for the 'CHAMPAGNE & WINE'RS. LOL!! :p:D THANK US!!! LoL DENISE -- 36 - Yonkers, NY
  5. Sorry to repeat myself but if overcrowding was THE issue, just move to another location for those time frames. (JUST A NOTE: Was on the EOS 9-night last year on 5/22 and the CL was not crowded AT ALL) DENISE
  6. I am not a drinker, so it's not a huge deal breaker for me. I do feel soda should be absolutely FREE. (Use fountain soda over cans...it costs pennies) I am not one to want to haul my soda or water with me aboard ship. My luggage/carry-on is usually heavy enough and I have no free hands for 10+ extra pounds. Mom, on the other hand is not so pleased with the new 'deal'. She is boardering on D+. She feels that MAYBE if all unhappy cruisers complain, they may figure out how to go back to their old ways. Maybe a bigger lounge? (They are claiming it's all about the overcrowding, right?:rolleyes:) CHILDREN IN THE CONCIERGE I have a 5 year old so I am in no way saying anything bad about kids BUT... Diamond & Diamond+ members want a 'kid-free' atmosphere. While some do behave, some act like wild indians. Can you imaging members dealing with this? OMG. You think you heard complaints!! :eek: I know your kids are older but some people will lie or try to sneak their younger kids in. Honestly, not worth all the added craziness. Denise -- 36 -- Yonkers, NY (Diamond Member)
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing!!! Overcrowding????!!! Easily solved. Move to another dedicated location. Lord knows these ships have the room. It's all about the $$$$$$$$$ Will they still be offering appetizers or is that cut too? I kinda liked a little finger food with my wine before dinner. Denise -- Next Sail 5/12/2009
  8. I emailed the concierge and and asked. Ricardo will not be on the MAY 14th sailing on the Explorer. Kelly Rizzaldo I will be the Concierge on May 14th. Ahhhhhhh. Sounds like a fellow Italian. LOL!! :D Denise
  9. Is that short for Ricky? Might you know his last name? Mom said she would know it if she hears it. Thanks!! Denise
  10. HI There, SAILING ON THE EXPLORER IN A FEW WEEKS. WOO-HOO!! May 14, to be exact. Does anyone know if Ricky is still there? (Never had Willy) Thanks 4 any info, DENISE
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