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  1. Well it worked....we can only cruise in a balcony or above, DH won’t consider ocean view. We did one NCL cruise and DH said “ never again go back to Princess”. We’ve got our friends hooked on Princess. They booked an inside for their 1st Princess Cruise with us and got upgraded to ocean view. They’ve now done 4 cruises with 2 more booked😄
  2. This is important to know. The airline websites and the big online travel sites will show you the Basic Economy price which is not great since you can’t pick seats, or purchase the upgraded economy plus seats. EZAir is booking you in standard coach seats.
  3. I would guess that the TA was able to book you a mini suite at a balcony price. This happens occasionally, the lowest category minisuite is the same price as a higher category balcony. It did for us years ago on our 1st cruise, we were able to upgrade to the mini suite at the same price. Talk about being spoiled!
  4. Can you please advise if this is new regulation? As recently as March we put 12 packs of water and iced tea with our luggage. I wrap them well with duct tape, and tape the tag on top. No issues having them delivered to the cabin.
  5. Pooh is correct...book as soon as the scheduling opens and then check frequently. I had 3 price reductions of about $120.....and then I saw Monday. that the original outbound flight was cancelled. I was able to rebook another flight the same day and keep the original return. And actually saved another $40
  6. Enterprise will also charge more for the daily rate when there is a different drop off location. This happened over this weekend. The rate to pick up and drop off at the airport in Hartford was $20 less than the rate I was quoted to drop off at Logan in Boston, so no line item fee, but they got me on the rate as those were our travel plans. So it pays to check various options if you can.
  7. Is this the spa pool....or the aft adult only pool? If it’s the aft pool, I might like it.... I thought the aft pool on the CB was too windy when we were on board back in March. We are tentatively booked for the Med on the Enchanted June 2021.
  8. We used Iguana Mama on our Princess Cruise this past March. I was very pleased, the guides were very attentive and stopped often to tell us about their community and what we were seeing. We had a small group of 8....there were other tours I saw with much larger groups. We always prefer smaller groups if possible. Lunch was good and the beach time was nice. I can’t answer the driver license question, however I had a good experience emailing Iguana Mama with questions. DH and I shared one ATV which was $165 total. I was fine with that as I wouldn’t have wanted to drive by myself the whole time. A few things to know: iguana Mama picks you up outside the main gate, which is a long walk. It’s possible to take a quick taxi ride from the shopping area out through the gate and to their pick up point. Otherwise allow 20 minutes at least from ship to pick up point. Be sure to bring goggles and bandanas as the ride is very dusty. Happy to answer other questions if you have them.
  9. Yes it’s the mid ship location primarily......the most forward and aft section cabins on Caribe are priced as a regular BD balcony(and are a good value)
  10. This is considered a premium cabin because it is a combination of midship location and has the extra large balcony!!!! 9x9 vs standard 9x5 for the grand class ships. This is a great cabin!!! Premium balcony cabins on this ship also include the aft view cabins. Most Caribe deck balconies on the grand class ships have this extra large balcony. Does not apply to Royal/Regal and the other newer builds.
  11. Key organizing tips for me are: several magnetic hooks for hanging hats and my small bag , and 2 magnetic clips one for the daily patter and one for important items like excursion tickets etc; I make use of the shelf below the sink by packing toiletries in clear plastic bags and keeping them there, they are then off the counter but easy to spot what you need. Only the primary use daily use items go on the corner shelves. I have found that the zippered bag that some sheets and pillow cases come in to be ideal for this purpose, but a ziplock will do. One drawer in the desk for hair and make up items, and one for chargers etc.
  12. I’ve gotten better at the packing of clothes as I try to pack 5 days worth of day and night clothes and then use the on board laundry or the elite perk. It’s worked the last 2 trips of 10 days and 7 days. We took 2 regular size suitcases plus back pack with meds, electronics, camera and 1st day stuff like hats, sunscreen, and swimsuits. BUT my problem comes with the extras: 12 packs of water, soda, case of wine, bag of snorkel stuff. We drive to the port so it’s easy to overload !
  13. St Thomas has lots of shopping, cafes etc near the main port. Otherwise it’s easy to grab a cab and go to a nearby beach for a few hours. It’s been a while but I remember lots of taxis available in St Marten also. I would suggest you check out the specific port boards for more details. Also many of the Caribbean Islands have websites run by their tourist board with lots of information including maps of the port ares, transportation information etc. Try https://www.visitusvi.com/st-thomas or Trip Advisor.
  14. Alternatively, what is the latest you can board? I’d suggest dropping the bags as early as you can and then spending 3-4 hours in town. You can see at lot in that time frame such as Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, lunch in the North End or one of the Irish pubs, Union Oyster House, tour the Capitol building. Most of this is walkable or easily accessible using the T... October is a great time to be in Boston.
  15. This is great news...my morning coffee time just got much better. I have been following along for several years. I hope you both have a wonderful travel season!!!!
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