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  1. Will be following with interest 😎!
  2. is freshly squeezed orange juice included in classic package?
  3. No charge if same ship, same sailing. But you may not retain the same promotional 'perks'.
  4. ^ Hmm. Are there plans to replace the sofas and chairs in all the balcony cabins? Otherwise, it doesn't seem so likely, especially if it would necessitate re designating berth capacity?
  5. jelayne, check again. I just did for our current booking in 2020 and found that the pricing has now been adjusted . I thought the lower pricing just couldn't be right!!
  6. We've stayed in 1245 on Silhouette and 1120 on sister ship Equinox. The first cabins on the slant have the biggest (balcony cabin) balconies on the ship From memory, they were perhaps double the size of the standard balcony? The next biggest is the third on the slant. The second and fourth are smaller than the first and third but still about a third bigger than the standard balcony.
  7. I had a similar result earlier today. I wonder if this is a programming glitch?
  8. But I surmise you're still interested in Celebrity 🤔
  9. We'll have to get in training then 😎
  10. According to the German website dry dock is scheduled in January. At least, there are no cruises scheduled for then!
  11. Wonderful review. I especially enjoyed the pics of Portland, Bar Harbor and Halifax, all stops on our Grandeur cruise in July. You were lucky not to have a long line outside Holy Donut -- we were there on a Sunday and there was a 20 minute wait to get to the head of the queue! Luckily, we were being met by family friends, and were able to visit the other shop on outskirts of the town. It is indeed a phenomenon -- very effectively marketed.
  12. Hi, we''ve just booked this cruise too. You are a little nearer our sons' age than us. We've not sailed this time of year before but would expect a slightly older demographic than the peak summer months. You should not be the sole representatives of your age though! There is a Roll Call for this cruise --- hope to see you there?
  13. Also curious. As a matter of record, has it been said that X/a cruise line only takes on a charter if less than 60% of cabins have been booked? In any event, still very inconvenient for anyone who has booked deserving of some compensation..
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