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  1. Following closely -- what will Celebrity offer re testing for international guests. Also any idea of capacity will this be 50% ?
  2. Is there any further news on late September/October cruises on Anthem? Surprised at the change of itinerary for the early September cruises. International cruise travel is still not advised as per current UK government advice .
  3. Concierge snacks? Actually better than the nachos and little else I can recall a while back!
  4. One or two steps closer to the likelihood of your earlier, prescient post of the 27 September cruise morphing into a UK only cruise coming to pass. Off to double check if for UK residents only.
  5. You and me both. At this point one wonders Is it a question of if or when ?
  6. @barneymagFinal payment for US booking is 29 June. Our TA advised it wasn't possible to extend this date and that, based on what she is hearing, she thinks it will go ahead. Her X contacts 'feel good' about this as Silhouette will already be in Southampton. You may argue of course X would say this but at this point I think they are planning to sail. We have made final payment on confirmation that we can cancel up to 48 hours beforehand which we will do if travelling to UK remains problematic. When is final payment for you Chemmo?
  7. They may be local to St Maarten...
  8. Dutch media reporting that two passengers are Dutch nationals. Not known where they booked though
  9. Are you anticipating a change in itinerary? Also following closely...
  10. Another fond memory, we were on board for the Netherlands v Spain 2010 World Cup final. We watched this on a large screen in the theatre, a tiny speck of orange among the serried ranks of Spanish supporters stamping their feet and chanting ole ole ole. 🏳️‍🌈
  11. Yes, I recall not being able to get any of my pre cruise requested MDR timings because '"the Spanish like to eat late".
  12. Hopefully we will learn more as and when bookings are taken for the UK residents only cruises.
  13. Curious that Royal has just announced Anthem to offer UK residents only cruises with a fully vaccinated crew.
  14. Celebrity Silhouette ex Southampton sailings are now showing sold out for June to August. This is consistent with unofficial reports of new 4 and 7 day cruises around UK.
  15. Just scanned the German site, June-August sailings coming up as being sold out.
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