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  1. mld1950

    Deborah McCrary

    Carnival Ecstasy - Cabin U80 - It is a Grand Suite, loved the extra room and larger bathroom. But there was not whirlpool bath tub and that was a little disappointing.
  2. Does anyone know if the washers & dryers on the Sunshine. Some one said they use the Sign & Sail and some have said they use quarters. We are doing the April 6 Repositioning cruise and I will have to do laundry.
  3. mld1950

    Cruise Cash Questions

    I buy the E-Gift Cards before all my cruises and it is a great way to prepay some of the charges before you sail.
  4. mld1950

    OBP(On Board Party) Cocktail Party

    I am doing the one with her but we have been hearing different stories so was just checking.
  5. We are on the Sunshine April 6. We had a Cocktail Party booked before the old price change 19.95 per person and the new price is 44.00 per person for two hours unlimited drinks. Have heard a lot of rumors that they are now limiting you to a couple types of drinks. Has anyone had one and any information would be great. Thanks
  6. mld1950

    Cloud 9 rooms

    We have a Cloud 9 Spa Suite booked on the Sunshine repositioning cruise April 6. I am really excited after reading the post. Has anyone every had a Spa Suite? :)
  7. mld1950

    FTTF Question

    Like the other person said it will work fine if they do not get checked. But had some freinds and they tried the same thing. The kids got stopped and told to leave the area. Meet them and take the things yourself is the best way to do it.
  8. mld1950

    First time in Suite

    This will be our 8th cruise and our 5 suite. We like the bigger room, more closet space and large bathroom. Husband goes to bed alot earlier than I do so it is easy for me to come into the room and get ready for bed without disturbing him. I watch the price and book with any discounts I get I ususally get a good deal and we enjoy the balcony alot also.
  9. I tried that to the Sunshine and it came back as not a good email address.
  10. mld1950

    another FTTF question

    We did FTTF on the Fasication in May, you will not get in the VIP lounge and you will not get any refreshments. Jacksonville's Port is very different for any other port.
  11. mld1950

    Bottomless bubbles question

    I always get one, usually only have to show it in the MDR one time and after that they come over every night and bring my soda. I do not drink the tea, so it is well worth it for me.
  12. mld1950

    Jacksonville hotels that offer shuttle to port

    We stayed at the Comfort Inn's at the airport, nice people. nice room and they have park & stay & shuttle. When we were on the Fascination in May.
  13. mld1950

    Sunshine spa rooms

    thanks for the information. will look
  14. mld1950

    Does every ship offer a Behind the Fun tour?

    Did my first one on the Fascination in May and will be doing it again when we sail on the Sunshine repositioning cruise in April 2014. It was worth every penny of the cost.
  15. mld1950

    Sunshine spa rooms

    Where is his website? We are booked in 12002 and would love to see pictures. Thanks for any information.