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  1. Hi, Bruce. Our flight to Heathrow leaves at 8:05 a.m. I assume we need to be there at least 2 hours early? And isn't the airport about 40 minutes from the port? I'm guessing 5 a.m.-ish. Yes, we overnight there so we can leave any time. I'm doing the online check-in and Crystal is asking if I want to prepay for their transfer to the airport. Thanks for any info. k.
  2. Are taxis readily available at the port of Piraeus? We would be leaving our ship for the airport around 5 a.m. I am debating if we should book transfers with the cruise line or just take a taxi. Thanks in advance for your help. kathy
  3. How would that work if we are flying into Rome a couple of days early? I assume their transportation would be "airport to port" but we would be going "airport to hotel" and then "hotel to port" a couple days later. k.
  4. Seadaze10: (1) I found that the times didn't work well for us if we flew to Rome and then to the States. (2) Our roll call only has about 10 posts so far. In the past there were sometimes pages and pages of posts on a roll call thread by this point. Do you think it is because the roll call search engine is broken and people can't find it? I really wish they hadn't "upgraded" the interface to this web site. I don't find it an improvement, personally! k.
  5. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I have been looking at open jaw itineraries instead of 2 one-ways and the fares are less than half what I was seeing before. I will select some flights and give Crystal a call. k.
  6. In October we are sailing out of Rome but returning home from Athens (13-night Greek Isles and Holy Land itinerary). Air fares to Rome aren't bad but coming back ... yikes. I was shocked at how high they were. A few years ago we booked one-way air through Royal Caribbean for a transatlantic sailing and got a great fare. Wondering what the fares are like when booking two one-way fares through Crystal. Thanks in advance for any info. kathy
  7. Sorry, I tossed all the other papers, but I am happy to answer any questions if I can. k.
  8. We just sailed Brilliance out of Tampa to Cozumel and someone asked if I could scan the Compass from that cruise. I am attempted to upload and attach them to this message. Fingers crossed. kathy Compass_Day1.pdf Compass_Day2.pdf Compass_Day3.pdf Compass_Day4.pdf
  9. No problem. I can't stand to see people overpaying for things! Enjoy your cruise. k.
  10. That sounds ridiculous to me. I just looked at the map. The distance from the airport to the City Center is 10.7 km (17 minute drive). The distance from the airport to the port is 13.2 km but a 16 minute drive because of the route. I think we paid about 50 euros for a van to take four of us to City Center, which is about $60 US. It should cost about the same to get you to the port, maybe less (because you won't need a van for one person). Grab a taxi. k.
  11. We came in the day before and took a taxi from the airport to the City Center, so I don't know what the fare would be to the port. Does Ponant offer transportation? It might be cheaper for one person to go with cruise line transportation. For two or more it is often cheaper to take a taxi. Maybe someone else can tell you the fare to the port. Enjoy your cruise. kathy
  12. We frequently had trouble finding a table in the Oceanview Cafe on Eclipse for breakfast or lunch. (Never ate dinner there.) Sometimes there were two of us, sometimes four or five. I give Celebrity extra points, though, for having good steak fries in Oceanview instead of the lousy fries that everyone else serves with their burgers. k.
  13. I totally agree about the bread! I love the sourdough rolls on all RC ships. Didn't care for the dinner rolls on Eclipse at all. (May 10-20 sailing R/T Dublin.) Also, my four traveling companions all complained that the meats were dry in the MDR as well as the buffet. And like all cruise lines, Celebrity loves salt! Be prepared to gain a few pounds from water retention alone. k.
  14. We were on AA #723 to Philadelphia. We took Celebrity's airport transportation to the airport. Our tags were #3, which is the second group called. (Odd #'s are given to those taking Celebrity buses, even #'s to everyone else.) #3 was supposed to be called at 7:10, per the schedule, but we were called at 7. Walked straight off the ship, got our bags, and boarded a bus. Probably pulled out of the port about 7:30 (you have to wait for the bus to fill up) and arrived at the airport before 8 a.m. (They drop you off right in front of the departure area, so you walk right in and get in line to check your bags.) Hubby and I had gotten up early enough to be at the buffet when it opened at 6 a.m so we had breakfast on the ship. The two 87 year olds, unfortunately, decided they would just eat at the airport. That wasted a big chunk of time. We also wasted about 15 minutes waiting around for a wheelchair for one of them which never showed up. We finally gave up and just walked, in spite of the fact that she had not been doing well and we were very nervous about her having to do all that walking. Had we not taken time to eat and wait for the wheelchair we would have been fine. I would recommend that you eat before disembarking, if possible. I also wish I had thought to request a wheelchair the day before. For an 11:20 flight I would definitely recommend that you request a 7:00 a.m. walk-off time. (The disembarkation form you fill out asks for your flight info and for the time you want to get off the ship.) I assumed the second security clearance was required by our government. I won't get into that at this point as I don't want the Feds to yank my Global Entry card if I say what I really think. Enjoy Dublin! k.
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