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  1. scientia potentia est https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/misconceptions.htm
  2. I think $44.37 with a 7.03 div....still better than $15.
  3. Anything in particular you would like to know?? We had 10322. Really large for 2 and enjoyed the view from the loft. The 2 walk-in closets were the size of some cabins
  4. I need some help with this one.....5 letter word that goes with *****sandwich???
  5. I can hear it now ...Zulu, Zulu, Zulu....deck 12 concierge. Passengers refuses to leave.
  6. This is not the first time Royal has removed Loyalty members from a lounge...in 2008 Diamonds were booted from the concierge except this time royal learned their lesson and decided to change the name to suite and pinnacle. The Diamond plus of now have accepted this much better than before. https://www.travelersunited.org/anchors-away-royal-caribbean-gives-passenger-perks-the-heave-ho/ I would have thought this group would be more understanding today. "How soon they forget"
  7. There is an area at the back of the Windjammer buffet that has all the gluten free alternatives
  8. that's is what is suggested ...you can spend as long as you would like there.
  9. We get it!! I think you've made your point....sp Reagardless,
  10. all it took was a post quoting "very reliable source" and 121 posts later. I do remember for a fact when the Diamonds were booted out of the concierge...that hurt!! And Diamonds only complimentary drinks were cheap wine or 50% off beer....and that was not that long ago.
  11. The access to Coastal Kitchen is a whole lot easier....... Reserving a jr. or full suite is a suite amenity. If you have a gold card you are also eligible for coastal kitchen. Without being invited by suite or Pinnacle this going to be difficult.
  12. "it is predicted to be in DANGEROUS SEAS"....I would like to ask you where this came from??
  13. Thank you to everyone for the replies. We have been cruising out of Cape Liberty since 2006. Our first hotel stay was in Elizabeth...I have learned a lot since then!! I saw a lot of construction around the Costco (March 2019 ) and thought how easy would that be if a hotel was built there!! gc
  14. Hi Carol, This is a question for you or Meg, Where the Costco has been constructed in Bayonne is a new Hotel also in the plans?? It sure would be better than driving on the NJTP at 9am!! thx, gc
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