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  1. I can’t remember which ship it was but we boarded on Easter once. There was a display of eggs, cake and other goodies in the windjammer but that was it. You could do your own egg hunt in your cabin with plastic eggs for little ones or fix a basket/ bag prior to boarding.
  2. We just got our bid accepted from ocean view to balcony for next weeks sailing on Enchantment. We did bid the max at $200 pp. However total is still less then what balconies were originally going for. Let me put it this way. We originally booked an ocean view at the same total cost that we are now paying for a balcony. We had a $400 price reduction several months before final payment which we caught. Who hoo! Even more excited now!
  3. Terrible cabins..... Long walk from the buffet, pole in the middle of a big room, balcony is too big and private. You’ll hate it. And there are ghosts back there. Beware! You’ve been warned. (Actually our favorite cabin. The closet seems a bit smaller for some reason to me and the balcony is totally covered which I like but the DH does not.)
  4. I see nothing wrong with this as you are paying more. You’re paying for the third person whether they are there or not. We did this once although the person ( grandson) was actually on the ship, just slept with his parents instead of us.
  5. You all cancel and I can move up to a better cabin! Yes! Seriously if its going to ruin her trip then don't encourage her to go. Everyone needs to make decisions they can live with. We sail next week and again in April. We are going!
  6. I take a lot and wear them all. I like to match shoes to my dresses at night. I do try to wear evening shoes twice. If I take tennis shoes( sneakers) I wear them on the plane. More often I wear a slip on athletic shoe that’s a bit nicer then tennis shoes that’s still comfortable to walk on the treadmill with and thru the airport Water shoes, all terrain sandals come too as well as a pair of flip flops for the pool. That’s at least 8 pairs for the week, minimum. I keep them in a hanging shoe bag with slots in the closet. I always plan what I take and always wear them all. The DH takes a lot less but his are also bigger and take up more room in the suitcase. I only took 5 pairs of shoes to Europe last year for a 2 week river cruise. (3 dress flats and 2 walking shoes.) I didn’t take flip flops and regretted it so next time my minimum is 6. The flip flops would have been nice for quick trips around the boat. We fly Southwest or drive so I don’t worry about luggage fees. I take what I want within reason. i don’t take any purses or clutches except a very small one to get me to the ship. I don’t carry them around the ship or to dinner. The DH will carry hand sanitizer and my sea pass card for me.
  7. No but I’ve stayed in 1700 on Liberty multiple times and have an aft on Serenade right under the windjammer in April. Aft balconies are always our first choice. Even better is an aft Jr. Suite but we’ve only done that once.
  8. 1704 for sure. To us the space on the balcony is worth more then the extra space in the cabin. We have an balcony aft coming up in April and will not be doing Royal up for any amount. For us the afts are the best.
  9. We are on Enchantment 5 night in 12 days in an outside cabin. Because we used points this was almost free. I’m guessing due to that we won’t get upgraded but I did just bid the max of $200 pp for a balcony and a weak bid for the same money on a Jr suite. We are happy with what we have ( deck 4 near the centrum bar) but the fresh air of a balcony would be nice. We got a great rate initially on this cruise so we’d still be paying less then original price for a balcony.
  10. You are fortunate. I work the same number of holiday shifts as a new grad, work 8 weekend shifts in 8 weeks, get my schedule changed on their whim and take call 4 times in 8 weeks. We float to newborn about 4 times a year. I'm also in a level 3 that's very busy and stressful. I'm so done. I have to coach myself up every morning to go in. Good luck to you and hope you can retire as you've planned. 3 more years....
  11. Perhaps my wording was unclear.... One man was the vector who started the whole outbreak on Diamond Princess. It could have been that he first passed it on to a crew member or a passenger who stayed on from the last cruise. Or I've read now that they think the virus can live for up to 9 days on surfaces. One man did start the outbreak on that ship. There are now over 135 cases on board, not all are sick but some are carriers. And it is now known to be both passed by droplet and airborne. My point is not fear but that this is a very nasty bug and everyone should be aware and cautious. I'm NOT saying avoid people groups. Wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow. Again here in the US we will know more in a couple of weeks since the incubation period is that long.
  12. I will continue to live my life as I have have been, not in fear. I do however think this is a VERY serious bug. I don’t believe the death tolls are as low as stated from China. Crematoriums indicate it’s virulent nature. Also 165 people on that cruise ship off Japan have turned up positive for the virus. FROM 1 PERSON who did not show symptoms for 5? Days after he left the ship. This means he was contagious long before symptoms. Either he infected a lot of people or the air handling systems are circulating it. Either scenario is bad. I’m not sure we’ve had enough time to see it reach us. Hopefully we will handle it better here in the United States. I think we’ll know a lot more in a couple of weeks.
  13. Those mesh bags would work on the wall. Mine is flatter with an actual built in hanger at the top....but those would work. I’d ditch the hooks though and use 2 magnets instead thru the holes at the top that hold at least 7 lbs on the wall.
  14. Take a mat with suction cups. I love the bathtub. Hope they stay.
  15. I take foldable boxes from dollar tree to put stuff in on the shelves. We also use a hanging shoe holder. Not the plastic over the door kind but what you'd hang from the clothes bar with cubbyholes for shoes. Keeps my shoes from being in a pile on the floor. For longer cruises I take 12 inch wide hanging shelves. I use some shelves for shoes and others for clothes. Check amazon and pick a lightweight one. Several are under a pound in weight. I even have sometimes used a folding box in one of the hanging shelves. I also have a small mesh pocket hanger I use on the wall of the cabin to hold sea pass cards, sunglasses, pens, invites, shore excursion tickets It keeps the clutter off the vanity. Everything is very lightweight that we use since we usually fly.
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