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  1. We like hot cocoa. You can get the powdered kind on the ship but for steamed milk we use the Diamond lounge. Congrats! i remember we took a weekend cruise just to get to Diamond before a long Med cruise. We thought we were the bomb sitting in the lounges getting free drinks. It’s still the best thing about Diamond plus too.
  2. I’m sure it has to do with the Royal up program too. It only makes sense... The last sentence bothered me though. “We would never let a guest come to the pier without an assigned cabin” .....does this mean they could call and cancel you the day before? I’m sure I’m reading into it. And I know they don’t call you to inform you what cabin you’re in. Im actually fine with knowing last minute. But really shouldn’t that be at 2 days prior since they have to have the manifest done. They have to know by then that everyone booked has a room.
  3. We had an inside near the very front on deck 8 I think as there’s a public front deck right there. We could really only use it in port but it helped take the place of a balcony. It was quick to check weather etc. On a side note I would not book a forward outside in the front as we could see into people’s cabins. Oh I remember the bed was facing forward so you would not rock side to side but head up, head down. LOL Might want to watch for that when you book. She’s not as stable as some of the bigger ships. We are thinking of booking her again. I’m debating on those small cabins with not even a chair. DH hates sitting on beds all the time. However our last cruise on her was great. And we spent 2 weeks this year on a river cruise aquarium room with no chair and he survived. The cost on some of the empress cruises are awesome. I don’t need the Oasis class personally to have a good time. We love going to smaller islands too.
  4. Linda E .....it makes me nervous too to not have an assigned cabin. Especially when you fly in a couple of days early. We have a GTY for the second week of a B2B. They better have a place for us. ( I’m sure it will all work out but the over planner in me gets anxious.) And a downgrade would make me VERY unhappy cause I don’t think they could sweeten that deal enough for me. We are a month away so still have some time to wait for cabin assignment and our bids for both weeks. ( We have to move cabins anyway so thought we’d give it a shot.) The bids I’m seeing are really all over the map. Some are getting upgrades for very little and others who bid quite a bit don’t get them. I guess we’ll never know how they pick and choose.
  5. There are secondary medical policies that cover preexisting conditions if purchased within 24 hours of final payment. That's what I use. I don't cover my $200. The rest I'd get back in FCC. I buy insurance at final payment. Otherwise I'd have a lot of insurance sitting out there for a cruise I might not get vacation from work for. My vacation is always secure by final payment..
  6. I wish your wife the best and a full recovery. Next time 2 suggestions. Don't pay until final is due. And buy insurance. We buy insurance the same day we make final payment because we take several cruises a year. We book refundable until my vacation is secure and then switch to nonrefundable if able ....we have lost $200 before. Hurts a little but we can absorb it. Then always use our FCC within a year. Again it's hard to learn this way. Come back to cruise critic when your wife is able to go again and learn lots from all the great folks on these boards.
  7. Are the cabana shade screens moveable on the lawn? What was the cost and what does it include? We might want to skip a port of call and spend a quiet day up there.
  8. Thanks so much! We do this cruise in 2020, our first with Celebrity. You answered a lot of my questions!
  9. I think this might be true going from inside and outsides up but not with going from a balcony to the suite category. I look at it as a cost per day. How much more per day am I willing to spend on an upgrade. I bid based on that and won’t feel sad if I don’t get it as that’s my comfort price. I book what I’m happy with in the first place as I’m sure most do. Where are you looking to see the status of your bids? Back to the original email? I thought you just waited to see the accept/reject email close to sailing. Inform me please.
  10. We've only done it once in 35 cruises. DH liked the food, I did not but it could have been the night. However the desserts were much better. We will try it again. I still remember all those cakes sitting there. Maybe we should routinely go there for dessert.
  11. We've done a cruise over Halloween. It was formal night!!! Really? We dressed formal for dinner then dressed up for Halloween and a party on the promenade. It was fun to see everyone's costumes.
  12. Yes. It was an 11 night cruise and I upgraded both us for a total of $12 each per night.
  13. This thread made me nervous. We had the classic. I would have waited to upgrade until we got onboard but I called and did it today. I just don’t want any surprises. If it went up to an extra $26 pp per day ( $14 plus the $12 to upgrade )we would not upgrade and just be happy drinking house wine. They can have the extra money now....just in case.
  14. I got my email about one of our excursions changing due to this. Sorry to see this happen.
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