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  1. Who do you approach about a discount on board? We’ve done it twice and would again but pre booked both times. I don’t want to pay full price anymore...We’ve never been offered on board.
  2. We have our first Celebrity cruise in about 10 months. It may be our last. I keep watching prices but unless I go to an inside, which I won't do, it's too pricey for me. The one we have booked seems high but they are even higher now. I'll be checking the higher range cruises for comparison. If I'm spending that much I just might spend a bit more and get a better product.
  3. We booked on board 2 weeks ago. Only the nonrefundable had a reduced deposit. If we wanted it refundable we had to pay the full deposit. This rule makes me unhappy but we decided to go with the nonrefundable to keep the deposit low. Hoping we don't have to cancel and lose it. Just FYI.
  4. I booked 3 excursions for April of 20. Saved $160 total. That will pay for my bar bill. Excursions are too expensive anyway. These were ones that needed to be booked thru the ship to Prickly pear island, sea trek and snuba. To to find out if it was really a sale I went to the general area for booking excursions. Before you go, excursions by port of call and it will give the regular amount.
  5. Sorry to hear about your surgery..... I am not asking you to discuss your surgery here but have you discussed the cruise with your doctor? If it must be done before the cruise he might be able to move it up if someone cancels ( his office staff can help) or depending on what it is you could still go. Of course if we’re talking open heart or cancer surgery let the cruise go and book another when you’re better. The DH had major abdominal surgery and within 3 weeks was on a cruise. Of course he was limited in his activities but he rested and read with his doctors blessings. I just had to do all the packing, lifting etc. True confession here we cancelled just before final payment and booked it the week it sailed after we got the doctors okay. We were hoping for this and it worked out. So not the same situation. Or cancel now while you get some money back. The longer you wait the less you’ll get.
  6. Figured this was political. Hoping Royal doesn’t pull out. DS has March cruise booked out of San Juan and airfare purchased. He would be very unhappy. I don’t think I’ll worry him about this yet...watch and see. I feel bad for the loss of tourism this will have if true. Less hotel rooms booked, less food bought in restaurants, less folks extending their vacations there like we always did. Plus it’s a great way to see those more southern and less frequently visited islands. It would have a trickle down effect. Hope they can work it out or at least not cancel the cruises already published. If they stop San Juan as a port of call so be it but I’d hate to see all those with hotels and airfare booked on Freedom be disappointed.
  7. Looks like we’ll be having an early December cruise on her! Yeah! Glad she’s coming. We are planning on taking all the kids and grands in 2022 or 2023.
  8. We walked right off Adventure to the Alamo shuttle and were off exploring with 30 min. Not bad at all. We also returned to the airport.
  9. We dress for dinner every night. I wear a dress and the DH at least a polo and dress pants. If people don’t want to that’s fine....there’s the windjammer for that. I’d be okay with getting rid of formal nights but I’ll still dress for dinner. We are more resort casual I guess. We are not trying to impress anyone. It just feels right to do so going to the MDR or speciality restaurants. On Adventure this month they are still listed as formal nights. We also had tropical and Caribbean nights.....tell me what’s the difference in that. Lol.
  10. We have taken the kids and grandkids before on a family cruise and plan to do so again. By taken I mean we pay the cost of the cruise. They pay for on board expenses, etc. Last time I had them purchase insurance based on what we paid for each cabin. However I’m wondering now if I did that right. I mean they didn’t actually pay so maybe we ( grandma and grandpa) would have not been reimbursed if they could not go last minute. In this case who buys the insurance? Do we have to purchase that for them too so the cruise cost is covered?
  11. We’re back from 2 weeks on the Adventure and I thought I’d give a quick recap. Overall it was another great vacation. First week was the ABC islands. We love these islands for the beautiful sea and beaches. We think little compares. Although these are dry islands the ocean views just can’t be beat. In Aruba we did the submarine excursion thru the ship. It was actually better then I thought it’d be and we stayed dry until the boat trip back to the port. In Bonaire we rented a golf cart and did the southern route and then up to the 1000 steps where the DH snorkeled with a turtle. The drive was very nice and it was great to explore on our own. In Curacao we had planned to go to Porto Mari but due to medical emergency the ship was delayed so we chose to go to Jan Thiel instead as it closer and less costly. We found chairs at the very end in the shade which made for a very nice day. The second week was western which we’ve been to many times. We had planned snuba and sea trek but the DH got a cold the first week and was too congested. Royal was excellent in refunding and rebooking for us. In Costa Maya we went to Jaimes blue reef. I can’t recommend as the view wasn’t great and we were hassled every couple of minutes by sellers on the beach. Drinks and food were good however. In Cozumel we went back to Paradise beach which is always good. For grand cayman we booked a snorkel trip with Royal, sunken ship. I wasn’t expecting much but this turned out great. The ship that was sunk was interesting but the snorkel just off the shore was outstanding. Schools of bright blue fish. At least 20 other types of fish. Adventure is a a great ship with great friendly staff. We did move between weeks but that was quick, just a bit of a pain to pack and unpack but we had booked the second week late. Both cabin stewards were great. We had brought a mattress topper and it was easily moved too. The rooms were identical balcony cabins. DL was much more full the first week. Blue moon was used both weeks for overflow. Entertainment was great. Rookie band, a singer that had been on American idol were both great and an Eagles tribute band the second week. Ice show was one of the best we’ve ever seen. The piano bar was always good for a few songs most nights. Food was hit or miss. Steak Diane was a joke as was the prime rib. Most of fish dishes were good though and desserts were better. Chops was excellent, we ate there 2 nights. Unfortunately Givonnis didn’t come thru for the DH. He has a food allergy and although they made what he wanted without allergens it was tasteless. They couldn’t improvise. The overall feel for the 2 weeks was different. First week very few kids with more seasoned cruisers. Second week 4 times the kids and a more party group. It left more room in the solarium the second week for us. We walked right on the first day stopping only to go thru security and scanning our boarding pass. Turn around day, we met in the lounge, walked off as a group leaving our sea pass cards with security. ( I picked them up the next day at guest services as I like to keep them.) Customs checked each of our passports and we walked right back on. We went to our cabin to unpack and attended the lunch in the MDR. We were a pretty big group of about 60. We walked off the second week waiting less then 10 minutes for customs. Our goal this trip was to relax and these 2 cruises really helped us do this with 6 sea days. Great cruises.
  12. Nope just off 2 weeks on her and the beds were rock hard. We preordered a 1.5 inch egg crate type mattress pad from Walmart before we flew in, king size. Picked it up the night before the cruise. We put a luggage tag on the box and it arrived to our room. Steward made the bed with it and we were very comfortable. Left it on board. It was about $40 and made all the difference to us. We slept great. YMMV.
  13. We are cruise only most of the time although always add a couple of days on either end. It does really pay to price watch and compare. I’ve also noticed some Celebrity prices to be almost as high as Viking and Viking includes excursions and has cheap drink packages. I book early now for best pricing since we’re before retirement so we can’t do last minute trips. I do price watch and a lot of the time book refundable in case something better comes along. More and more I’m also checking across all lines.
  14. Just off a B2B on Adventure. First week no, second week yes. I think it was $89. We did not purchase. So as noted previously it really varies week to week. I did not see it in the compass only a sign at SOME of the bars.
  15. On the Adventure now and we decorated our door. My favorite are from the dollar Store... a sheet of magnetic stickers for the season. Ours is fall.
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