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  1. I think the shirtless was a joke.... Nice Jean's and sweaters with a sweater would be fine and understandable for the season. The DH and discussed this last night. We would rather error on the side of too dressy then be under dressed anywhere. We will be going to the opera in Vienna so he will bring a suit and I a cocktail dress. We are excited !
  2. I think you have a great idea and you can send it to me! Seriously we were in Europe last 9 years ago and spent the last of it in the airport on food and a toy for the grand. We didn’t want to bring any of it back.
  3. Thanks for keeping us updated. We go thru around the 21st so I’m hopeful now.
  4. It may depend on your ship. I have read for Viking only the door ( maybe the bathroom door also ) will hold a magnet. We are also taking 2 large non sticky suction hooks. To me in the smaller cabins ( less then a veranda) it doesn’t appear to have enough storage especially for 2 weeks of stuff. Or maybe I just take too much...
  5. While I don’t want to go back to ballgowns every night I do wish people would dress appropriately for dinner. Americans have become too casual IMHO. We leave next week on Viking and I will be wearing a dress most evenings. The DH will be wearing button down dress shirts and dress pants. The only exception would be if we get back too late from an excursion. Even then I bet we’d run and change and freshen up. it really doesn’t take that much effort. It’s takes a few minutes to change your clothes. When you wear a t shirt, shorts and ball cap to dinner it’s just not respectful to the occasion. It’s not a backyard barb b que. I’m not talking about dressy flashy just appropriate. Don’t give me the baggage fees excuse. If you can afford to take a river cruise you can afford to dress appropriately and pay for a bag. We have this issue in Dallas. Except for a very few restaurants with dress codes people look like they came from the pool for a $200 meal for 2. I just don’t get it. The food tastes the same I guess but I enjoy the “experience” more when I’m dressed for the occasion. It won’t ruin my dinner however, I will notice.
  6. Yes sorry. It’s not all about me obviously. If this is the only way for supplies to get thru I’m the sure the logistics can be a nightmare for shipping. We are due to arrive at the locks in 2 weeks so maybe it will be fixed more quickly then thought. Good for everyone.
  7. Waiting to hear more....we leave on Viking from Budapest next week. I really don’t want a bus trip. Our dream of a floating hotel may need to be altered. All these accidents are making me wonder if we shouldn’t have stuck with an ocean trip. Sigh.
  8. Southwest is just easier for us and most of the time we think we get as good a deal as possible. We’ve had to change flights 3 days prior for a cruise and it cost only $160 for 2 of us. I can’t imagine what AA would have charged for instance. Change fees alone would have been $350 at least. And if we could not have gone we could have cancelled up to an hour prior to the flight and rebooked for something later. Free bags have us using them too as we often check a bag. And last but not least in Dallas we can fly out of Love Field with non stops to cruises which is sooooo much easier then DFW. All those “perks” are worth $50 a ticket or so to us. As long as SW doesn’t change their policies we will continue to pretty much use them exclusively domestically. We love how easy their Rapid rewards program works too. So easy to use.
  9. I found the the fine print when purchasing that states you can get a full refund until 3 days prior so we took the plunge. I doubt we’ll change our minds. Knowing you can get bottles also and not just by the glass helps. We are not huge drinkers but like the convenience of not thinking about each drink you purchase.
  10. I have been able to find an updated list of bar prices. Can someone answer a couple of questions? Is a VAT tax added to the price listed? If so how much? Is gratuity added? Just trying to decide which way to go with the package.... Are bottles of wine above the spirit package?
  11. Cell phones catch fire too. Battery packs. CPAP machines. Anything you plug in could be a risk. This is a stupid topic. Viking long ships are fairly new, not built in the 1950’s. They should be able to handle today’s electronics. I think Viking is afraid of damage to furniture ( as well as fire). Otherwise why do some lines allow them and some not. I can’t imagine the electrical systems are that different. The rules are made by men who don’t use said appliances in an effort to be over cautious and are not thinking of women who use these as part of their daily lives. If the eclectrical systems are that poor I don’t want to sleep on the boat. In the laundry there’s no ironing service? I doubt that and that’s a heat producing item.
  12. It's not fancy....but the location is great. As long as you're not expecting luxury it will be fine.
  13. Really? We can’t purchase the Spirits package the first day on board? Anyone else have this experience? I understand it needs to be purchased before a week out but didn’t know it wouldn’t be available on board. i just read our documents and it states that it can be purchased upon arrival at guest services so I’m going to go with that. We do understand it will be in Euros ( which is why we wanted to pre purchase) but if I can’t get the money back because I didn’t add that to insurance, we will wait and see. I’m guessing we’d only break even on it anyway so if we have to buy the drink not the end of the world. It would just be nice to not think about it and get whatever you want.
  14. Unfortunately the DH is experiencing some health issues. We leave in less then 5 weeks for our first river cruise for our 40th. The doctors are aware and are trying to help us get him in shape to go as he’s otherwise very healthy. The doctors do not want us to cancel. Does anyone have experience cancelling? We have insurance to cover the airfare and cruise itself that includes pre existing conditions. Will Viking be good to refund excursions already purchased? We had planned to pre order the Spirits package and pre pay our tips. Should we wait or will Viking refund these? We’d prefer to get it out of way now but don’t know how Viking works. Our experience with our main cruise line, Royal Caribbean, is a quick refund for all the above “extras”. We are really hoping to still go but glad it’s next month so he has recovery time. Rescheduling is not an option. Vacation at my work is already set for the rest of 2019 with no more days available. It’s go or no go.
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