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  1. The DH always works from home unless he’s on the road which of course he is not doing right now. So we’re used to spending my days off together. I’m still going to work as I’m an RN at a hospital. I did laundry, dishes, made filet Mignon in the Sous vide and baked potatoes, ( need to use up meat in the freezer.) Last night I made a quiche from scratch because I didn’t have a frozen pie shell. It turned out pretty good and gave me leftovers for work. I wiped the counters down for upteenth time. Tonight we had a birthday party for my 7 year old grandson over zoom. Our family is doing a weekly challenge. We use the Marco Polo app a lot to communicate. There are 14 of us, kids, spouses and grands. First week we did a lego competition. Last week it was build a tent that your whole family can fit in. ( We won that one with a cardboard castle with a blanket cover complete with drawbridge. ) This week is a dance competition. ( We will definitely not win this one but had fun putting it together.). We take turns judging and coming up with ideas. We are trying to keep our sense of humor in the family ( although 3 of us, ourselves and 2 of our kids and families are in depression from cruises being cancelled this spring.)
  2. We’re booked on a B2B on Allures first trips out of Galveston. Looks like it won’t happen. This is very disappointing. I’m hoping Royal lets our deposit return for these 2 cruises sooner then later so I can move it to something else before prices sky rocket. I’m not about to do Liberty again. ( Great ship but been there, done that so many times. I can sing along with Saturday night fever and can’t figure out anything new to do in those same ole, same ole ports of call. I was really ready for a big ship. )
  3. Final payment for the next one is until July. Hoping to have some clarity by then. If ships are sailing we plan to go!
  4. I took my money back. Too many uncertainties even though I have 4 booked thru the end of 2021 and am considering a late summer booking. Plus the FCC was too cumbersome. If they had given it back to us equally I would have done FCC. Im still excited for my October cruise. Fingers crossed.
  5. Well that’s that. Time to cancel all the reservations associated with our end of April cruise. I knew it was coming but was hanging on to be hopeful. Sigh. I know now it’s best. Still makes me sad.
  6. I'm guessing some of our PPE is made on China....which has had factories closed. I'm a nurse in a large hospital. We're rationing PPE ....for now not for covid but other isolation patients. So reusing a paper cover gown for many trips into a patient room isolated for MRSA. Limiting the number of people in an OR to conserve masks. Of course all elective surgeries canceled to save PPE. Our patients are safe. But staff are not allowed to use PPE at our discretion which makes us anxious. This is the new normal for us and things literally change everyday. I've been a nurse for 42 years and this is my first pandemic. Its anxiety producing just to walk into work. The sooner this is over the better. I'm very scared of bringing it home to my husband. If something happened to him because of my profession I'm not sure I'd get over it. As to the topic....I'm sure as a health care professional we'll be some of the first for a vaccine. I'd like them to get it right! I just want to get back on a ship with a book and drink and relax again.
  7. If our end of April cruise is canceled by Royal I’m hoping to rebook for summer. I have vacation to use or lose by the end of summer so it’s cruise or we will need to plan a land vacation. I don’t want to spend my hard earned vacation sitting at home in isolation.
  8. I do wish they had done this mid week. I’m sure a lot of people have already flown to Florida or other ports for their cruise for tomorrow or Sunday. Mid week would have been much better. Before I get yelled at, I realize this is a fluid situation and things have been changing rapidly. Kudos to Viking and Princess for getting the all rolling yesterday. While I don’t think the sky is falling if containing this is warranted, the cruise lines need to do their part.
  9. Son is to leave for San Juan in the a.m. Waiting to hear if this includes Freedom.
  10. This would not make me happy. I’m still in the 30-60. Day window.....and I want my 25% back! It gives me some cash back to do something else rather then have Royal keep all my money till 2021 when we can cruise again.
  11. You have an acute problem and you can’t be seen for 3 weeks? You need a new doctor. If your insurance covers it I’d visit an urgent care to get treatment and advice now. My guess is not to go as any travel with active bronchitis puts you at much greater risk to get very sick if you get Covid19.
  12. We too used $200 worth of points. I’m hoping we get them back but not counting on it. I’m sure it won’t be cash but crediting them back so I can use them would be great. I’ll report back after I know. The DH and I discussed this again over lunch. We will wait 10 more days just to see if anything changes in a positive direction. That gives me about 5 days to get everything canceled in time for 25% back. We will plan an abbreviated get away within the state at that time. Not leaving the state will I hope will avoid any mandatory quarantine issues. It’s certainly not what we had planned but under the circumstances it’s the responsible thing to do. ( I hate being responsible sometimes. If we were retired we’d be going!)
  13. Thanks for this thread. Very helpful. So we will get back deposits as FCC also or do we lose deposits? I do not want to cancel but I work in a hospital. They have basically said I will be not be allowed to return to work for 2 weeks post cruise if I leave the US for any reason. i have about 10 more days to get back 25%. I used Royal credit card points also for this which I’m assuming I will lose? Taxes, port charges, pre paid excursions I will get back right? I used on board credit to reserve excursions so am unsure if I lose all that too? Some of it was from booking on board. I’m okay with FCC as I have 2 cruises booked in 2021 to use it for. Our airfare was with Southwest. We cruise in October again so can move that money to those flights. Of course $300 in insurance will be gone. I’m just trying to figure out my losses. We are very sad...if I wasn’t still working we’d go. It’s been planned for 2 years since the booking opened and we have an aft balcony. We are early 60’s and in good health. My kids cruise next week and at then end of April. Another one has tickets for Paris in the summer. I’m advising them to go and enjoy themselves. We got back from Enchantment a week ago and despite missing a port had a great time.
  14. Don’t assume your cabin is clean....we’ve been wiping down the cabin for years when we first arrive. Most of the time the wipes are pretty grimy when we’re done. There’s no way the stewards have time to do more then a quick swipe. We got off the Enchantment Monday. We did notice they were doing extra cleaning in the public areas of handrails etc. You couldn’t enter the windjammer without hand sanitizer pretty much forced on you, which was good and there were more hand sanitizer machines in public areas then I’ve ever seen before. All good. The only additional thing we did this time was the DH brought his work computer along in case of quarantine. Thankfully that didn’t happen. We cruise again in 6 weeks hopefully. I’m more concerned about flying then the cruise.
  15. Future bookings may be down but just off the Enchantment today and it seemed full. I actually saw less people with cold/flu symptoms then usual. We used lots of hand sanitizer and noted other people did too.
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