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  1. Wondering this also? I see the amusement park is not far away or Vienna’s version of the eye. We don’t want to do the concert but otherwise have an evening free while most are off the ship. Any suggestions on what to do in the evening? It will be light until around 9 p.m.
  2. It’s fine to decline a tour and do your own thing if desired. The DH and I are visiting several WWll sites on our cruise. We’ve read Ann Franks diary, The Hiding Place and Shoes on the Danube for background. We’ve watched several documentaries on the subject. It does make us sad. Enjoy your vacation. Keep it light. Just don’t ever forget what happened there.
  3. We are charged nothing to use the travel agent. After we complete the cruise our agent will give us $550 of their commission. I'm sure one reason this agency does this is for repeat business. This is why I shopped around. If an agent gets 8-10% commission on a trip they can afford to give back to their customer. Especially since I literally did all the work. (Unless there are issues that come up while traveling. In that case I will be thankful to let them work out any problems. )
  4. I’m buying a new dual voltage for our trip as we have pre and post stays. And where ever I am I unplug, put it in a heat resistant sleeve ( found at the container store or Amazon) to protect any furniture or my belongings in a suitcase and store it away.
  5. It's a real problem for alot of women or it wouldn't come up so often on these boards. And in one area of their site it just says no devices that produce heat and doesn't specifically list curling irons. I'm also very sure alot of women never even read the list and have no idea....cruise critic members are few on river cruises. They do not search your luggage.
  6. Please don’t cut your hair for that reason.....
  7. I wish I was more tech savvy. I do my research on the web then make a 3x5 card for each day. Sometimes it takes 2 cards if we have lot planned. I include costs, open/close times, suggestions on places to eat and souvenirs to look for, bus and tram #’s, etc. I do have offline maps loaded for major cities. While not high tech the cards are pocket sized and keep us on track. The DH is not into details but he’ll ask “what are we doing today? “. I hand him the card and he gets a quick idea of what’s on the agenda. ( I do discuss prior to the trip once with him to make sure he likes the plan and give him choices at that time). After that brief discussion he’s content to let me do the planning. The great thing about river cruising is I don’t have to plan each day....just a few ideas on some stops where we’ll have more free time and our days pre and post. back to op...I used to buy guidebooks too. But information is free on line and more current now. Top 10 pocket guides have great maps and info on the top 10 things to do in major cities around the world with details so that’s what I’d buy if I was not using my phone or web searches. It also list restaurants, hotels etc. I looked for a river cruise guide book but all I found were pre planning books ( comparing lines etc ) with very little on what you’re actually going to go and what to see.
  8. We are Southwest fans. And yes if the fare goes down you can get a credit good for one year from first purchase. No change fee is wonderful also. We have changed dates multiple times with no fees.
  9. Verizon charges $10 for each 24 hour period the phone is used not every time you turn it on. So from the time you make the first text, call, internet search until 24 hours later you’re covered. We are leaning toward doing this. The DH used it in China and worked well. They also have a monthly plan but afraid we’d go over it for $70. We've also downloaded maps etc. to be used off line. Google apps for travel with android or I phones and that will give you some ideas. City maps to go, city mapper and xe currency are ones we plan to use.
  10. Any suggestions on how to find out what a cab would cost from central station area Amsterdam to the airport. I know a train is available but am a bit concerned about getting luggage on a train. We will have 2 carryons plus a large suitcase each.
  11. It’s just easier to pre pay and then not think about it. That’s what we plan to do.....
  12. Thanks for all the encouragement! I do appreciate it! I’m excited beyond words for this trip. We are actually a pretty go with the flow couple and make lemonade out of lemons people. ( You won’t see us complaining at the desk that something wasn’t perfect. In fact we dislike those types of people.) I just so want to be on the river and not on a bus. I know we have no control over the weather and it will be useless to complain. I have read because of so many ships on the river Viking seems to do a better job then most. So I will try to relax and hope for the best. Or consider the alternative an adventure!
  13. I plan on bringing a dual voltage hair dryer.... does any one know the type they have on board? Watts, ionic, ceramic etc.? I assume it’s a slow drying, hair burning one. i think a hair dryer might be more of a risk of blowing a fuse for instance then a curling iron....some are pretty powerful. I’ll bring one but if theirs is adequate I’ll use theirs. I have long hair.....if I had short hair it wouldn’t be an issue.
  14. Yes I agree.....unless you don’t have 10 minutes to freshen up....not getting dressed in something different for dinner is kind of .....
  15. I understand they could be a fire hazard if you leave them on and walk way. However on Viking isn’t the electricity shut off each time you take key card out to leave the room? Or is this just the lights that shut off? If the key card does control all the outlets in the room there would be no fire hazard of an appliance being left on. It’s not going to start a fire while you’re using it.... Just wondering....
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