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  1. We are on this cruise I believe. Usually most of their activities are in the ice rink, studio B and have very little effect on the rest of us. We may see some older ladies in poodle skirts which might be entertaining....and yes an older crowd.
  2. I am so happy to see more day room options. It has been years coming. Last year we used B ocean for the day. No complaints except with resort fees it was pricey for the day. I’ll be using a day room again this fall but will look for something less expensive. It was so much nicer to end the cruise this way instead of sitting at the airport for hours or even a pool pass. We used the pool, had lunch and took a quick nap and a shower before our evening flight.
  3. Diet sodas aren’t allowed on a true keto diet. Artificial sweeteners can spike your glucose. Vodka and club soda is ok. Or a non sweet white wine. Rum is too sweet too.
  4. So sorry for your loss. What you have planned will be just fine. Hoping you have a great time to relax and refresh.
  5. My suggestion is to take them early before they and you are too tired. More families eat in Chops early and more couples later. Be prepared to take them out if they make a scene and it will be fine. I had four of my own and 5 grands but would not subject other guests to a melt down. Last cruise I saw a couple trying to have a nice dinner in Chops with 2 small children ( both were probably under 5). I felt sorry for mom and dad as one or the other kept having to take one of them out and the mom and dad basically ate their dinner quickly alone. They both looked pretty miserable. I’m guessing they would have been happier in the windjammer. Only you know your children and if it would be enjoyable.
  6. If an Oasis class is coming to Galveston in 2021 guess I know where we’ll be sailing from. Back to Galveston it will be. We’ve been on the Liberty about 8? times so we’ve been flying to other ports. I’d be happy to come back but the ports are same old, same old. Still it’s cheaper to drive then fly and we stay in a Houston hotel the night before as Galveston is pricey. The Oasis class is not our favorite but we do like all the options it offers.
  7. We just made final on an upcoming cruise and left Royal for about a year doing other cruises. Can anyone give me a synopsis of about how much to bid up if we get an email? We’re in a spacious balcony. How much would I bid on average to be in the ballgame for a suite? And we don’t get double points if we bid up? I might not not normally be interested but with an FCC and points from Royal CC we’ve paid almost nothing for this cruise out of pocket. This leaves an opportunity to spend a little more.
  8. We did it on the Liberty. No tool but lunch and all the drinks we wanted. We enjoyed it but not something I’d do every time I sailed. Took about 90 minutes max.
  9. I have ordered the vodka sprite package. Not cheap but I think it’s cheaper then buying them individually at the bar. Actually what is the price on board for a vodka and sprite?
  10. Back to nature with Gina. Not a walking tour but a Jeep ride around the island. We had a great day seeing the non tourist areas. Highly recommend. ( google back to nature Curacao)
  11. We used the Silver Spirits package on our Grand European in June. We really enjoyed having the package and felt it was worthwhile. We ordered a bottle of wine every night at dinner. Not a huge amount of choices but we found ones we liked. We would have gotten tired of the same house wines every night. In addition to that we enjoyed a cocktail before dinner and sometimes after. Although we could have brought wine on board we didn’t want to search for a bottle every day or two in port.
  12. A dry bar in our area is usually about $50 with tip for the standard treatment. I don’t have it done often but love it when I splurge. It will last 5-6 days. Of course if you’re in the Caribbean what’s the point? One dip in the ocean or pool and your hair is toast.
  13. Okay Bob I do Like that answer. And I agree. Or otherwise we’d have moved on long ago.
  14. I sympathize with the OP. I recently called to make a booking and at no time did the rep use the words non refundable. It would have been in my documents but as stated we often don’t read the fine print. I’m well aware of the practice change but if you haven’t cruised for a while with RCCL or are new to cruising you might not know the questions to ask. The reps DO NOT make it clear. They don’t even offer the non refundable unless you ask. I have 2 adult kids each looking at booking cruises right now and have warned them to ask and be clear about what they are placing a deposit for. Lesson learned I’m sure but it can be a bummer to learn the hard way. I can understand why the OP would be upset but also unfortunately I’m sure there is no re- course. This and no longer offering reduced deposits are one reason we are starting to search for new lines to try. We’re still happy with the RCCL product overall but not so happy with some of the new practices.
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