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  1. Personally I think it’s all about location. When I book I look at the cabins that are available in both categories. Usually I go for the spacious. I do like the little extra room I get. But it does not make or break the cruise and I wouldn’t pay later to upgrade unless location was better and I knew where it would be. I would never do it as a paid upgrade, cabin unknown.
  2. Since we live within driving distance to Galveston we decided not to fly this fall. We already will be losing some airfare this year as SW only extended our credit out so far for cruises canceled in 2020. While it’s not the cruise we wanted it’s a cruise. I will book a refundable hotel or at least up to a few days prior refundable. It’s the way it has to be right now. Anyone who chooses to travel for the next few months had best be prepared to be flexible. Last fall we had 2 trips planned for the same week of vacation. When our cruise was canceled we had a back up planned. We
  3. We booked Adventure from Galveston in November. Hoping it goes off. Our plan was not to get off at all. I just want to be on a ship! Ports of call can come later for us.
  4. Very interesting. We said we’d never take another Carnival cruise but ..... Some of you will of course disagree but I think this is the way to go for now, maybe at least through the end of the year. I think cruise lines should take a stance and stick with it, maybe until the end of 2021. Let people know for sure. Let cruising resume safety and then later it can be revisited. While I wasn’t too concerned about unvaccinated kids aboard I think Carnival actually has it right. Not forever, just right for now. Let cruise lines start to make some money again and let people who ha
  5. I just had major surgery at MD Anderson in May. Their covid policy is the stricter then anything I’m aware of in the nation. I don’t think the employees have to be vaccinated however I had to go through surgery and in patient stay all alone. They will not let in even a spouse into the building. My DH dropped me off and picked me up several days later. It’s over and all is well. Back to cruising! I hope the forced vaccination of hospital employees doesn’t continue. With rates so low it seems over reaching to force it on someone who doesn’t want it. They can keep wearing mask
  6. Some private businesses in Texas are still requiring masks to enter but no one of course can ask about your vaccine status. Other businesses have signs on the door that say masks aren’t used by employees as a warning. It runs the gamut here. I want to book from Galveston in November but am waiting to see how this all shakes out. I want to be on a vaccinated ship simply because I don’t want a quarantine ship. I also would love the freedom of walking around a ship with no concern about covid without a mask as Celebrity is doing now. How wonderful that would be!.
  7. Unfortunately this is the way they work. The only way to get around this is wait to book until a few months out. But you are risking sold out or not getting the cabin or category you want. With pent up demand over the next couple of years this may be worse.
  8. We’ve enjoyed both Granada and Dominica and would love to go back. Dominica while having hurricane damage is one of the most beautiful I’ve been to in the Caribbean with waterfalls and rainforest. St Vincent I’m pretty sure won’t be a stop due tot the recent volcano eruption.
  9. Actually they can go back and see when you entered and left. Long story but something happened in one where I was left stranded by a vomiting stranger/passenger in the entrance of the stalls area. It was witnessed by a crew member who walked away and left me there....I ended up having to walk through it after several minutes of waiting. As it was a safety issue I reported it. They retrieved the tapes a week later and got back to me.
  10. We book mostly balcony rooms but really enjoy a Jr Suite if the cost isn’t much higher. We keep in mind how much per day it’s worth. For us that’s $100 per day more then a balcony total or less not per person. It also depends on sea days. If a cruise is port intensive it’s not worth the money. If we have been there, done that and plan to skip some ports then a bigger cabin is desired. I love the tub and a bit nicer bathroom. The walk in closet makes travel so much easier packing, unpacking and getting ready. And I do enjoy a bigger balcony if I can get the steward to bring a l
  11. Lol. So true that clothes have shrunk! I too am not a pack light person but I don’t pack more then one per evening, one per day outfit. I find more swim wear and less shorts and tops. And shoes to go with my evening wear. Unless you pay for bags when you fly who cares? We use Southwest so I can take what we want. We will be waiting a few more months to resume but I’m excited for you! We have been discussing a fall cruise, just need approval for vacation first from work!
  12. We had a one year on our family cruise. It helped that there were 8 adults to help take turns with him. He slept in the stroller or on us at times. He did get pretty crabby toward the end and even picked up a bug and a bit of a fever one day. He did not go to the nursery. In the evening I sometimes missed the shows so his parents could go and I read while he slept. Can it be done? Of course but so you aren’t disappointed you need to know it will not be a normal vacation. Kids still get sick, fussy, don’t nap, cry in the dining room etc etc. Please be kind to others
  13. Radiance Alaska July 2022 We also have the Allure booked for April 2022 but now have a conflict so will let that one go. Hoping for something short out of Galveston for late this year or early 2022. We can’t wait to get back!
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