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  1. I"m a nurse at a large hospital. I have to report if I leave the state due to Covid. I do think it's not really fair. I'm perfectly capable of self monitoring or am willing to be tested upon our return. We can go to Houston which is an even hotter spot then Dallas and not report it. They can't tell us we can't leave the state of course. But they can tell us we can't return to work for 2 weeks after we return. And that quarantine time is on us, either PTO or no pay. They will not test us to clear us. A few have not self reported but if you're caught it could be grounds for termination. Since I dont want to "waste" 2 weeks of PTO i just won't leave the state.
  2. Sadly there will be no more cruising in 2020. We had one cancelled in April and cancelled 2 more before final for this fall. At first I was hopeful but no longer. This virus is not going anywhere quickly. I’m still hoping for April 2021 but if I see no movement prior to final payment I won’t be paying that one either. It took months for my April 2020 refund, months too long. I did get a chuckle the other day. I had requested that the insurance we paid for our April be re issued for October. It finally came thru 3 months later....for the October one we had to cancel.
  3. Land trips are not always cheaper....we usually cruise for about $150 pp per day. A nice hotel or B and B and food and gas puts you right about there. For us it's about the same. Right now my work won't let me go to Florida, or Arizona. Every time I come with a land trip idea (grand Canyon, the Keys) work adds them to the quarantine list. With states added to the list all the time I'm thinking we'll be staying in Texas this fall. Not my first choice as we've already seen alot of the state but will attempt to enjoy some small inns and B and Bs that are new to us. Land trips are not a bad alternative but we will really miss the evenings on a ship. Happy hours aren't quite the same when you're paying for each drink and driving, no one to chat with at dinner and no entertainment. By all means if you're not limited get out there and see the USA. Our country is big and beautiful!
  4. I too have given up .....for now. We’ve had 3 cruises cancelled. We’ve gotten most of the money back. Waiting on about $1200. We then planned a land trip to Florida. I’m looking at cancelling that not because I’m afraid of Florida but because work won’t let me leave the state without a 14 day quarantine on my return out of my PTO. The airfare will be a loss I’m pretty sure. There are things to look forward to if you search for them. I’ll have a new Grand-baby by the end of the year. We ordered a hot tub with vacation money that should be ready in a couple of weeks. I thought we’d saved a lot of money by my not shopping but the DH laughed and said the Amazon truck stops everyday. ( okay he’s right but a lot of it is vitamins.) The stock market is better again. Y'all hang in there. 2021 will be better! I’m still hopeful for our April 2021 cruise.
  5. As a nurse I now have to wear a mask and face shield all day. If I work with covid it’s more but this is the minimum now for the whole shift in the hospital. I know they are trying to protect us and I appreciate that but it’s very difficult.
  6. First cruise was on NCL Seaward in 1989. Skeet shooting off the back of the ship. Golf balls too. Flaming baked Alaska on the waiters heads in the dining room. We sat at a table with some of the entertainers as we had the lowest, cheapest room on board. We were in an inside all the way forward by the anchor on deck 2. We sure knew when we were coming into port. The room was about 100 sq ft. I remember lining up for dinner, a tiny pool, the midnight buffet. It was also our first time to snorkel. We stopped at their private island, Cozumel and Jamaica. In Jamaica the DH was threatened by a local so it wasn’t any safer back then. Everyone shook hands with the captain at dinner on formal night and had their picture taken with him. We got a list of passenger names. We were young and thought we were among rich people. I worked every weekend for a year for a bonus to take that trip. We got bit by the cruise bug.
  7. This happened to my son. Pretty much exact same thing. They were to leave Saturday am for PR. Cruises were cancelled the evening before. I saw it first on Cruise critic and called him. It was then posted on the website. He saw it and called to ask if was canceled. They agreed. As he got off the phone the email notification came thru that it was cancelled. He choose the FCC originally. Mid April he decides he wants the money back. Called and thought it was being processed. Three weeks ago he calls to check up how much longer. They then say he cancelled before it was official and he’s not getting his money back. No one said anything like that in April. He asks for the call to be reviewed. Waits 10 more days, no one calls him back. Calls again this week. Finally talks to someone who does their job, reviews the wording of the call. Calls him back and says yes we will process the refund, it was coded wrong. Now he waits months more for money that should have been refunded months ago. Keep calling. He’s happy for the outcome but also angry that Royal give him such a run around. His spouse was laid off this week so they can use the money. After 35 cruises on Royal we’ve always been treated well and fairly on board. But dealing with corporate is not about making you happy. It’s about the bottom line and how they see it.
  8. I just got some. I don’t plan on everyday wear but in certain situations like flying I will wear one in addition to a surgical type mask. There’s good evidence they work. They keep droplets from your face and eyes. Droplets “drop” so they won’t go up under a shield. They can be reused multiple times by wiping down with a sanitizer wipe. It’s a great alternative for those who say they feel like they can’t breath with a mask on. And it may be cooler for the summer. Although you still can’t eat with them on you could drink with a straw. Just remember the outside is contaminated so when you remove it, do it from the sides. The DH doesn’t like the ones I bought because they say “Face shield” in big letters in the front. I laughed and told him I’d get some white tape to cover it up.
  9. They aren’t going to cruise if the CDC says no. If they get a sick ship they are in big trouble with the consumers too and yes it could be the final straw. Do I think it’s fair? Probably not. A big hotel with shows and buffets like Vegas are just as risky but people can leave and go home without saying a word if they want to. I just wish the lines should be proactive and say what they are thinking.. Quit taking people’s money when you know ships won’t sail. It’s just unethical. Shorten the final payment dates at least. If they shortened them to 30-45 days it would be much more fair. They will know that far out, not before.
  10. Texas opened every 2 weeks by 25%. Not out of control. Just more testing. Hospitalizations are up but not dramatically in Dallas. I’m glad for this announcement. I’m going to cancel 2 cruises in October before final. Although I’m a loyalist I’m not giving them anymore final payments to float them. I may be brave and book for December. By early September we will hopefully know more....or not. This can’t go on forever or there won’t be a cruise industry.....we’re doing a land trip this fall.
  11. Celebrity main website says it’s down for updating....whatever that means.
  12. Interesting. Especially the part of about getting a note from your doctor. In other words you may have to find a doctor who is willing to certify that you are fit to travel. Doctors may not want to do that based on liability, even if you’re healthy and have none of their listed pre existing conditions. And by the time you get that note or not from your doctor you’ve already bought airfare, cruise fare etc. if you didn’t buy CFAR insurance you’d be screwed. Unless the cruise line agrees to refund if you can’t get a note or test positive at the last minute. To me it opens up a lot of questions. I'm okay with testing prior to travel. ( Although that proves nothing as you could pick it up on the plane on the way). I don’t like the idea of getting permission from a doctor to travel. It’s an extra trip to a doctor at extra cost for one thing. In the beginning you’d get a lot of push back from the doctors too. They’d be unsure about signing something due to liability, you’re wasting their time in an office visit. Some people may know their doctor well enough to call and get a note but mine would never do that. Just food for thought....
  13. We’ve watched the promotional video. I like how many places it appears that you can see the ocean. This's something I don’t like on Oasis class ships. They feel closed in. The solarium looks lovely and I want to try to read/lounge in the Magic Carpet. I agree we might not like the IV. I see it as a window that opens but the DH wants to try it. The other balconies look so tiny, not room to even stretch out your legs unless you’re willing to pay more. I’m learning about the dining options. We do late seating as we enjoy getting to know our table mates. Due to a food allergy it really looks like Normandie will be the only one to accommodate the DH so I’ll have to email 2 weeks prior and ask for that. If there was one specialty restaurant to try which would you choose? We do 1 or 2 nights per cruise depending upon the ship. On Royal we’ve done chefs table 3 times (2/3 were awesome evenings. It depends on other guests we’ve learned.)
  14. We booked her last weekend.. Also looking for tips...we booked an IV balcony. Hoping we like it. The ship looks fabulous and classy. Looking forward to it!
  15. Royal cancelled my 2021 Allure cruise out of Galveston. I was told 90 days to return my deposit. We shall see....
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