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  1. No, we haven’t, probably because we’re taking a long train trip in 2020. Also, we just enjoy sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. But, that’s always a thought for the future. Well, I guess we’ll just take our chances with Endicott Arm. Maybe by early August there won’t be the ice one might see in May or later in the season. I understand what you’re saying. I do enjoy more sunshine, especially in the evening. And we do only have the August and September dates. So, we’ll probably just keep it as is and maybe someday do a cruise tour that includes GB. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  2. Cruise Raider, we have a Club Class Mini Suite midship. We were upgraded free to CC on our cruise to Hawaii this past April. And an upsell to CC when we sailed down to Mexico. So, now we’re kinda spoiled. Actually, this Best. Ever. Sale. has helped! Thank you for your good wishes. I know it’s not until 2021, but that will be here before you know it. We’re really looking forward to the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel adventure. Glad you liked It!
  3. Thank you, for your detailed reply XB Guy! I’m feeling better already. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Since I live in coastal California in the redwoods, when we were in Alaska in 2005, some of it looked familiar—especially on the little train. Similar to our Roaring Camp steam engine narrow gauge railroad. But since we didn’t get to see glaciers last time, I’m looking forward to it in 2021. So we won’t get to see Glacier Bay.
  4. We’re specifically doing the 10 day out of SF because it’s within 90 minute driving distance. I’m not a fan of flying. We would fly out of SJC if we went that route. In 2005 we did fly up to Seattle for a 7 day RT cruise to Alaska with family. And as I mentioned, we missed GB because of azipod issues. I think if we cruise to Alaska again, it would be a cruise tour. But, that probably won’t be for awhile. We have other places to see, in the meantime. Looking forward to a Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel trip in August 2020. That will include two different Amtrak trains to get to Arizona from CA. We love train travel, as well as cruising.
  5. Thank you, Cruise Raider. It certainly sounds like you’ve experienced them all! You mentioned the first week of September. There IS a September 8, 2021 voyage that has Glacier Bay in its itinerary. I chose August because I figured it would be a bit drier and a warmer. I’m more of a fair-weather girl! 😉 I also understand that with Alaska, anything goes! So we’ll definitely be prepared for rain or whatever nature has in mind. Would you say that your weather was fairly normal for early September? Or more of an anomaly? With climate change it’s hard to predict. I’m just going by what they say the monthly norms are Thanks again!
  6. Lol. Thanks, Coral. I kind of figured your reply would be more on the negative side regarding Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier. I had read a couple of your posts. I appreciate your honesty, nonetheless.
  7. We’re booked for August 9, 2021 on the Ruby from S.F. That sailing does Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. Unfortunately, they don’t offer Glacier Bay during the window we can cruise. After reading here from people saying that GB is a MUST see, I feel like we’re missing out.😣 The majority make it sound like it’s FAR superior and one of the highlights of an Alaskan cruise. My preference would be to sail on May 11, 2021, however, my husband (although retired from teaching), has a summer job, as well as he times high school track meets during the spring. And the large, regional meets fall during May. He really enjoys timing those. Phooey. I’m trying to talk him into getting out of them...but so far, it’s a no-go. Soooo, what do you think? Will it still be worth our while to see Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier? Are we going to miss out on THAT much not being able to see Glacier Bay? Back in 2005 we took a large extended family cruise to Alaska out for Seattle. My father-in-law insisted we go on the NCL Star because they were going to Glacier Bay. Ha. After we got up there, we weren’t allowed in because of an azipod issue. They feared there could be leaking oil, so we weren’t allowed in the park. Now I’m wondering if it's just not in the stars for us to see this must-see place everyone is taking about. 🤔😐 Please reassure me that Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier won’t be a total bust. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I wish my husband could sail on May 11. Not only does it do Glacier Bay, it’s supposed to be a drier month and because it’s not in high season, it’s less expensive. But, unfortunately he has other job commitments that time of year.
  9. P.S. I just looked at the pricing for the September 8th, 2021 sailing on the Ruby (Glacier Bay) vs the one we booked for Aug. 9 to Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. Why would the one we’re on in August be MORE expensive if it doesn’t include Glacier Bay? Is it because it’s still considered “high season” in the summer? I would have thought Glacier Bay would cost more.
  10. The reason we chose the Ruby going to Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier in early August of 2021 out of SF (vs one in September) is partly because of the weather. September is supposed to be rainier. I was on the Star in 2002 when she was a few months old. And her older sisters, Grand and Golden. The Ruby is a wee bit newer, although a covered pool would be nice. On the other hand, when we sailed to Alaska in 2005 I never went near the pool. So we’re just going to enjoy the glaciers chosen for our itinerary. Maybe someday we’ll do a cruise tour which includes Glacier Bay.
  11. Unfortunately, my husband can’t get away until early August during the summer. And we prefer not to go in September when it’s often more rainy. We plan to sail round trip out of San Francisco on Princess. I think we’ll be fine. Maybe someday we’ll do a cruise tour that includes Glacier Bay.
  12. Years ago my father In law insisted we see Glacier Bay so we booked NCL Star. Well, as it turns out, this ship had a history of an azipod in disrepair. It had been going on before our voyage. So, Glacier Bay National Park wouldn’t allow us in for fear that there might be leaking oil. I felt so bad for people who flown all the way from places like Germany with hopes of seeing GB.
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