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  1. I especially enjoyed cruising on Princess prior to the 2008 recession. The buffets stayed open all night and served items like jumbo shrimp at midnight. Real food—not just snacks. Usually leftover from dinner, but still tasty! Also, during the day they often served deep fried jumbo shrimp and I’d pile up a plate and sit by the pool. I sound like I’m a shrimp fan, don’t I? I am! 🍤🍤🍤. And they had awesome deck parties and gave out hats and horns and leis. The production shows were longer and had more props. The food in the MDR was also better. No need to go to an alternative restaurant to get a good steak or pasta. And they served crab legs! Lol, I promise I don’t spend my ENTIRE time eating!
  2. We’ve been booked for August 2021 on the Ruby out of SF for several months. Looking forward to it, especially since we took advantage of Best. Sale. Ever. and don’t want to lose that. We’ll see how it goes in the next year+ before we decide whether we plan to keep our booking or cancel. I definitely don’t want to get stuck on a quarantined ship should COVID-19 resurge. And I’m also not too thrilled with how Princess seems to be handling some of this, ie; refunds, etc. 🥴
  3. Yes, I’ve seen crew members on tv and they were in balcony cabins. Makes sense to spread them out in passenger cabins.
  4. We’ve had a cruise to Alaska out of SF booked for a long time. Still not sure how things will be even in August of 2021.
  5. I live in Santa Cruz and the primary reason they now have an 11 am--5pm partial closure is because the weekend before, large groups of tourists chose to come over and unsafely populate the beaches. No social distancing. Difficult to police those crowds. So now between those hours you can’t “set up shop” on the beach; no blankets and umbrellas or hanging out on the sand. HOWEVER, you are allowed to cross the sand to use the water for exercise such as swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, etc. Or simply jogging/walking along the water’s edge. They are mostly discouraging large crowds on the beaches all day. Also, Santa Cruz County has PLENTY of opportunities for exercise and fresh air. We have tons of trails, the redwoods, pretty neighborhoods, etc. for that. AND the beach is still there for long walks and exercise. Just don’t plan on sunbathing all day. Keep moving and enjoy the fresh air and exercise. This, too, shall pass. We prefer to keep our numbers down here. People need to stop whining and realize that the beaches will still be there when this is over. Our earth is actually thanking us now for giving it a much-needed rest.
  6. We’re booked on the Ruby for August 2021 out of SF to Alaska. Truth be told, I’m even a bit concerned about sailing THEN. I’m just not feeling reassured that this virus will be gone even by next year. We’ll see how it goes...
  7. Our last cruise was on the Grand out of San Francisco. 15 days to Hawaii April 21-May 6, 2019. We wouldn’t have been able to cruise if it were this year. This was our 2nd time on the Grand. Sailed her for 10 days to Mexico in 2017 out of S.F. We enjoyed ourselves both times.
  8. I was listening to a doctor on tv today and he said the ages affected are 60 and over. No children have been found to be at risk. But the older you are, the chances of acquiring the virus goes up. And, of course, ANYONE with a pre-existing condition. Who knows what to believe about this virus.
  9. We’re doing a 10 day roundtrip out of San Francisco on Princess in August 2021. I booked it December ‘19. It was during the Best. Sale. Ever. promo, so wanted to take advantage of it and secure a cabin where we like in midship.
  10. No, we haven’t, probably because we’re taking a long train trip in 2020. Also, we just enjoy sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. But, that’s always a thought for the future. Well, I guess we’ll just take our chances with Endicott Arm. Maybe by early August there won’t be the ice one might see in May or later in the season. I understand what you’re saying. I do enjoy more sunshine, especially in the evening. And we do only have the August and September dates. So, we’ll probably just keep it as is and maybe someday do a cruise tour that includes GB. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  11. Cruise Raider, we have a Club Class Mini Suite midship. We were upgraded free to CC on our cruise to Hawaii this past April. And an upsell to CC when we sailed down to Mexico. So, now we’re kinda spoiled. Actually, this Best. Ever. Sale. has helped! Thank you for your good wishes. I know it’s not until 2021, but that will be here before you know it. We’re really looking forward to the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel adventure. Glad you liked It!
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