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  1. I’ve taken a few 7 day cruises out of San Pedro to Mexico, as well as a 10 day out of SP. However, I enjoyed my two 10 day voyages to Mexico out of San Francisco the most. Since I live 90 minutes away vs several hours, that’s a huge plus. My first 10 day sailing out of SF was in 2009 on the Golden Princess. Back then we went to Acapulco and Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. I loved Zihua with its cobbled stone streets. It’s a small fishing village. When Mexico started having violence from drug cartels, etc. they eliminated those ports. In 2017 we sailed for 10 days on the Grand out of SF and they had Manzanillo, as well as the other three ports I’ve been to several times. That sailing on the Grand to and from Mexico was the smoothest I’ve ever experienced on a voyage to and from Mexico! Usually, coming back up we feel the rockier current. Not that time! Smooth as ice. Couldn’t believe it. I’ve always enjoyed going to Mexico via cruise ship. 10 days is even better.
  2. We live 90 minutes south of SF on the coast so I’m definitely familiar with the summer fog, especially in the morning and evening. So far, we’ve only sailed in April out of San Francisco on fog-free days, although there were some mild spring showers.
  3. I’ve sailed under it three times, twice on the Grand and I have videos of a clear day just like this.
  4. That’s my concern, as well. Once we get on that ship we’re at the mercy of whatever quarantine protocol they mandate if needed. Same with ports possibly refusing to let us stop.
  5. We’ve had a cruise to Alaska out of SF booked for August 2021 for over a year now. Like many here, we’re going to wait and see what happens with this virus before even considering it. I’m keeping my hopes up that it will happen, but it’s going to take a lot to convince me to step on the Ruby in a year.
  6. We’ll be on the August 9th sailing on the Ruby out of SF. Easy drive for us. Now our fingers are crossed that everything is okay regarding Covid-19. Sure don’t want to be quarantined on a ship! 😉
  7. Here’s what mine said.
  8. Mine says $200 for our stateroom. Thing is, I never pay over a year ahead. I wait until the latest I can pay without penalty. Now with the coronavirus, who knows what will be happening next August. So, I’m just not sure an extra $200 plus 10% is worth it. Any thoughts?
  9. And a very large study that was just conducted in Spain found that some patients that had initially successfully developed antibodies “no longer had antibodies weeks later”… Needless to say, this is absolutely devastating news, and it has very serious implications for vaccine development… If antibodies can fade in some patients within weeks, and if just about everyone loses them after a few months, that would render any vaccine almost completely useless. And if these findings are confirmed, we can pretty much forget about ever achieving “herd immunity”. Instead, we are potentially facing a future in which COVID-19 will be with us permanently, and people will need to understand that there is a possibility that they will be able to get infected repeatedly. The cruise industry may well be dead. Better take those refunds. Yes, actor Tom Hanks just mentioned that his antibodies have started fading and initially were a lot higher.
  10. I feel the same way you do. We have a cruise to Alaska out of S.F. for next August 2021. I’m still not feeling comfortable even though it’s over a year away. Like you, I would not want to sail with all those restrictions. What fun is that? And once on the ship, I would be concerned that there would be a detected COVID case and we would all end up being quarantined forever.
  11. I especially enjoyed cruising on Princess prior to the 2008 recession. The buffets stayed open all night and served items like jumbo shrimp at midnight. Real food—not just snacks. Usually leftover from dinner, but still tasty! Also, during the day they often served deep fried jumbo shrimp and I’d pile up a plate and sit by the pool. I sound like I’m a shrimp fan, don’t I? I am! 🍤🍤🍤. And they had awesome deck parties and gave out hats and horns and leis. The production shows were longer and had more props. The food in the MDR was also better. No need to go to an alternative restaurant to get a good steak or pasta. And they served crab legs! Lol, I promise I don’t spend my ENTIRE time eating!
  12. We’ve been booked for August 2021 on the Ruby out of SF for several months. Looking forward to it, especially since we took advantage of Best. Sale. Ever. and don’t want to lose that. We’ll see how it goes in the next year+ before we decide whether we plan to keep our booking or cancel. I definitely don’t want to get stuck on a quarantined ship should COVID-19 resurge. And I’m also not too thrilled with how Princess seems to be handling some of this, ie; refunds, etc. 🥴
  13. Yes, I’ve seen crew members on tv and they were in balcony cabins. Makes sense to spread them out in passenger cabins.
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