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  1. Thank you for the heads up. We will certainly pack extra meds.. we fly but appreciate your sharing.
  2. Hello fellow Cruisers: Don't forget your seasick pills or patches like I did once. Not fun in rough waters.
  3. Hi all: I don't mean to throw cold water on this topic. Personally we dress with hubby wearing a suit or nice sports coat and myself sporting something special like a cocktail dress, etc. However, we have spotted and once were led to a table where everyone was wearing an old T-shirt and shorts.. Yes.. and no one said a word. So we looked great all dressed up while others wore their lets go clean out the yard attire. Unless the cruise ship management begins to enforce their rules, its open season and folks wear what they please which we find slightly annoying and somewhat disrespectful to other cruisers who so enjoy this portion of their cruise. If you can afford to pay for your vacation, then you can afford acceptable clothing, or you can spend your money elsewhere. I guess it depends on your point of view.
  4. Hi - It is my understanding that children in diapers are not permitted in any public pool by the Health regulations as a general rule. Therefore, it is not surprising that cruise ships would follow the same standards especially since they are so closely regulated by local health officials. As a Mom of 6, I fail to understand why you would want your little one in a pool that is so overly chlorinated in an effort by the cruise lines to limit the number of e-coli bacteria contaminating the water as well as other more dangerous bacteria that can come from fecal contamination of water sources. FYI - there are others using the pool that although adults, may have some incontinence issues or, not have the best personal hygiene practices as well as youngsters who will also contaminate the pool water. As a longtime cruiser, I have personally seen cruise personnel having to close the pools due to youngsters and intolerable levels of fecal contamination that took place while kids were swimming/playing in the adult pools. So my advice, enjoy your cruise and take your baby to enjoy the beach on all those beautiful beaches that you will be visiting while cruising. Happy cruising, Chiquita
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