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  1. It's been over 10 years since our first and only cruise. We're looking at a Carnival cruise in July. We are going to be moving about 38 days prior to our cruise, but don't yet know where our new address will be. Do they mail any documents I will need for the cruise one month or shorter ahead of time? We don't have our new address yet and based on a prior move, I don't have a lot of faith in our mail accurately getting forwarded to our new location. Do you think it would be better to use our in-laws address in order to receive any important documents we'll need from Carnival prior to our cruise? Or, is that not necessary as nothing really is mailed to cruise goers now? Thanks for your help!
  2. A few additional random observations I failed to put in my review: 1) On the television in our cabin, the local television station affiliates were coming out of Denver. So, I was able to stay up to date on the Denver local news and weather all week! Not a big deal at all, but I guess I would have expected the affiliates to be from the Southern Florida area. 2) I thought the boat would have gone faster, but I imagine that was due to making sure the timing was so that we would meet each port at the correct times. But, given our speed and lack of bad weather, it made for very smooth sailing. 3) According to my table-mates at dinner, a guy at our first port in Cozumel jumped off the pier to try to catch the ship, but was scooped up by either the Mexican police or US Coast Guard (they were docked there for the day). If anybody else was on the Triumph 5/5, then please confirm if true or not. 4) There didn't seem to be anything special going on in Cozumel for Cinco De Mayo. I guess it's more of a US thing, although our taxi driver said there would parades going on, but we never saw them. 5) Finally, the staff on our ship were truly wonderful. Everyone was extremely friendly and nice, and I commend Carnival for having such a upbeat staff especially since they are working 7 days a week.
  3. We were on the Triumph. From what I could tell, we were one of the first (if not the first) excursion groups to board the bus to our destination (being the boat which took us out to the Stingrays). I believe the last tender for the Triumph was around 3:30, and we got back from the excursion around 2:30. So, you really wouldn't have that much time to hit Seven Mile Beach. But, of course, you have a little time to walk around the town and browse the shops, which is what we did. Based on our experience, your ship would have to be in dock longer in order to go to Seven Mile in addition to the Rays & Rum Point excursion.
  4. We did the Stingrays and Rum Point beach excursion through Carnival last week (May 7th). We were the 2nd boat to the Rays, so when we first arrived out there, it was not crowded at all. It was that way for about 20-30 mins before all the other boats started arriving. When we left, there were probably around 10 boats still there. It was nice at first, since all the stingrays were by our boat, but they are smart stingrays, and anytime a new boat would come up, they would all swim over to the new boat. A few would stick around, but less than what we started with. As for Rum Point, we had about an hour and a half there. Would have had closer to two hours had the boat skipper not gone so slow all the way to the beach - it was very frustrating. But, Rum Point is very nice, and probably are favorite part of the whole cruise. The water is great - very clear, and the beach relatively uncrowded.
  5. My DW and I took our first cruise last week aboard the Triumph for a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise. We weren’t sure whether we were going to enjoy cruising or not, but we ended up having a good time. For some background, we are 30 & 28, no kids. I have outlined below some of the various comments we had about the cruise, and sorry if it is a little long: Ship: Although we do not have anything to compare the Triumph to, we thought it seemed like a decent ship. We had read the reviews on this board about her, so we were not exactly getting our hopes up. The ship seemed large enough to accommodate everybody without feeling like we were packed in like sardines. I do agree with other posters that the layout is awkward. The London dining room really causes problems from getting from one end to the other on the non-cabin decks. I am actually pretty surprised that design ever made it to production. Outside of that, though, I don’t have too many negative things to say about the ship – although we did smell the infamous sewer smell in the hallways. We liked that there were plenty of lounge chairs whenever we wanted one. I believe there were 7 hot tubs, which proved to be enough to accommodate everybody. The pools were small, but I knew that going into the cruise. I thought the ship was in good shape overall, and it did not seem to be too old, despite the 9 year age on it. Cabin: We purchased an OV Guarantee, and were lucky enough to get an upgrade to an 8A balcony. We ended up getting our room assignment exactly 60 days out. Plus, our room dropped $30/pp so we got the onboard credit as well. So, net/net, we paid $599/pp for our balcony room. I think if we ever cruise again, it will be hard not to get a balcony, because we enjoyed being able to sit out there so much. We knew the rooms were small going into this cruise, but both of us felt they were bigger than we had imagined, so we were pleasantly surprised with that. Overall, we were very happy with our room, and did not have any issues or complaints. Food: The food on the ship was ok – nothing spectacular, but not bad either. We sat with 3 other couples in the Paris dining room. They all were generally around our age, and looking around the room it looked like Carnival had grouped people by age. Can anybody confirm that they try to do this? Our waiters were both really good, and they had some type of trick for us every night. We only went to one formal night (the 2nd one), and the menu did not seem any different than the normal menu, which seemed surprising. I had the melting cake several times and really enjoyed that. We ate at the breakfast buffet most days, and it was good. I ate at the NY Deli several times, and that was good as well. The pizza, wasn’t so good – better than a CiCi’s pizza, but not as good as other chains like Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. The gala buffet had good desserts on it, and they also served those desserts the next day for breakfast/lunch buffet. Entertainment: We thought the entertainment was decent. We did not attend either of the Las Vegas style musical shows. We did go see a comic, who was good. The hypnotist was a little weak in my opinion. The magic show was really good, and I thought that was the best show of the strip. The last night had the Legends, which some were good, and some not so good. But since these were all passengers, I can’t really fault the not so good ones. We played bingo a few times, but thought that there would be more than one game, so that was a little disappointing. We went to the casino most nights, and I was surprised by how many people play blackjack without knowing the “rules” of when to hit and not hit – definitely different than Vegas. We also stopped by the piano bar a few times. Eric was good, but not great. Ports: First stop was Cozumel. We went to Nachi Cocum. It was nice and we had a good time, but I just don’t view it as “paradise” as some others on the board have. I liked Palm Beach in Aruba much better, but Nachi was still good. The staff was attentive, and the food good. Second stop was Grand Cayman. This was our favorite of the three. We did the Stingray City and Rum Point Beach excursion thru Carnival. The stingrays were a lot of fun, and we were the 2nd boat there, so that was nice to beat the crowds. By the time we left, there were probably 10 boats there. Rum Point was awesome, and we liked this beach area better than Nachi. It is very quiet and not too crowded. We would definitely go back to Grand Cayman to go to that beach. Third stop was Ocho Rios, which we did not do an excursion. We docked at a secondary dock, and not the main one. So, we had to walk about a ½ mile to the shops. Of course we were hit up for taxi’s and trinkets (27 times on the roundtrip), but we never felt unsafe. Overall, we would be fine not going back to Jamaica again. Overall: As I previously mentioned, this was our first cruise, and we really had a good time. We would definitely cruise again based on our experience from last week, although we may try RC just to see if the added amenities are worth it or not. The weather was great all week – sunny everyday and no rain, so that really helped our cruise. We met a lot of great people, and on several nights did stuff in the evening with our table-mates. All in all, we had a great time and would do it again!
  6. Can anybody confirm whether the cabins have irons provided - specifically the Triumph? Thanks!
  7. My dw are taking our first cruise in May! The cruise is out of Miami, but we are flying into FLL. We have booked a reservation from FLL to Miami on the $18/pp GO Shuttle. But, they told me that to come back from the cruise port to FLL, it would be $124 total, and that they don't have the $18/pp fare coming back. How do most people get back in an economical manner? I have read on these boards that there are shuttles waiting at the cruise port to go back to FLL for $20/pp. Has anybody used these? Are they always there? I just don't want to get off the ship and find that there are no shuttles waiting to transport passengers from Port of Miami to FLL. Thanks for your help!
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