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  1. Thanks, sb44, you've finally got mail from me.
  2. Try "Roger Jett photography". He has some menus posted.
  3. Thanks, I'd love that information! I'm just beginning to look at Trip Advisor. Marnie
  4. He's aka the Yum Yum man, as he looks after the treats table you pass outside the dining room.:)
  5. We've booked for September. Now the research really begins. Thank you for your encouragement.
  6. Thanks for the input; it sounds wonderful.
  7. Sounds good! Thanks.
  8. I'm just starting to look at Windstar. What IS the dress code?
  9. We're looking at the Gaelic Explorers itinerary, calling at Invergordon, Kirkwall, Portree, Tobermory, Portrush and the Isle of Man. On the date that interests me the ship would be the Wind Surf. We usually cruise on Holland America, so this would bee quite different for us. I'd love to hear experiences on both the cruise and the ship.
  10. I'd be more concerned about leaving my large bag in an open train luggage rack than I would be checking at the port! We used porters to change trains and even our two little bags were a bit of a pain....those platforms can be long and far apart. Of course YMMV! Have a great trip!
  11. Now about the train....we just took Amtrak home from California after a Hawaii cruise. The sleeping compartments can't handle a big bag. We had a standard carry on and a duffle bag. On one train they just fit under the made up bed and on the other we had to sleep with them on the ends of the beds. You'll need to check the 28 incher on the train, even if you don't have to on the ship. The train trip was great, though!
  12. I've left this late and am beginning to panic. Can anyone tell us which car rental companies (if any) offer shuttles to the port in Nawilliwilli, Kona, and Hilo? I would be so grateful!
  13. Thank you; that gives me a better idea of what to take!
  14. Thank you! I'll plan the packing that way.
  15. We're sailing to Hawaii from San Diego in February. Can anyone give me an idea of the temperatures to expect at the departure port and on the following sea days?
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