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  1. Late January we booked the "inaugural" Scarlet Lady cruise that would have returned to Miami today. We were very excited with high hopes for a great experience. World crisis happens, cruise cancelled. we had the option to rebook for the new inaugural date in August, but I don't want to cruise the Caribbean in August as it's hot here in NJ at that time too. So we cancelled and figure we'll use the offered credit another time. However, though I paid for this cruise in full, I've only received about 2/3 back so far. My TA called and was told by VV that "it's coming soon." Anyone else have this happen?
  2. I'm booked end of May on Sunrise and I hope it sails from NYC as planned. I've accepted that it's a wait and see at this point, and that's ok because there's nothing I can do about it.
  3. HMC much nicer IMO. We haven't been there in years (since Carnival Miracle in 2009) but I always remember it as the nicest beach of any cruise line's private island. Princess Cays is a very rocky beach. I brought water shoes on Regal Princess in Feb and forgot them on the ship. And I wasn't going through tendering again to get them. If we skipped PC on a cruise I wouldn't care.
  4. We don't want to do the Aug 7 cruise even with the incentive offered, so we requested a full refund. I have only received a partial refund on my credit card thus far. Waiting for the remainder (and asked my TA to follow up to see why I wasn't refunded 100%).
  5. Although I understand the reasoning, i'm so sad it's cancelled. I mean postponed. I don't want to cruise in the Caribbean in the summer, so we cancelled and are getting a refund and credit for for another cruise. I noticed that future sailings are nowhere the cost of this April 1st one.
  6. We got the bands and luggage tags today too. Just a few more weeks! Looking forward to checking out this new ship.
  7. Last week on Regal Princess (we debarked March 1) there were Princess employees at all 4 Horizon Court entrances asking you to wash your hands. Still, not everyone did.
  8. Thanks for the pics. I see her on the portmiamiwebcam website. Not crazy about the military-looking gray exterior, but I look forward to checking out the rest of it!
  9. And yet when we were on Sunrise last May, GS gave me a hard time about splitting it. Something about their system doesn't allow it once onboard. Maybe it depends whom you get at GS on the ship.
  10. Final payment is due this week for May Sunrise. I will ask my TA about this--an additional $150 obc would be very nice.
  11. She has arrived at Port of Miami today. http://www.portmiamiwebcam.com
  12. Yes, the balcony is awesome. We had breakfast in Sabatini's once and it was good. If I eat breakfast on a cruise, I prefer to pick a little of this and that from the buffet. We didn't do dinner in the suite; knew it was an option but didn't do it. You should have the happy hour if you're in a suite on Enchanted. I was told it is new for suites for 2020. Princess needs to update their perks list, or they're just trying it out. Yeah, we kind of figured the cabin steward just didn't want to be bothered shining the shoes.
  13. Just remembered a few more things. There was a nice game room/library on deck 7 (I believe) and many books to choose from that guests left behind to use as well. I borrowed one myself and then put it back the last sea day. There were also games in the concierge lounge in a cabinet. Regarding using the Medallion for locating fellow travelers. So we were going to meet up but did not select a time, but we figured we would find our friend using the app. It showed her in Horizon court in various places, but we wandered the whole place and did not find her. I'm figuring the timing may have been slightly delayed in transmission? But it did not work for us the couple times we tried to use it to find her. So don't count on it 100% to find your fellow travel companions. Maybe the technology will get better.
  14. Travelhound, If you are the only Princess ship in port that day, it'll be #2. the one perpendicular to the bridge. We've always gone out of #2 on Princess at Port Everglades, but have always been the only Princess ship there those days.
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