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  1. so I haven't been on Anthem in maybe 1.25 years but I did love the chocolate cupcakes in the WJ! I hope they're still there.
  2. You don't need to reserve in advance; we've done standby the last few cruises.
  3. ok, thanks. They don't put loungers on those aft-facing balconies? Seems there would be space. So the suites that are at the aft corners, are any "better" than others? Don't care so much about the cabin itself--probably all the same--balcony space is what I'm after here. 😃
  4. Hi all. Have not been on a Princess ship since 2011 so those ships (Emerald, Crown and Caribbean) had the BA category on the Caribe deck with the nice large balcony. Looking at Regal Princess for the winter. Besides the aft-facing D4, what other balcony categories have the larger balconies, if any? I want a lounger on the balcony. Thanks in advance. oh, is the pizza on Princess still the best at sea? It was on all our cruises in the 00s!
  5. Have cruised many times on NCL, mostly out of NYC at various times of the year, and can't say I've had a bad cruise yet. I would say my favorites are the NCL Gem and the Breakaway. I like the differences. I'm glad NCL pioneered no set time for dining, and we have done the flexible timing on all cruises since 2009--our first NCL experience. I'd rather be unscheduled on vacation. However, I do not like that I cannot bring my own water or soda on NCL anymore. That's just ridiculous. We have not had a bad cruise yet on any ship or line and we've tried out many of the mainstream lines. They have their differences, but many more similarities. I'm interested to check out MSC next. yes, there are good and bad reviews but I'd rather go to see it for myself and form my own opinion. Happy cruising everyone--on whatever line or ship you're on. I'm on a favorite next--Anthem of the Seas!
  6. Have done this on every Anthem cruise. We don't bother reserving it in advance. We've only gone up on sea days, which we like. Maybe next time we'll try it in a port.
  7. Another vote for Chops. We get better Italian food in NJ than Jamie's. Have never tried Wonderland.
  8. You knew what songs were on the headphones because you could hear people singing. I thought it was cute. Maybe next time I'll try it out myself. There has been a disco party too in Music Hall.
  9. I can't imagine that "expedited" really means that much at Cape Liberty. So I don't have it on my set sail pass because I checked-in on a desktop but then downloaded the app, so I can access all the info, including pass, on my smart phone. Last few check-ins at Cape Liberty were very fast. It was great! I've found the only slow-down is people who have not uploaded a photo, or worse yet, payment method. Got stuck behind that group last time.
  10. Anything that can expedite check-in is good with me. We upload our photos and have not had to take one over. Super fast check-in and onto Security. We have, however, at Cape Liberty, been behind groups who did not upload photos, and another time had not put method of payment in. This did delay our check in by quite a bit, so having everything uploaded does expedite check-in for everyone. Next up we're going to try the app--with the uploaded photos.
  11. We always book with a TA (gotta love OBC) and we do our own check-in and other reservations. The invoice from our TA has our RC booking # and we connect that in our RC account to be able to access the reservation. Very easy.
  12. Nice review; thanks for posting. Haven't tried out Adventure yet. Please tell me how the facial recognition thing worked when you got back to Cape Liberty. Last time we came through there on Anthem we still showed passports. You're funny with the chocolate bar and the nachos! 😉
  13. Wow, glad Norwegian followed Carnival's 4 night Bermuda plan for 2020. NCL used to do cruises to nowhere which were wonderful! 2 night weekend cruises. But the law of having to port in a foreign country was enforced beginning maybe 2014 or 5--NCL's last CTN was in December of one of those years and it was a blast. We did the Carnival Sunrise 4 nighter to Bermuda in May. Fun too but there are only a few of them. And they are not cheap $ by any means.
  14. I would do the 10:15am flight. Last time we came into Miami we were at the airport at 8:15. We did express walk-off with our luggage. At MIA not all airlines have TSA precheck lines. American is the major player there.
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