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  1. I find it very hard to believe any server was inefficient, unfriendly, or otherwise inferior. We've taken four Disney cruises with children. Our last one we took our whole family to celebrate out 50th. We have over 45 cruises under our belts and are about to leave on another Disney Cruise Oct. 12. No servers compare to Disney's. They are delightful with the children, are unfailingly efficient. You must have gotten a bad apple who had not been in the basket very long.
  2. You don't need to get 100 pictures. I choose the 10 digital only photos. I then can take the file and have any size picture made from wallets to large photos at a much more reasonable price than I would pay Disney per photo. The first time I ordered the 10, I was given all pictures by mistake. I figured I really didn't need more than 10. How many professionally taken pics do you need with characters?
  3. Does anyone know what movies are currently on the Fantasy? We leave on the 10th and I am wondering what's up.
  4. GrandmaHofmann

    Owodori hats

    Does anyone know if they sell the hats the female dancers wear in the Owodori dance? If so, where? Thank you
  5. I would really like to know about the 3 summer festivals-- if you took the ship excursions, did it diy, if you had trouble finding seating, etc. Please review!
  6. I booked the Caribbean and Amazon cruise for Feb 2020 and they want full payment by Dec. 2018! Is that normal with them? I have been on around 40 cruises and have never paid in full earlier than 3 months before a cruise. Seems odd to me.
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