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  1. Yes, MDR will be open. We went back to the ship to eat, then back out to the port on late night departures.
  2. The paired wines for the Chef's Table is an extra cost. You can order wine using your beverage package from the regular wine menu. If you want to book specific days and times to eat at the specialty restaurants you need to get on the ship early and head straight to any of the specialty restaurants to book. You can book for all 5 dinners at that time. You can rearrange your dinners as the cruise progresses, but you chance not being able to book the days or times you prefer as the restaurants do book up. We have found it easier to get our preferred days and times on longer cruises.
  3. Sorry, my error. The Solstice cruises up the Endicott Arm.
  4. We've been on 2 Alaska cruises. All 3 of these cruises are a good choice because they all include Hubbard Glacier, which is awesome. Alaska cruises are very tiring because you have lots of daylight hours, so My 1st choice would be Millennium- The M has already been refreshed. Since this itinerary is from Vancouver to Seward (or reverse) the ship travels through the inside passage and since it's an open-jaw you get the additional stop in Skagway. This itinerary has nice long port hrs in Juneau and Icy Straight, so you can do more than 1 excursion if you have the $ and energy to do so. Even enough time to go back on ship for dinner, then off to do something else. If you have the time you can also plan a couple of extra pre/post cruise days on both ends. 2nd choice Eclipse- because it's out/in Vancouver the ship travels through the inside passage, which is calm and beautiful. Also has decent port hrs, but not as long as Millennium. 3rd choice Solstice- starts and ends the trip on the Pacific side of Victoria and it can sometimes be turbulent in that area. Some people prefer flying in and out of Seattle so that is also a factor to consider
  5. We were recently on the Silhouette. We made online reservations for 7:30 each night via our cruise planner. We only had a couple mins wait for a table and were seated in the same section each night. The one night we arrived late we had to wait 15 mins and were seated in a different section.
  6. Hello Marianna, We did the Celebrity Xpedition with MP extension in Aug 2016 and had a fabulous time! Ours was the outer loop. There were several passengers on our cruise who didn't snorkel, and they were offered additional zodiac trips to view the wildlife during times when snorkel excursions were offered. The tour guides did a great job of adjusting excursions to meet the needs of all the passengers. Although I thought I was well prepared I was surprised by having difficulty with the altitude. This mostly presented as a bit of dizziness and a persistent headache that would go away soon after we moved to lower altitudes. I was first hit when we went on a private tour to Cotopaxi. Then again when we visited Ollantaytambo and Cusco during on the Peru extension. Macchu Picchu was not a problem. The Celebrity tour guides were great with helping me out. At one stop during the tour they brought me into a quiet garden and offered me an oxygen treatment. When we stayed in Cusco they arranged for oxygen to be pumped directly into our room. As a side note, I grew up in NHP!
  7. It sometimes takes a couple of days for the TA OBC to show on your account.
  8. We did a Celebrity cruise then tour to Denali awhile back. The entire trip was seemless. The only problem was that I like all the details ahead of time and we didn't have our exact itinerary, hotels, where we were eating, etc until we met with the tour director on the day we disembarked from the ship. However, everything that was supposed to be included was there. I recall that some meals were included and others were not. The accommodations were top notch, except for the hotel at Denali, which was more like a 3 star. The tour guide gives you a list of optional excursions you can sign up for, with an additional fee. We were also able to book a few private tours during the evening hours to supplement the tours that were included in the trip. You'll find lots of info on this on the Alaska board.
  9. Martini flights are not included in the beverage packages. You need to pay extra for this, but the bartender usually puts on a pouring show for you. You can also order each of the drinks included in a flight one drink at a time if you want to save money.
  10. I'm not sure of hot vs cold washes. We only send items we won't cry over if they are damaged, but haven't had any issues with shrinkage. We tend to send shorts, tshirts, pjs, socks, etc.
  11. The complimentary laundry has made it possible for us to travel very light. We now fly with only carry-ons, so no extra baggage fees.
  12. We had a similar situation and the Celebrity agent handling the reservation recommended we book a cabin with 2 men and the other with 2 women, then go to Guest Services after boarding to swap cabin cards. This way all 4 would have access to Captain's Club events. However, only the elite CC members receive laundry, internet, etc.
  13. We booked the 6 in 1 tour with GioTours and had a great time. Just google them to see what was included.
  14. My DM used a scooter on our cruise. Most of the time she was able to park her scooter right next to our table in the OV. If there wasn't room then I'd move the scooter against the interior wall so it wouldn't be in a walking path. Staff were very helpful in identifying locations to park the scooter and would often offer to move the scooter for us. As mentioned by a prior poster, in and out of the elevators was the greatest challenge. If an elevator wasn't too busy we found it easier to back into the elevator so my mom could drive straight out. If the elevator was very busy then she had no choice but to drive in and back out because if she took too long to get on the elevator people jumped in front of her. I was amazed at how rude some people were, but also amazed at how helpful others were.
  15. Lucky you! I called Captain's Club to see if I could use the Elite+ discount on a specialty dining package and was told no because the dining packages already include a discount.
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