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  1. Simply Sail, after final payment rates are for guarantee cabins with no perks.
  2. I think it's silly that they excluded Apex and Beyond.
  3. THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITY Now is the perfect time to plan that tropical escape you’ve been dreaming about. Take advantage of our lowest rate—plus savings of up to 10%* on select Caribbean sailings when you book a veranda stateroom or above. Classic and Select members will save 5%—and Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith members save 10%, excluding taxes and fees.* Now, you can also earn 50 Power Up Points when you book a qualifying sailing by May 16. STEP 1 STEP 2 Book a veranda st
  4. Another issue is the current 7 night rule for ships leaving or arriving at US ports.
  5. The only announced restart was for Galapagos cruises. It was indicated that Celebrity hopes to have an announcement about Edge soon, and it’s anticipated Edge will be the first Celebrity ship to sail out of a US port. Regarding Alaska, the statement was something like still holding out hope for technical stops; last week seemed like 40% chance of this, now maybe a 60% chance. Unfortunately, there were no other new indications of sailings for other ships.
  6. The explanation was a bit confusing. It was suggested that if a child was capable of being vaccinated then they need to be vaccinated. It was also implied that there's a bit of wiggle room on the 95% for the current live sailings since they aren't in US ports. They will try to stay at 95%, but ... If Millennium sails at 50% occupancy or 1109 passengers, that leaves 55 slots for unvaccinated passengers. I don't think I've ever been on a Celebrity cruise that had more than 55 children on board. In fact, I was on a Panama Canal cruises that was sold out with only 5 children on board.
  7. Just announced that Flora is resuming travel on July 4th. Looks like you will be going!
  8. Galapagos is resuming with Flora on July 4, 2021. Xpedition on the 24th.
  9. When we were on the Xpedition in 2016 there were more than a few passengers using canes who managed excursions just fine. As an FYI, the ship had walking sticks that lots of passengers used during hikes. Here are a few questions you might want to consider before moving forward with this particular cruise: One major challenge with the excursions was transportation to the islands was via pangas. Do you think you can independently sit on the side of a panga then pivot your legs over the side? Staff is there to assist, but staff aren't permitted to do anything that requires lifting. I believe the
  10. I recently researched hotels/resorts for a future trip to a conference being held in a popular resort area. When I conducted my routine internet search for reviews I was very surprised at the negative reviews very popular places, including the top 10 on TA, had received due to very poor room maintenance/cleanliness. Posts from the March 2020 to Feb 2021 window seemed understanding, but lots of very negative reports were from recent posters. IMO what people tolerated during the height of the pandemic won't fly moving forward. This will have an effect on cruiselines should they drastically dec
  11. I was thinking about the same thing with Apex so I took a look. Lucky me, I found a great deal with a TA group on the Apex in the Caribbean.
  12. From CNBC: CDC says it’s ‘committed’ to U.S. cruise industry resuming operations by mid-summer PUBLISHED THU, APR 29 20216:21 AM EDT https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/29/cdc-says-its-committed-to-us-cruise-industry-resuming-operations-by-mid-summer.html
  13. If you google, lots of news outlets are reporting this. I can't seem to locate a link to the actual letter yet, but this was apparently issued to cruiselines yesterday afternoon. The reported letter includes a revision to the test cruise requirements, etc.
  14. Thanks MisterBill99, I plan to spend down my points so I can close out this card, but want to be sure I don't end up with more OBC than I plan to spend on a cruise. Taking home the leftover OBC is a way for me to liquidate the points to my benefit. Thanks for your response!
  15. In general customers at the specialty restaurants can order whatever they want from the menu in past years. We've ordered multiple appetizers and have been able to order smaller portions of main pasta dishes as an appetizer. However, I recently noticed that the sample menu for the Fine Cut Steakhouse on the Apex has an * at the bottom of the menu that says there's an extra $20 fee for ordering an extra entree.
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