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  1. I'm not sure when they disappeared. Our cruise leaves tomorrow and I logged in to check on everything around 3 weeks ago. That's when I noticed the first 3 days of reservations were missing. Quite the mystery. This has never happened to us before. 😕
  2. OP something similar recently happened to our family group. I linked 3 cabins to reserve a table for 7 in MDR for each of the 7 nights of our cruise. Somehow the first 3 nights of our reservation disappeared, the last 4 nights are still showing. We’re traveling with 2 diabetics, plus a young child with disabilities so waiting until the 8:30 reservation they offered us is not a possibility. We plan to try to remake reservations when we get onboard or to check in at 5:30 to get a pager and wait until a table is available.
  3. The OBC option is refundable OBC. If you don’t use it on the ship it gets credited back to the credit card after the cruise.
  4. While on a cruise we booked our Galapagos trip via the future cruise desk and picked up a large OBC that we used while on that cruise. We were told to call Celebrity to have our price adjusted to receive the 5% elite discount which was applied no problem. Once we received that updated invoice we transferred the reservation to a big box store and we received a sizable store, specific cash card when we return from the trip. I know this seems like quite a few steps, but it saved us several thousand dollars. Also be alert to the frequent celebrity airfare promotion that can save additional money if you book your airfare through Celebrity.
  5. The laundry bags can supposedly hold 30 items, but that would depend on what type of clothing you send and how you pack the bag. If just tshirts and underwear you can fit in lots. We like to lay our clothes flat, then roll them up before sliding them into the bag. As an FYI everything is washed in an industrial sized washer using hot water, so don’t send anything that requires gentle care. The clothing is folded upon return, and have prominent creases.
  6. We took a helicopter excursion out of Juneau in the past where each passenger was required to step on a scale.
  7. OP, what you describe drives me crazy. I've had success by submitting feedback via the QR sqare you find in the daily cruise planner. I've even received follow up phone messages saying attendants will be actively monitoring the chair hogging situation after I've submitted complaints, then noticed the 30 min signs the next day. I recommend you do the same since this seems to be the only way the pool staff take action.
  8. You are not automatically linked for MDR dinner because you have a common specialty dining reservation. We are traveling as a party of 7 booked into 3 cabins on the eclipse this June. We all have select dining. The other day I linked our dining reservations and were able to book us as a group of 7 on some nights and 4 on others. You can book your MDR reservations now. You don’t need to wait. Go into your cruise planner, click specialty restaurants, and scroll toward the bottom of the page. You’ll see a link to reserve times for select dining. There will be a tab to link dining. You'll need the reservation numbers for your friend's reservation to do the link up. Plug in their numbers and you’ll be linked. Then you can choose which dates you plan to eat in MDR and who you want to be seated with.
  9. You should keep checking in with them. Beg to go on the waitlist. The other couple in our vehicle said they were about to book about 1 month before our cruise after being told they were sold out. It's likely someone cancelled and they just happened to be next in line. It was quite an experience. I was wearing an apple watch and I clocked in 16,000 steps while riding in the vehicle on the way to Volunteer Point.
  10. We went with El Pedral Lodge on Peninsula Valdes and were very satisfied. We were told the colony there started around 15yrs ago when a handful of penguins nested on that beach. When we visited in Feb 2023 there were tens of thousands. We've also been to Punta Tombo. In comparison, more than 1 million penguin nest at Punta Tombo. Both of our trips were in the beginning of February and we didn't find one to be better than the other, just different from each other. We've also been to Magdalena Island out of Punta Arenas, which is another very large penguin colony, but requires a boat ride to access.
  11. On our first trip we stayed at the BA Hilton in the Puerto Madero section. It was nice, in a decent location for restaurants, but very expensive with a loud central court area.We needed to take taxis to any of the sites we wanted to see that were outside of Puerto Madero. For our 2nd trip we stayed at the Palladio Hotel MGallery that is located close to downtown and on the outskirts of the Recoleta neighborhood. We found a great rate at this hotel via SuperTravel. It was very nice, quiet, with a decent restaurant. Centrally located, so we were able to walk to most of the sites we wanted to see. However, if I were to visit BA again we'd likely book a boutique hotel in the Recolleta neighborhood.
  12. I would not stay close to the terminal. That's not a safe area. Taxis or uber from a hotel in better areas are very inexpensive.
  13. I know this is not the same, but we've let the dining room staff know when we are celebrating a birthday and they sent a small cake to our table after dinner at no charge. They gave us a plate with cover so we could bring the cake back to our room. As for decorations, we haven't done this but a fellow passenger told us they gave room decorations to their cabin attendant along with a nice tip. When they returned to the cabin it was decorated.
  14. Thanks for the review! I find it helpful to read others' perspectives.
  15. We took the Iceland to Boston cruise and spent 6 nights precruise touring the south shore and Golden Circle. It was a wow trip for us. Your cruise itinerary skips over the south shore where there is so much to see. Have you considered renting a car to DIY or taking day trips via a tour company during precruise? IMO the more precruise days you can manage the better. There's lots to see and do outside of Reykjavik. We spent our first day touring the Reykjane peninsula, where there has been recent volcanic activity. We were able to see lots of geothermal activity in this area, even when the volcano was quiet. Then we headed toward Vik for a few nights and visited Inside the Volcano, The Lava Center, Seljanlanfoss Waterfall, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Diamond Beach, and Skogafoss Waterfall. As we headed back to Reykjavik we visited all the Golden Circle sites. Instead of visiting Blue Lagoon, we spent a wonderful evening at the Secret Lagoon and also visited the Mynath Baths when the ship stopped in Akureyri.
  16. In answer to my question, we called Hollywood glass and asked this question. They indicated they don't have a minimum or maximum age limit in their land-based studio and don't have a formal policy for the ship-side program. However, ships may institute their own rules so we'll need to get our answer when we are onboard.
  17. You won't know for sure until you are there, but my guess would be that there isn't enough room for two people in the work space. Making a piece requires lots of movement and safety is a major concern. I suppose it's possible for the instructors to identify a point in time where one of you leaves the area and the other joins, but the pause in production might have an impact on the integrity of the product. Making my fish while on the Equinox last Feb was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to making another one when we cruise on the Eclipse this June.
  18. If you use one of these cruise rewards certificates on a future cruise does this need to be booked onboard? Do you have to book the future cruise via Blue Chip or can you gain the $off booking through any TA like you can when you book onboard and transfer to a TA for additional OBC?
  19. We really enjoy eating in Murano with our most recent visit this pas Feb. It’s way better than Blu. We both had the lobster Murano and chateaubrianne with no extra charge. Also had delicious GranMarnier soufflés for desert
  20. We had a package on the Equinox in Feb. We were lucky enough to be in the 11:30 boarding group, dropped our bags in our cabin, then headed straight to Murano to book our reservations. I came prepared with a list of which restaurants we wanted for each date and told the attendant we wanted reserved times for 6:30, 7:00, or 7:30 each night. He set everything up for us and we were happy with the outcome. This was the first time we didn’t need to haggle over dining times since eating very late doesn’t work for us.
  21. Congratulations! Maybe there is a family who needed an inside across from a veranda? At any rate, lucky you! Have a great cruise.
  22. Another possibly stupid question. When you purchase cruiseline insurance, can you insure just 1 person in the cabin or do you need to purchase for both occupants?
  23. Does anyone know if there is a minimum age limit to the glass blowing class?
  24. Maybe I used the wrong term. This is the cruise line insurance and it covers trip reimbursement as well as medical and evacuation. I understand the limits of ship sponsored insurance is a bit low, but we do have reimbursement through our regular insurance. Because the price of the cruise is so low the insurance rate is also low. I’m wondering if we will still be covered if there is an emergency because the price is so low.
  25. We have a comped cruise with a cost of $60pp due to a room upgrade. We just need the emergency medical and evac backup, so we purchased through the cruiseline for $78. Does this seem legit?
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