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  1. You are probably right, but some plan needs to be put in place as it was a mess! I’m sure somebody can figure out a better, safer plan.
  2. Oceania definitely needs to step up to the plate and organize the face-to-face immigration. I was there and there were no Oceania staff creating organized lines. People were coming down the stairs, getting off elevators, and having no idea where to find the end of the line. There were many people with mobility issues waiting in these long lines dragging their carry-on luggage. Is it possible for guests to remain in their cabins and the agent move down the hallways deck by deck for the face-to-face immigration? I don’t know, but other cruise lines have to do this so it’s time for Oceania to ask for some suggestions. My husband and I hated to miss the ports but we absolutely believe the captain made the right decision to skip the ports. The cruise was just scheduled a month too soon and my husband and I booked it so that’s what happens.
  3. So glad you are having a wonderful time. Your descriptions are written beautifully. My husband and I were on the San Francisco to Vancouver cruise and we, too, had a delightful time. Thanks for taking the time to highlight the trip.
  4. I have not received confirmation that it has been posted but that is where it will be. I agree with you about Sitka and Hoonah.
  5. Wonderful food, excellent service, delightful cruise! Yes, it is an older ship, but my husband and I had a lovely anniversary celebration on Regatta. See review if interested in more details.
  6. Thanks to all of you for your posts with updates! Looks like you are getting ready to go under Golden Gate Bridge--- how exciting! Hope we can do the same thing later today!
  7. Please continue to post updates. Oceania rep called us and left a message telling us not to come to the port until 6:00 pm. I was hoping it would just be canceled rather than deal with multiple problems for the next 11 days! Thanks for your postings!
  8. Thank you so much for info! My husband and I are on the May 22 cruise leaving San Francisco and your info is greatly appreciated as we are not interested in waiting for hours at the port. Thank you.
  9. My husband and I are booked on Regatta on the May 22 cruise from San Francisco to Vancouver. We are celebrating a big anniversary so, hopefully, all goes well. Any update would be greatly appreciated.
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