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  1. And we are!! Thanks for that advice! So, guess it is good to have both with us.
  2. Good to know. Thanks! Guess I shouldn't have printed both out. Always learning something new here!!
  3. Are both set sail passes collected when you check in for first cruise, or do you hold the second pass to turn in later?
  4. https://www.galvestonrestaurantweek.com/restaurants/ Here is a link to the upcoming restaurant week (actually 2 weeks!) activity in Galveston. Most have menus posted for the specials dining, others say coming soon for their menus.
  5. Saltgrass is very good. It is a chain restaurant, but it is one of our favorites.....not outrageously priced, but still very good food. Without alcohol, should easily be able to dine for 2 under $100.
  6. I agree with those about arriving early rather than later. We always park the car around 10am, shuttle over to the terminal, and are usually on the ship by about 1045 to 11am. We would prefer to be sitting in the terminal rather than sitting in traffic!
  7. And room service deliveries coming thru there as well.
  8. One of our favorites, although been a few years since we've eaten there.
  9. Ours almost always show up about a week before sailing. As Bob suggested, we have requested to have OBC available sooner, but was advised they cannot or will not do that.
  10. Many times the cold soups are available in the WJ the same night offered in MDR. Love having the strawberry bisque!!
  11. Correct. Keep in mind, even if you redeem reward, but it can't be used, it will added back into your account.
  12. I have been told in the past that the cruise you are applying the credit to, must be in the next 365 days. Nothing allowed more than a year out. Unless things have changed.
  13. I think the earliest we have seen them start is around 730 to 745 am, but of course, that can vary by what time the ship gets in and when it is cleared.
  14. Ride one of the outer (ocean facing) elevators to the top floor and see what's up there. Each Radiance class ship has something different!
  15. We were hoping for some specialty dining sales, but nothing so far. Not an option that we have to have, so if not a deal available, we won't book it. Did find a small savings on a shore excursion though.
  16. Just read in another post, the NextCruise desk is saying the dates for Allure of the Seas to start sailing from Galveston are loaded into the system, but not open for booking yet. Supposed to arrive in Galveston in November 2021. Hope the new terminal will be ready by then.
  17. So far, not available at the Port of Galveston.
  18. End of August, Alaska would be a great option! So beautiful up there!
  19. Hoping there are going to be some dining sales during Black Friday!! Prices have gotten too high!
  20. That is our plan each time as well! Great views and we also have the dolphins escorting the ship out in Galveston.
  21. I hope everyone on the 12/20 realizes they are now coming to Texas!!
  22. Great pictures!! Thanks for taking the time to share. We won't be on Ovation for another year and a half, but certainly looking forward to it. You should certainly try Radiance, or whatever ship is on the itinerary, between HNL and YVR. Did Radiance this past May and it was a great cruise! Certainly a different experience from Ovation size.
  23. Thanks for the heads up!! We saved almost $400 for 2 Liberty cruises next February!
  24. We have never seen the boarding times enforced in Galveston. We usually arrive around 1030 or so, to be on the ship by 11.
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