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  1. Well according to the list I downloaded on 6 April I believe I have another port - unless of course I've missed a weekend page or two somewhere recently. No doubt about it being a Cunard ship making an early morning entry but there is actually another clue for the eagle eyed...
  2. Correct Sir, and Queen Elizabeth in 2016. Kelung - the Gateway to Taipei... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2017/05/05/one-way-to-do-taipei/
  3. My money is on San Diego. We spent a fabulous week in San Diego visiting my sister and have not sailed there on a cruise. I confirmed the 'Star of India' with the help of google street maps...
  4. Safaga, stop off for excursions to Luxor... I recall I had an initial problem spotting my private excursion driver 😁...
  5. Aw shucks, I really thought I had that - especially when googling images of 'Cosco in Yokohama'. I guess the Asian Cosco stores all near enough share the same 'architect'. 😁
  6. Okay, this next one was also taken from the ship... ...unlike this one being in the dark?...
  7. Aw shucks. I had a Magnifica package booked with a UK Travel Agent for 23 October. It was basically a repositioning cruise with some good stops, two of which we hadn't explored (El Ferrol & Tangier). Disembarkation was to be at Genoa with a 5 night add on to Lake Garda (3 nights) and Venice (2 nights0 then flight home. Took the agent's call Saturday with a number of offers but none any good as we already have other cruises booked that would be impacted upon if we chose alternatives. Now the fun bit. When I explained the alternatives weren't any good agent says MSC
  8. Talking of having a stab, I don't believe this port has made it onto the list yet...
  9. I'm going to take a stab at Yokohama. I guess Costco wasn't there on my first visit (HMS Victorious) in 1964 but on later visits with P&O Oriana and Aurora could well have been a possibility.
  10. Nice one Sfred, roughly the same view in my Mumbai collection (2003)...
  11. Good call. ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** That last photograph is outside the Tomb of Nabi Umran which is 41 ft long. The grand father of Nabi Umran isa said to be the father or Mariam (Mary) and father of Eisa (Jesus)
  12. We also called at Durban in 2002 while on a QE2 'Line Voyage'. I wasn't such a keen photographer in those days.
  13. Your wish is my command Sir, here is the link...
  14. Inspired by another thread in the Cunard section entitled 'Where in the World? I was prompted to rush out a review of one of the ports that received a mention. Indeed, it was two years ago today that my wife and I were on a Queen Victoria cruise that made a call at Port Elizabeth in South Africa. So to celebrate the anniversary of that visit I have written a review of what we saw and achieved on our day at Port Elizabeth. My pre-cruise research brought to my attention the existence of 'The Donkin Trail' and it became a challenge for us to make the most
  15. https://www.facebook.com/cunard/posts/10159515096708223
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