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  1. Hi Ellie. Pleased to know you have a partial result so far. May I ask to whom the 'claim' was made against please. That is, when you used a Travel Agent, did they take your money or did they auto transfer it to Cunard? In other words, what was the company name on your credit and debit card statements. Thank you in anticipation. Richard.
  2. Good morning again. Yes I am a fan of Cunard but I am also a fan of a number of other cruise lines too, P&O, Hapag-Lloyd, Regent Seven Seas to name a few. Indeed, in the last 15 months Cunard have only accounted for a fifth of my cruising. Perhaps I didn't make my response clear enough when I mentioned 'details'. Making a case is all down to the art of communication so why not put 'your case' in perspective. If it were me I would lay down the most relevant details like, when it was booked, was it with a Travel Agent, the cruise dates, when was it cancelled, etc etc. Please don't take this personally, there are too many who just make wild statements usually in the knowledge that the company will not or cannot respond in kind. As I mentioned earlier in this thread (# 292) , I'm due a refund from an Australian based company who tell me..."please be aware that refunds are taking between 12-16 weeks to be processed'" and I've not taken to the internet giving them any grief. Have a nice day. Stoic Richard
  3. Good morning Oz. I read many of your comments however I do find it difficult to formulate an opinion as there never appears to be too much detail i support of some statements..."Cunard Australia are useless..."
  4. Good morning Colin. Excellent retort and one I can fully concur with particularly line 3. Travel Agents give considerable prominence to their 'ABTA' membership but the bottom line is what the letters stand for...Association of British Travel Agents...that is, it is their organisation.
  5. Good afternoon again Major. I'm not even sure that 'irrefutable' damage has been done to the Cunard brand. Okay there are a dozen or two disgruntled Cunard cruisers on these boards, a slightly larger number over on the P&O board and similar numbers on other cruise boards with considerable blood letting on MSC. And consideration of those numbers, set against let's say, Cunard's World Club membership, tells me that future loyalty will not be an issue. So maybe opting for an alternative line may not be over wise especially when one has enjoyed so much when cruising with Cunard: unless of course there's an urge for toys to leave the pram as an act of pure spite. I'll let you into a little secret. I had an Emerald cruise cancelled that should have sailed on 25th of April. Scenic, the parent company, informed me through the Travel Agent I booked with, that... 'Due to the volume of requests Emerald are receiving please be aware that refunds are taking between 12-16 weeks to be processed'. So I've accepted that and this is the first time I have mentioned it because basically I see little point in getting worked up about it. After all...
  6. Hi there Major. I had previously noted your comment where you stated that your 'refund', as yet not received, was for a cruise on 6th May. Assuming, on the figures I posted earlier, and that refunds were being actioned in chronological order, I wouldn't be thinking mine would be due for some weeks hence.
  7. Good afternoon Jland. Having had a browse through this and other sites and taken in many of the comments I have maybe two observations to make on your suggestion. 1. Updates, by their very nature would probably distract yet another member of an already depleted staff from their principle roll in the office 2. Other than Simon pale thorpe appearing on an individuals doorstep with a fist full of dollars/pounds, I'm of the opinion few on here would be satisfied. Irrespective of the above, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  8. I'm totally in agreement with what you say Lady L1. We tend to forget that normal staffing levels were never designed for this kind of situation and when one then considers the possibility of staff not being able to work normally, for whatever reason, then the organisation does come under severe stress. Add to that the fact that with a total passenger capacity of 6,833 - okay divide by 2 to give average no of bookings - and spread that over in excess of 20 cruises during April and May and the scale of the problem takes on a new dimension. And as I have said before, no one has lost their money, it was budgeted for and presumably paid willingly.
  9. Good morning one and all. I was up again early this morning for something a little different... ...the arrival of Carnival Breeze on her repatriation mission returning crew members of UK and European nationalities. She looked a pretty impressive site in the early morning (05.50) rising sun... ...and passing Norris Castle, on the Isle of Wight... ...which just happens to be the view from my waterfront apartment.
  10. Good morning Harry. I've given you an up-tick purely on the basis I found your comment so amusing. And the basis of my mirth? Well it has to be a quote from 'Which' - the Liberal consumer's answer to The Sun.
  11. A good measured post. And of course there are larger communities on facebook where, generally, they are 'real' people as opposed to screen names. I Admin a number of fb groups and, in particular, three feature Cunard. You'd really have to spend time searching for any 'moans' over this subject.
  12. Nice measured response Scriv. I have one P&O cruise booked which is currently outside the current cancellation period and am comfortable waiting and watching developments.
  13. Good afternoon Selbourne. As I stated earlier, we will have to agree to disagree though may I make it clear I do admire your ability to elucidate a fair case free from emotion and wild speculation. If only........ Richard PS. I can imagine you and I having a decent, robust and enjoyable couple of evening discussions on a P&O cruise dinner table.
  14. Take an 'uptick' Sir. If these folk think they're hard done by they should take a look at the HQ Services that MSC passengers are moaning about.
  15. Well yes, and now I've seen your avatar I can understand your defence of the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. You could produce show this 'evidence' you boldly mention, I'd be more than interested to view it.
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