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  1. Couldn't agree more. There is plenty of ambience in the main restaurants without having to sit at a table for two. Come to thing of it, there aren't many tables fo two in the buffet of an evening ...
  2. Fully agree with you Harry. I was recently on Arcadia and took a photograph as a future example... Of course the alternative tables for 2 were, in my opinion, even worse... ...positioned along a wall - or what I referred to as the 'railway carriage' where just about every other passenger on that dining level walked past you during the course of your meal.
  3. That's dreadful. I was similarly disappointed onboard Queen Victoria earlier this year. Cunard certainly ain't what it used to be.
  4. So I have read. But not all MSC cruisers are 'Budget' cruisers and they certainly aren't Cunarders. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Well aren't I a lucky boy straight in at the top level. Who knows, if the Yacht Club proves as good as reported elsewhere, there could be many cruises to follow.
  6. Hope I have caught you in time LadyL1. We were in Cape Town earlier this year with Queen Victoria. I wrote a review on my Blog site which may be of use to you. Here is the link... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2019/09/07/one-way-to-do-cape-town/
  7. Tortola - Get a taxi to Brewers Bay... ...and arrange payment on the return journey. The view on return will be worth at least half the taxi fare... Barbados: We walk to The lobster Alive Restaurant, which offers customers not only fine food, but also the use of some pretty classy sunbed shades… It's right next door to the more famous 'Boatyard' but definitely a Cunarder's style of beach environment. St Lucia: Depends really if you've been before. A good option is to book one of the ship's excursions on a Catamaran. You'll get to swim and to see Marigot Bay in a bit of style and under a haze of Rum Punch... St Kitts: Well I went for the cultural thing and a good photo opportunity at Brimstone Hill Fortress ... ...and finally Dominica... Can't remember too much... ...cos I took Bell Boy on a bit of a bar crawl... Bon Voyage Cabinet.
  8. Having cruised with Cunard since 1990, and been at Diamond level with the World Club for in excess of 10 years, one has always taken the benefits of the level at face value. When perchance I spotted an itinerary that had a number of particularly attractive new ports of call, that Cunard were unlikely to feature in the near future, I made the decision to jump ship so as to speak. I had been aware that MSC were offering a loyalty 'Status Match Programme' and with nothing to lose bar maybe 15 minutes online time I made an application for my wife and myself. Simply complete the online form and attach a photo of one's World Club Diamond Status. Success was confirmed in less than 48 hours and we are now both registered at the pinnacle of MSC's loyalty pack... We are now booked for a 2020 cruise and I'm very much looking forward to comparing my recent 'Grills' experience onboard Queen Victoria with the 'Yacht Club' suite onboard MSC's Preziosa.
  9. We ex-Naval chaps certainly have a way with words. Take an uptick for making me smile and being a man after my own heart. 😁
  10. Hmnnn. You are of course correct on the Photoshopping. I've yet to see a brochure / newspaper photograph of Queen Mary 2 and the Statue of Liberty that hasn't been photoshopped or Affintised.
  11. You'd be surprised. (See my comment # 33)
  12. Well er, yes... ...particularly when 'everyone' makes the effort.
  13. I would beg to differ Mike. I have seen numerous men wearing tails and very good they looked: albeit they were Grills passengers who added considerably to the ambiance.
  14. Hi Navy Banker. As you can probably see from my above post, I'm sure that guy isn't kidding.
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