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  1. Already saved. We can discuss terms when you get back. Noemi says hi . K
  2. Two questions : What are you smoking ? Can I get some ? Z wouldn"t even know how to put those clothes on.🤣 Let"s just say, I have photographic proof to the contrary. But hey, we are all enjoying his report, so I'll leave him be. For now. K
  3. 😀 Glad to see you are having a great time, mi amigo. For everyone following this blog, the first time we visited Z at his homestead, he handed out protective head gear just in case TB bumped into you while on her broom ( and if she reads this I may never be invited back 😝 ). Great news Uncle Z : Eldorado rums have now released a 25 yr. old beauty. And yes , I will bring some next visit. Your barstool buddy, K
  4. Z has never missed the 1400 hrs wine and alcohol tasting, whether he is on the ship or not. 🍤🍤 By the way Bubba, regarding your lobster photo, where I come from we call em shrimp. 🍤🍤 Enjoy your day. Newcastle Brown is a fine beverage, try some. Have you heard Guinness"s new motto ? " GUINNESS - MORE THAN JUST A BREAKFAST BEER. " K
  5. Live & learn : Roberto was not circumcised at all.......rather, he had two teeth pulled.😝😝 K
  6. Indeed, the senior lady in question said to her husband " look, it"s a gerbil. " K
  7. She looks just like you, with that beer stein attached to her lip. I can vouch for the "no" pajamas. Our esteemed friend Le Grande Z, had an accidental mishap one night when he crawled out of bed to answer nature"s call in his BirthDay suit, and bumped the automatic door opener revealing Mr.Dinky in all his glory to anyone passing in the hallway ( aboard Brilliance OTS ). What kind of cabin has an auto opener you ask ? Why a handicapped cabin of course....just a co-incidence : I think not. By the way, Z hides his rum in his sock & underwear drawer😝🍸 K
  8. Funny, I've seen your eyes look just like that many, many times, you big rum pig. K
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