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  1. Getting off the boat or going back on?
  2. Hydro flask filled with spiked lemonade, here we go!
  3. Really? I just assumed they would only let water off. Great news
  4. I read there is a separate package for $25 but I think it may only be for HAL ships
  5. We're you on HAL or Carnival?
  6. These pictures are really helpful thanks. Any idea about a drink package being offered on the island? I know the normal cheers package doesn't work there.
  7. I've search the boards and see conflicting answers. Mostly because it seems Carnival and HAL do it different. How do you rent a clamshell? Is it on board at excursions desk or when you get onthe beach at HMC? Also how much are they? Is there a drink package just for HMC? My research shows it may only be available if you are on HAL?
  8. I've searched the boards and see conflicting answers. How do you rent a clamshell? Is it on board at excursions desk or when you get on the beach at HMC? Also how much are they?
  9. Is there a bar close to the Cabanas?
  10. Looking for feedback about private tour operators Joe Banana or Yourtourinitaly dot com Trying to decide between the two for a group of 8 in Naples. Likely doing Pompeii, Positano and Sorento but not 100% sure. Welcome all feedback.
  11. We are sailing on Ovation of the Seas May 19. It is a 3 night Cruise. Will there be a formal night?
  12. We were married on a Carnival ship. It was perfect for us. We had some guests that sailed with us and some that were only there for the wedding. We didn't have a lot of choices so it isn't good for someone who wants to control everything. I enjoyed not having to decide a lot of things. We brought our own flowers (silk) and music. The cake and food were delicious. Drinks were plentiful. It was perfection. I think the link to our photos are in my signature. That would be the one downside. We had to leave our guests to go do photos. However they turned out amazing.
  13. It's only a 3 night. We figure we will split the list in half and then prioritize.
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