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  1. I have no interest in cruising as long as restrictions are in place . There is field testing on humans going on , so maybe in a couple of years this virus will be under control . Until then , i will stay home . About the only thing i miss is going to restaurants during the shutdown , but things are starting to ease up .
  2. I got caught with the roaming charge , luckily I got a warning at 250.00 on the second day , so I just shut off my phone. It was only work emails , so I didn't really care . I didnt realize there was a charge for incoming emails. I texted my adult kids once and that's all. Next time I turned it on was when we landed at the home airport.
  3. I'm not cruising until all restrictions are gone . I can wait years if I have to. I like to cruise but not that much.
  4. Let me be part of the solution. There is no way i would take a 3 hour flight to florida to get on a cruse ship with all the restrictions that are going to be placed on a passenger . I will wait until this virus blows over and then may consider a cruise , but for the next couple of years , no chance . This will leave a little more space for the avid cruiser that wants to get on a ship asap. Enjoy your cruise . Cheers !
  5. Good antibodies i would say , you have developed an immunity to other cruisers .🙂 You have probably witnessed some activities that make you cringe on a cruise ship .
  6. buy another german car ? maybe one with a softer suspension . The one i have now is more race car than luxury . New ones have air suspension , should do the trick .
  7. I never touched any food in the buffet with my hands , i always used a knife and fork . That went for a muffin too . Never ate bread in the dining room either . Only food i ate came off my fork. Used a napkin when i ate a hotdog so my fingers never touched the bun . These were my rules to avoid noro , and they would apply to covid also . But by the time i cruise ( if ever ) again in a couple of years all this virus stuff should be sorted out . i wont consider a cruise any time soon . Dont need the extra hassle . cheers !
  8. wow , sounds like a good to place to visit . I know what i am doing , lol .
  9. Looks good . If i ever get on a cruise ship again ( has to be an oasis class ) and the dock can handle them I may see it for myself one day .
  10. Ah. why take a chance , just don't cruise until all this virus stuff is put to bed . I wont even consider cruising for a couple of years , not worth the hassle for me .
  11. I always brought a jacket to wear with dress pants , but on my last two cruises on the Allure id say half of the gents were not wearing a jacket . If ever cruise again I wont bring the jacket . It looks like you can wear whatever you want . They did not turn anyone away at the entrance .
  12. One more reason for me not to cruise for a while . Why bother with all the perceived restrictions . I will wait years for this to get sorted out . No rush for me .
  13. I wont be among the first in line either , I don't get flu shots , so I wont be getting this one . I don't even like buying first year model cars , you know , so they can work out the bugs . I always wait for second year production , as they seem to be more refined . I can wait to cruise , no rush for me . I`ll see how this new vaccine pans out on the sidelines for now. You guys go ahead . Cheers .
  14. If you book directly with the cruise line you can call as many times as you like ( in Canada anyway ). I got several price reductions on my last cruise on Allure . Don't know if you can book direct in the UK , but two cruises ago I used a travel agent linked to my credit card and they ignored my phone calls and emails for a price reduction , so back to booking direct with Royal . They will take your call and reduce the price accordingly . I wont use a travel agent anymore .
  15. No way would I cruise again with restrictions . I may never cruise again , I don't really care . I can wait a few years to see how this virus thing ends up .
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