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  1. Wow those prices are unreal!!! I have been looking at another cruise line that does Kingston, Ontario to Quebec City or Ottawa and those prices are high also. No wonder we go to Europe and don't travel in our own country.
  2. Thank you....will be on the Sky in Feb. and a bigger ship than we normally sail on but because of being new, we decided to try it out. Your video was great and it looks wonderful. Thanks again for posting.
  3. Does the HoHo bus go to the Port area where the cruise ships dock? Thanks for your help.
  4. Just on the Zaandam last month. You still have to use a card for the safes....just hate that....any card though with a magnetic strip will work. But then you have to always use that card so where do you put it so that if you are not with your partner and they need to get into the safe, they will have access to it. A real pain in that respect. Hangers can be removed, thank goodness....lots of storage so that is good. We were in Vista Suite 6108 and there was even 6 drawers under the vanity for storage and 2 drawers in the night tables. We were on a 7-day and here was the entertainment: Listen to the Music-ships staff entertained, Scott Harris-voted best Canadian Comedian (very funny!), Dance-Zaandam's Singers & Dancers, Planet Earth in Concert-absolutely wonderful!, Jesse Kazemek-a tribute to the beatles, Rock Legends-Zaandam Singers and Dancers, Scott Harris and Jesse Kazemek-shared a show There was also Daniel at the Piano bar every night and Adagio in the Explorers Lounge which was classical music and the Ocean Quartet in the Ocean bar. We liked the buffet, good variety. We liked the Zaandam even though it is older but it is still a nice ship and the staff were wonderful!
  5. Hi Jeannie....just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your posts. So sorry to hear about your foot and not being able to get off in Papeete this time. I know you were looking forward to it. Next time around eh. Take care of yourself and keep on posting please! Corinne
  6. I believe it would be harder to change back to Traditional dining as a lot of people want Traditional so your table would be given to someone else if you gave it up. What you can do on Princess is ask for "anytime dining" but go down the first day and speak to the Maitre'd and ask to book a table for 2 at 6:30 p.m. every evening of the cruise. If they have one available, they might give it to you. I think this is defeating the purpose of "anytime dining" but we have done that before and had the same time and table for the whole cruise. We don't like the set dining times Princess has for Traditional dining.
  7. That is what I answered but she said it was blueberries....and the CD is always right lol. Oh well there was no prize lol.
  8. Just got back from a week long cruise on HAL and played Trivia every night. No prizes and no cheaters that we could see. We had a great time playing. They even had a Canadian Trivia which made my husband and I feel very loved and wanted lol. We still did not answer all of them correctly!!! Who knew that blueberries are our biggest food export!!! All the teams were a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs.
  9. We were on this cruise and thought HAL did a great job considering the few hours they had to get everything ready. We were told it was a propulsion problem. There were school buses and coach buses....lucky us on a school bus but the seats were way more comfortable than when I went to school lol. No air but everyone opened the windows. We made a stop and could buy some food or water but we had to pay for this ourselves. We boarded the Zaandam around 4:30 p.m. in QC. We got an onboard credit of $75 U.S. and the port taxes back. Was that enough.....I was okay with it although disappointed not to sail out of Montreal. We heard some upsetting stories especially with people flying in to Montreal that morning and not arriving in QC until the evening. I can't complain as we were taken care of as best as HAL could considering all the people they had to look after. We had a wonderful cruise after that!
  10. We are on the same cruise on Saturday. Don't go expecting to be disappointed....expect to enjoy the cruise and you will. People have different expectations and not all are the same as others, which is a good thing. It is an older ship but as long as it is clean then that is fine with me. One can expect a few chips and dings here and there....don't we have that in our own homes! See you Saturday at the aft bar after muster!
  11. We sail on Saturday and we love to play Trivia.... I hope we get some of these questions and I can remember the answers by then lol.
  12. Thanks for the reviews everyone! We are sailing Saturday from Montreal to Boston and looking forward to our 7-day get away before winter sets in. Looking forward to the Ports as we haven't been to most of our Canadian ports on this cruise. Thanks again for your info that you provided.
  13. I am fine going through all the pages of checking in. It could also be a security thing where they are not allowed to keep certain information such as your credit card #. Any time I book a cruise with HAL it is always like I am booking my first cruise with them and have to enter every bit of data all over again. I do find the web site frustrating sometimes when trying to do a mock booking to find out differences in prices between cabin categories but that is about it.
  14. Oh that is too bad you had to end your first cruise with HAL on a sour note. I would try and contact Customer Services and explain and try and get them to credit you the amount. We have done 2 cruises on Celebrity and both times had trouble with shore excursions we had booked through them. When we went to the Shore Excursions desk and explained the problem, both times and on different ships, basically said "too bad so sad" to us. One guy just about called me a liar until I went back to the cabin and brought the internet write-up that I had run off when I had booked the excursion. I am a paper freak and keep everything pertaining to the cruise and bring it with me just in case. We did get a credit for 1/2 the excursion cost. I would try again. Good luck and don't give up on Hal....we didn't with Celebrity.
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