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  1. We are looking at doing the Everglades Air Boat tour offered by Princess. We can do it on turn around day for "In Transit" passengers. It is also offered as a tour with drop-off at the airport. The tour is 9:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. and is for anyone with flights after 1:00 p.m. Our flight is at 2:50 p.m. and we are CDN. I assume the airport isn't very far from where the tour starts. Assuming we get to the airport by 12:00 p.m. will that give us enough time to check-in and go through customs, etc. for our flight. Has anyone done this tour and can tell me the timing. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Phil....I told my sister about WAZE and her Tech guy told her that he uses it all the time to take him all over for calls and told her it is an amazing app so again I think you for that info. I will have our driver download it a couple of days before we go. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Phil.....thanks so much for your quick reply. I know right now we are supposed to be at T1 so hopefully that won't change as it looks like it is the first berth and easier to get to than the berths farther down. I have never heard of WAZE but it sounds terrific. I am from Montreal but haven't lived there for 30+ years so I have forgotten all the downtown street names and how to navigate. My sister still lives there but she to says it is horrendous getting around with all the construction and detours. I am going to tell her about WAZE as she is in Real Estate and I am sure would love having a navigational tool like that. I will get our driver to use it and hopefully by the time September rolls around it will be a little less hectic. We are going on a Saturday so that beats a bit of traffic. Again thanks so much Phil for that information. I appreciate it a lot!!! Corinne
  4. Can someone give me directions from the airport, (which our driver knows how to get to) to the Port, specifically T1 which the Zaandam will be docked at in September. We are coming from Ontario and driving down the morning of our cruise. I understand there are lots of detours due to construction going on and maybe some will be done by the time our cruise rolls around, but in case they aren't finished with all the construction, an easy way on a Saturday to get to the Port. Thanks so much.
  5. Yes he was able to do that. We were sailing on the actual date of our anniversary so he chose that date and the time was later so that we could go from the ceremony to the steak house for our dinner. It was very nice and a pleasant surprise!
  6. My husband surprised me for our 30th with a vow renewal. Our good friends were there along with some of the crew which I thought was so nice. The Captain officiated and the vows were beautiful and appropriate for a renewal. We had flowers and a photographer and a meal in the steak house afterwards. Worth the money! You could do it with your friends probably at the same time and in the chapel with just you, not a mass ceremony. I say go for it!!!
  7. Thank you Lauren for your posts and wonderful pictures. My husband and I are always looking for different places to travel to and having done 4 river cruises, which we loved, this looks like it would be so much fun. I will definitely look into this type of vacation. Thanks again!
  8. We went years ago and it truly was a "once-in-a-life time" experience! I was celebrating my 25th year at work and they gave us $500 CDN towards anything we wanted to use it on. We had already booked a week in Paris with another couple so guess what I wanted to do lol. Think August 2002.....I faxed the Jules Verne in March.....couldn't get a window seat but did get 8:00 p.m. reservations. We did see the sunset and the meal was about 10 courses. I know I had chicken and it wasn't the best I had ever had but the ambiance was a 10+. Our bill with for 4 with 2 bottles of wine was $1260 CDN!!!!! The $500 I put towards the total sure helped. We went in a lounge area for a drink after dinner and did not leave until very late. We still talk about that evening and how wonderful it was. Go for it!!!
  9. Can I ask why you monitor Juneau for all the HAL ships and post who is here each day?
  10. We are doing a B2B Feb. 22nd and really looking forward to this new ship. We haven't done a Princess cruise for a number of years now....not for any special reason.....different itineraries on sister ships. We also haven't done the new ships with Princess so we are looking forward to seeing whether we like this larger one as we tend to cruise on the smaller ones. It will be nice to be on a nice new ship....love the decor in the pictures! Excited for this cruise that is for sure!
  11. We did a 7-day Vancouver return on May 22nd. It was fantastic. I would suggest you take the Tracy Arm Inlet and Glacier excursion right from the ship before sailing into Juneau. It was amazing and well worth the price! You get right off the ship to a smaller boat and off you go to spend hours sailing up the inlet and then you are taken back to the ship where it is docked in Juneau. An amazing trip!
  12. I collect ornaments also and do use keychains if I can't find ornaments. I believe I got a lighthouse from Bar Harbor but it was about 5 years ago so I don't remember which store I got it in. We basically walked downtown so you should find something in the stores there. I am looking forward to picking up an ornament from Quebec City as I have 3 sketches from QC but I was there way before I started collecting ornaments. Good luck buying some neat ones from your trip.
  13. Great up sell as our up sell for a Vista Suite was $261!!! We loved the larger cabin and it had lots of storage. The Volendam was a wonderful ship....you will love it. As much as you are tempted to stay in and enjoy your balcony, go out and enjoy the views 360 degrees as they are amazing. Enjoy....it is an amazing cruise!
  14. We just did the 7-day inside passage out of Vancouver on the Volendam and loved it! We enjoy the smaller ships and this ship did not disappoint. We had a Vista suite, 6045, large and roomy. As an above poster said, take the HAL tour on the smaller boat up to Tracy Arm Fjord....absolutely stunning scenery and well worth the money! I would recommend the Volendam.
  15. You could always put it on the back of the door as it is metal. I had a sign on the outside that I used magnets on.
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