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  1. The molecular test is proven to return less than 5% false positives. One needs to protect themselves with insurance to recoup the cost of testing positive before the cruise. As adults I think we are all capable of getting over disappointment.
  2. It is only common sense that the virus can be caused by fine droplets in the air. That’s why outside is safer than inside.
  3. Flossie thanks for posting the link to the live thread on the MSC sailing. The poster is doing a fantastic job posting photos and commentary. I think this protocol is a workable first step to open cruising. The ship seems empty. I’m not certain the percent of capacity is sailing. I was LOL because there are a bunch of posters who are not on the cruise nitpicking every little thing. Nobody is forcing you to go! Also if others are not aware MSC has a luxury tier on all their ships called the Yacht Club.
  4. Do you think Regent would be able to go at 100% capacity? All the cabins filled? If not then pax will have to be bumped. (I have no idea of the answer, but it’s something to ponder)
  5. The new CDC recommendations haven’t even been announced yet. Then it takes time to implement. What percentage occupancy will be allowed?
  6. For sure. Circumstances and priorities change. I would get on a waiting list if I was determined to go.
  7. I will make my decision based on science, not conspiracy theories.
  8. If you are considering getting a VISA you might want to look into hiring a guide. There are several reputable tour companies that offer drivers and vans and their service includes a blanket VISA and it really doesn’t cost much more than what a US citizen has to pay for a VISA for Russia.
  9. For American pax, before cruising can even be thought about, borders have to be open. That has nothing to do with CDC. There are very very few borders open to Americans and less if you take away those that require negative Covid tests for entry or 14 day quarantine.
  10. What can I tell you? All I know is that was Regent was saying back in 2018. Also I’ve never been in the laundry room. Have you?
  11. The free internet is only for one device at a time per cabin. If you have status it is up to 4 devices, so it is still a valuable perk.
  12. It won’t change a thing based on our experience of Free Laundry For All during past Mediterranean itineraries 2018. Sure there were those those who complained that they earned the perk and it was not fair others were getting it. But did the turn around time change or quality lessen? Not one complaint about that. I believe if one does research that Regent said at that time they added extra help in the laundry dept.
  13. That’s a decision the pax will have to decide. How safe do they need it? If you’re young and healthy to begin with it might be worth the risk to them. After all, WDW in the hotspot of Florida is open for business along with the hotels.
  14. As far as pax not wearing masks. It should be stated in the cruise contract exactly what the mandates are and the repercussions if one does not adhere. More than one US flight has been returned because a pax refused to wear a mask.
  15. Very true. Also maybe the person driving with the mask is going to pick up a friend with a compromised immune system or making deliveries.
  16. Agree about the hot spots. I think only traveling to ports where there is the infrastructure to support a major outbreak. So probably more boring ports to begin with. lol
  17. I believe there will be cruises Summer of 2022. By then, pax will be willing to follow any mandates necessary in order to cruise. They’ve been stuck in the house for over two years by then. The cruise lines will realize that they have to make the decision either enforce strict public health mandates that some pax will find distasteful or go bankrupt forever. I am planning to receive the vaccination when it becomes available to me. And I wouldn’t choose any itinerary to a hotspot.
  18. Agreed. Statistics don’t lie. And since Covid 19 is a novel virus it means nobody really knows what damage it does to your body.
  19. This is a world wide pandemic. Or are you denying that it is?
  20. Where do you reside and what’s your age. Makes a big difference. Just follow the numbers. When it was 40% positive rate I was petrified my Mom was going to get it. Now that it hovers around 1% in NY I feel more relaxed that with the proper precautions.
  21. Number one concern is what are the protocols if I become infected on the ship? Also what are the protocols if another pax or a crew member becomes infected?
  22. I’ve read about “false negatives” with the instant tests. Haven’t read much about false positives.
  23. This can be considered an experiment. Obviously a more restrictive set of protocols have to be put in place next attempt.
  24. Re: crew infections. Are these crew members quarantined for 14 days before allowed on the ship? Are they kept in pods? Were they allowed off the ship? So many questions need to be answered before one can come to any conclusion.
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