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  1. I think folks are misinterpreting wearing masks during meals. In NY state the servers wear masks, the patrons wear masks unless they’re seated at the table. No big deal.
  2. Yes. And they can always leave out of New York or Baltimore. They’ll adjust the itinerary if they have to. The ball is in DeSantis court ...
  3. Del Rio stated yesterday during earning call that they will move to another home port if Florida doesn’t allow NCL to enforce vaccines.
  4. Great! I don’t know how I missed the announcement. Thanks.
  5. Have the EU announced that non residents will be allowed in?
  6. You’ll have a great time being catered to on your honeymoon. The tours are top notch and so is the food. 24 hour room service.
  7. Americans traveling between states. This doesn’t mean that foreign countries won’t require vaccine passports. All cruises make at least one port of call out of US
  8. Regent has spelled it all out. When cruises start sailing, vaccinations and masks will be mandatory. The choice whether to cruise or not is yours. Cruising as we all remember it may never return.
  9. In NYS they have established a sort of passport, in conjunction with large venues such as stadiums and Broadway theaters. You apply for the excelsior pass if you’re fully vaccinated. You type in the control number of your vaccines plus your other pertinent info. If it matches up with what the state ALREADY KNOWS, you’ll get a pass with a bar code. You use this bar code to enter. Same as with negative Covid tests. Nobody is forced to get one of these passes. Stay home if you want.
  10. Being the Devils advocate here, but I think you’re very naive about how much the US govt knows about your health already. First off, all that vaccine information is already stored in a data base. Secondly if you have health insurance, especially Medicare, then everything about your health is out there somewhere.
  11. I rather have the option of a passport than having to get a negative Covid test every time I want to attend any large event. I already have the vax. If one doesn’t want the vax then they should prove they are not Covid positive. Right now there are no concerts or stadiums filled with people. So it’s a choice folks will have to decide.
  12. DeSantis is getting into the act trying to get the US Cruises from FL going. Huge loss of revenue for FL. If US citizens can fly from their home city to Nassau, why can’t they fly to Miami. Mandatory vax and negative Covid test can still apply. Same 7 day cruise.
  13. LaG non stop is $486 on Jet Blue. Only 4.5 hours. Otherwise with layover it’s 7.5 plus. I’d take the credit on the direct flight. I can be in Lond
  14. Will they need a negative Covid test to go ashore in the Bahamas? Royal Caribbean you need a vax plus the negative Covid test to go to Bahamas to begin the cruise.
  15. There are other ways of travel besides cruising.
  16. What is the reason she can’t get the vaccine? The J & J vax is ok for those who are immune compromised.
  17. Why do you say that? Nassau is a very popular destination. The huge Atlantis resort plus others are there. They’re used to tourists.
  18. (Sort of) associated news ... NY Gov Cuomo announced we can attend baseball stadium games in person if we prove vax or neg Covid test. 20% capacity. It will be interesting to see how they enforce it.
  19. So glad to learn that so many have received at least the first dose. Yay! I had my first dose also. New York State has a mega site at Aqueduct Race Track. It’s run by the National Guard and I’m impressed by the way it’s run. If anyone is still having trouble booking an appointment check your local FB or Twitter. There are several good people giving hints, setting up bots and even making the actually appointments for those who are not computer literate. Very heartwarming to see all the generous and kind people step up.
  20. Yes. Forge. Sorry. I hope there is a system because only speaking about New York system, it’s piecemeal. It would be a miracle if there is a federal tracking system. State administered, city administered, hospital system administered, retail stores administered.
  21. Yes. It’s only until full herd immunity be reached will the wearing of masks not be recommended.
  22. It’s a wonderful itinerary and on the Splendor! If they offer nighttime excursions make sure to take one.
  23. I wonder if this is a “new” Covid specific type of insurance like some of the Caribbean Islands have instituted. It pays for your hospitalization if needed. It also pays for a room in a hotel for isolation if you test positive. Of course the specifics with cruising much more complicated due to the variety of ports.
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