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  1. Most of the crew members send much of their salary back home to their families. Many of the female crew have children cared for by their families back home. I don’t need Regent/NCL corporate telling me how I may spend my money. I do what I feel is right.
  2. A perfect itinerary for the first timer. So many interesting sights to see and enjoy.
  3. Make sure you bring some good rain jackets. Tours go out rain or shine. You can’t control the weather. So enjoy!
  4. We loved this cruise. We then recommended it to other friends and they loved it also. The tours were first rate. We took the optional tours in the afternoons also because we wanted to see as much as possible. My only suggestion is to spend extra days in Paris.
  5. Very interesting. My guess is that it will be marketed to the Asian market but stay on the Danube. A huge untapped market for Asians wanting to experience luxury river cruising.
  6. In all my years on CC, this is the first I’m hearing about Genting.
  7. I wonder if there is a bar area. Just drinks and apps to hang out and get ambiance.
  8. We rarely find matches for RC due to the very low amount of pax. Can’t wait to learn your impressions of River Cruises
  9. I think the idea of taking the harbor tour is your best bet. I’ve taken a harbor sail and they get you lined up for excellent photo ops of the Statue of Liberty. You don't really need a tour guide to see the 9/11 Memorial. I think everyone knows the reason why they were created, no explanation necessary. It is easy getting an uber to and from.
  10. I wonder what the theory is behind these glasses.
  11. Great finds! A dirty hotel in Flushing is the last thing you’d want. Also posters need to know that downtown Flushing, Queens is now a large Chinatown. Much of the signage is in Chinese.
  12. Hi Keith so glad you and Ann Marie are enjoying your first RC. Your detailed yet neutral explanations are wonderful. I’m especially enjoying your photographs. Thank you. We’ve never experienced the Crystal brand. I think it is fantastic that the staff can move seamlessly from ocean to river. This gives the customer the same experience no matter which itinerary. Looking forward to the rest ...
  13. If you haven’t booked yet consider Amawaterways. They take very good care of their slow walker group.
  14. Always use live navigation. That was my point 😁. Because even with construction schedule there could be some other major delay such as an accident or fuel spill.
  15. I would use waze or google maps for real-time navigation. I just put Cape Liberty into google maps from my house in W. Nassau and it says Bayonne Bridge closed. The suggested route was GWB to 95 S. We would probably take the Holland Tunnel because hubby knows that way well.
  16. Why do you need the florints? Europe is almost cashless and almost every place takes plastic even for small purchases. As you said you don’t want to be stuck with leftover.
  17. I’m interested in the May 4 2020 cruise on the Explorer. The fine print mentions Spotlights on Public Broadcasting. Does anyone have information what this refers to?
  18. Wait until you get home and watch it. Skipping an excursion in Alaska and sitting in a hotel room makes no sense to me.
  19. Hmm. If you visit the tapestry that will take away time at the WWII sites.
  20. I wish we were allowed to tell you. CC strictly prohibits it.
  21. Hmmm this is interesting. Last summer on our Med cruise I overheard a family who brought kids on the cruise in a heated argument. It seems that the one sister wanted to take a Disney Cruise and was sorry she didn’t because the kids weren’t having a good time. Regent allows kids but they don’t have the excursions or ship activities that appeal to kids.
  22. Yes. Fingers crossed for a non eventful season. I think knowing the realities of river cruising and what might occur makes it easier to deal with if it does.
  23. I booked my own flights on TAP and their Executive Class (business) was thousands less than Delta. The routing to JFK was fine from Porto.
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