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  1. Yes, that sounds similar to what I have. I think they will work best and something I'll wear a lot during the year too. I'm afraid that one pair of shoes won't be enough if they get wet because I know how hard it is to dry things on a ship. The problem is that it's so bloody hot here to wear them and break them in but I'll put on some socks and wear them around the house for awhile. I'll probably wear them on the plane too so they don't take up luggage space.
  2. I'm obsessing over foot wear. I don't generally wear sneakers. I wear flips flops most of the summer and work shoes and boots most of the year. I have a very light pair of sneakers, not water proof at all. I do have a pair of low cut hiking sneakers that I was going to take. I think they are water proof. I don't love them but they will work. I also ordered boots. They are waterproof. Not hiking boots but something I can wear to work too. They get a pretty good review as a walking shoe. I thought at least they will be warmer outside during Hubbard Bay day. I don't suppose I can get away with flip flops while touring? I'll probably bring them for boat wear. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. We had an OV cabin booked - one of the new ones - but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted Blu. We love the quiet, almost intimate atmosphere and the personal service. Last cruise the sommelier was excellent. I checked prices for weeks and the price finally dropped so we upgraded for $800. I didn't think that was too bad as we jumped two categories. We did get one of the reclassified concierge room, 9126, so I hope it's a good cabin.
  4. Oh, gosh, that sounds great! Did you get the salmon lunch? And tour Seward? I'm hoping to get some food there to eat on the bus. We try to stay on regular eating times. Oh, and did you take your luggage to the bus first thing. Thanks soooooo much.
  5. Hello. I was wondering which one you choose and how it went. I'm booked for the fjords and airport drop off. Thanks,.
  6. We booked an excursion through Celebrity when we disembark in Seward. I thought the price reasonable for a 11 hour excursion that includes the boat tour, lunch, and the bus to Anchorage. They said they will secure our luggage.
  7. Thank you! Thinking of applying for the visa and paying off the cruise with it.
  8. Thank you! We get dropped off at the airport about 9 so we'll be there for a good amount of time. Looking into applying for the Alaskan Air Visa.
  9. Thank you. This is what I was looking for. I'm used to airports that are quieter at night, very few flights go out. Have to decide whether we want to spend the money.
  10. I guess I needed to know that I could purchase the day passes without any other membership. It does say you need a same day airline ticket and we are technically flying the next day. (Will be there late Friday night, flying very early Saturday AM. The food is included in the pass price? Thanks.
  11. No, you were clear. I will put that on the list of options. I'm still looking for info on the lounge though. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. Big place. We read that you can get passes for $50. Are there out of the way chairs people could use for a little peace and quiet to nap?
  13. Not sure where to put this but looking for someone who has used the Alaskan Air Lounge. We won't be leaving Anchorage until 2 AM and I'm thinking it might be worth it to pay to get into the lounge. Thanks.
  14. We booked a Celebrity excursion which includes the fjords boat, Seward tour, lunch, and bus to the Anchorage Airport. I priced it out and it's comparable to booking it on my own. I'm hoping by doing it all under the Celebrity umbrella things will go smoothly. I should probably come up with a plan B, just in case. We don't have to be at the airport before midnight so we have plenty of time to get there.
  15. I am booked in one of the new cabins on the Port side. My travel agent contacted Celebrity and they are supposed to be the same size as all the OV. The one advantage is that they are supposed to have bigger windows. I'm hoping for a report about noise, etc. My travel agent will be on Summit soon and I'm hoping for pictures.
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