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  1. Thank you! Thinking of applying for the visa and paying off the cruise with it.
  2. Thank you! We get dropped off at the airport about 9 so we'll be there for a good amount of time. Looking into applying for the Alaskan Air Visa.
  3. Thank you. This is what I was looking for. I'm used to airports that are quieter at night, very few flights go out. Have to decide whether we want to spend the money.
  4. I guess I needed to know that I could purchase the day passes without any other membership. It does say you need a same day airline ticket and we are technically flying the next day. (Will be there late Friday night, flying very early Saturday AM. The food is included in the pass price? Thanks.
  5. No, you were clear. I will put that on the list of options. I'm still looking for info on the lounge though. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the pictures. Big place. We read that you can get passes for $50. Are there out of the way chairs people could use for a little peace and quiet to nap?
  7. Not sure where to put this but looking for someone who has used the Alaskan Air Lounge. We won't be leaving Anchorage until 2 AM and I'm thinking it might be worth it to pay to get into the lounge. Thanks.
  8. We booked a Celebrity excursion which includes the fjords boat, Seward tour, lunch, and bus to the Anchorage Airport. I priced it out and it's comparable to booking it on my own. I'm hoping by doing it all under the Celebrity umbrella things will go smoothly. I should probably come up with a plan B, just in case. We don't have to be at the airport before midnight so we have plenty of time to get there.
  9. I am booked in one of the new cabins on the Port side. My travel agent contacted Celebrity and they are supposed to be the same size as all the OV. The one advantage is that they are supposed to have bigger windows. I'm hoping for a report about noise, etc. My travel agent will be on Summit soon and I'm hoping for pictures.
  10. Crab Station in Icy Point it is! Yum.......
  11. Darn. I didn't think so but I thought I would ask. It's too bad that can't do regional fresh food once in awhile.
  12. A funny title.... I love eating crab legs. Will there be crab legs at dinner or in one of the restaurants one night or do I need to book an excursion/find an onshore restaurant to indulge in some Alaskan crab? Thanks.
  13. I had pneumonia in January and cruised in March several years ago. I was hospitalized for a few days and had repeated x rays until my lung cleared. I don't not remember any problems with boarding. The cough took ages to go away and you will be exhausted for several weeks. I was almost back to full strength by the cruise. The cruise was a welcome relief and gave me something to look forward to.
  14. I joined the Pan Pacific members club and booked a non refundable offer of $350 a night. Guess I'm going to Vancouver in August!
  15. Usually, I would wear a dressy sandal to dinner. They are easier to pack if nothing else. What shoes do people wear to dinner? I will probably wear pants every night. Also, do people wear shorts on board? Or capris, or long pants and jeans? When my summer break starts in June, I wear shorts pretty much every day. I'll pack jeans for visiting ports. Thanks. We were in Canada on the East coast last summer and it was the hottest weather they had in 10 years. Everybody was so hot and we had all these long pants because we thought it was going to be cooler. I'm also used to driving to my cruises so I'm trying to plan out my suitcase packing; I'm not used to being limited to airline restrictions.
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