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  1. Interesting, Oceania recently redeployed Sirena to the area for winter 2020/2021. Some itineraries are similar, but nothing identical to what Celebrity was offering.
  2. The only place Maine/Canadian lobster is served regularly is Polo. That said, if the ship is, or has been in NE, and it can be provisioned easily, you may find it more places.
  3. Just to put a bit in your mouth to rein in some expectations...Waves lobster is not the Maine lobster found in East Coast lobster rolls.
  4. We have done this twice. First time was to stay overnight in Florence and meet the ship in Civitavecchia. We had received preapproval from Celebrity. The night prior to docking in Livorno, we received a message in our cabin to go to guest relations to give them our passports, or we would get a very early wake up call to bring them so the ship could clear. The morning in Livorno, we were instructed to pick up our passports. They also changed our key card so that on exiting it didn’t ding. That brought a security crew member who checked us against a list. On return in Civitavecchia, it was the same thing....no ding, and a security person called to check us back in and restore our key card. I had peaked at the list and there were about 8 cabins doing this. We also did this on NCL in Israel, to spend the night in Jerusalem. NCL didn’t give pre approval until on the ship. We decided to chance the plan, since most of the roll call was planning private overnight tours in Jerusalem (although we were DIYing) NCL had overnight tours offered and there would have been a mutiny. No issue, as they had a protocol set up to accommodate the masses doing an overnight. One wrinkle on this stop was that Hamas decided to start firing rockets into Ashdod, so the ship stayed in Haifa overnight. We were aware of the itinerary change prior to leaving the ship. I agree with John...your plan B for catching the ship in the event something goes wrong is better with Livorno/Civitavecchia than Rome/Naples. In any case, make sure you have the contact information of the port Agent in the relevant ports.
  5. Agree...sometimes you can find one thing that sets a reviewer off and then it causes an entropic spiral into negativity. Some people just can’t drop the bone.
  6. The difference will be noticed more in the class of ship, rather than atmosphere due to passengers. We love both classes...each has their strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Wouldn’t Nautica be your smallest ocean vessel (noted on your signature)?
  8. What a wonderful sweet ending to a wonderful cruise thread that took us into world adventures and now life adventures.
  9. LOL...Agree with the comfortable room with HVAC. We did stick to high end hotels. I must have a decent fitness center.
  10. Actually SE Asia was an area where I didn’t think a cruise or guided tour fit the bill for us (looked at both). It was easy to book flights between, arrange hotel pick ups and customize the time we spent in each area. We only bought three excursions over three weeks. The rest of the time we hoofed it and immersed ourselves in the culture. The excursion we purchased for Angkor was about $150 for two days with a private guide and separate driver.
  11. We did the same thing. They are refitting aircraft with lie flats...but for what we used them for it would be over kill.
  12. It’s not too bad with regard to rewards...where it falls short is on redemptions. It’s 1:1. That said, redemption valuations where you can leverage the miles earned over $.02 are getting more difficult. It used to be easy to score over $.03 in premium cabins. And, many times when you read a good redemption score...take it with a grain of salt because they are basing that on a one way ticket...which against the $ value is overinflated.
  13. It is a good product if it works for you to layover a night or two in PC. Each flight is not too long, in daylight, so a seat that is better than most domestic first is adequate and the service is pretty decent.
  14. In Asia, the Priority Pass lounges are pretty good. We had a long unanticipated connection in Singapore once and there were 5 different lounges to visit....toured them all. And, there is one in Buenos Aires (you are flying back from there, correct?) The PP lounges are capacity limited at times. If a regular airline is using the same club for international business class, those passengers are given priority, during capacity limits. In Detroit, my home airport, PP uses the Lufthansa lounge, and it us closed entirely to Priority Pass members when the Lufthansa flight is using it. I was in the BA lounge recently, but I can’t remember what it was like or if it was going through a capacity control.
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