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  1. Guess you have to start visiting the fitness center more.😉
  2. On sister ship Insignia, the class spin bikes were kept in the same room with the other equipment. On my cruise, the fitness room director had no issue with using one when no classes were going on.
  3. Thanks...missed it the first time. I only scanned the daily planning on the left and missed the box in the lower right. Buffet sounds like it will work. My recollection was Celebrity’s was decent for breakfast and lunch, but it has been almost 8 years.
  4. Wonderful news!!! Bob looks great. Such a sweet story, it brought a tear to my eye.
  5. Thanks ak1004 for the comparison to Oceania. Oceania is our preferred cruise line, but I saw a Reflection Caribbean itinerary which I liked very much, so I booked it for this December. It has been a few years since we have sailed Celebrity. It is nice to hear you are enjoying the entertainment on Celebrity. We usually prefer lounge musicians. Celebrity used to have a few, do they still? I understand what you mean regarding the entertainment on O.....we usually consider a nice long late dinner the evening’s entertainment on O. How much more frantic is the buffet compared to Terrace Cafe? Earlier this year we sailed in a suite on NCL for a South America “around the horn”. DH loves Indian food, so we attempted skipping the suite lunch dining for the lunch buffet a few times. It was a horrible experience. Thankfully, after a few days, the suite dining hostess offered to have some Indian food sent there so we could enjoy a meal in a sane environment.
  6. +2. Many of us could now recognize Bob and his smile if we ever ran into him on a street or on a cruise. Wishing him a speedy recovery and thankful that he has such wonderful friends.
  7. Great news. Jim, thank you for letting all those following this thread know. Rest up and get well soon, Bob. I am looking forward to seeing your posts.
  8. We did this itinerary in an NCL bow suite this past February. It was very rocky from Santiago to Ushuaia, but wasn’t horrible. It was well worth it for the views. On the Atlantic side there were no issues.
  9. I’ll second this. Our flight on Copa, this past February was great. Not lie flat, but a much better seat than domestic first on US airlines. Service was very good. If you have some United miles, you can get creative. We paid one way to PC business on Delta and stayed a few days. Then flew Copa business to Santiago on miles. Miles back UA business from BA. Actually, the best service was on Copa. We might have been lucky with the best flight attendant we’ve had in the past few years. But, after that flight, we decided Copa business would be our “hack” for getting to South America cheaply if we go there again.
  10. Celebrity has a nice ABC itinerary, Cartagena and Cayman with an overnight in Aruba...the Jan and Feb cruises are pretty much sold out. I would love to see this itinerary on O.
  11. How does the water taxi work? Are they private boats or more like a bus on a route similar to Venice or Bangkok?
  12. Thank you so much for all the information. You have made me very pleased with my choice of going downtown, instead of beach. We like to stroll them, but really never sit on them much, although we’ll do a bit of that on the cruise when breaking from snorkeling...it’s a Southern itinerary. Unfortunately, I screwed up the date of first Sunday in my head....it will be on the first in December...we are there on the 8th, flying in on 6th and cruising on 9th. Oh well, the Park sounds like a nice stroll to the beach. I did look up running routes on mapmyrun and it appears it is possible to run to the beach, correct? I am also a Peloton app addict and it appears from the pelotonbuddy website the Riverside put in a Peloton bike, although the Dalmar may also have one as many higher end Marriott properties have been adding them. I have wanting to ride an actual bike, so I can get a feel for true resistance call outs. It also appears from reading reviews that the Riverside recently redid it’s fitness center. I have been doing Peloton yoga also, but an actual studio might be fun and have my poses corrected by a live instructor, so I might check out that Yoga studio you mentioned. Restaurant choices look great!
  13. It will probably be about 2 1/2 days after flying in. We spend a couple hours each day working out, so I don’t think we’ll get too bored. We will have a first Sunday of the month (cruise starts on a Monday) there and there appears to be a brunch jazz fest. That said, I might take a peek at the Hollywood offerings, I can always cancel. It would bring back fond memories...as a kid my family would do a spring break vacation in Hollywood Beach. Learned to waterski in the inter coastal there. That was about 55 years ago. Funny thing, the Riverside website has a picture of the River Queen going by....brought a smile and memories back, did that with the family as a kid. Know the Hollywood area some hard times and rebounded again.
  14. Thanks...booked the Riverside. It was between collecting points at the Dalmar or the Riverside, but, the Riverside looked nicer. Liked the old school Florida look. Also, thanks for the links.
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