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  1. Ease up... there's a lot of stuff on these pages and not everyone is going to notice the title of every post. Much like my husband occasionally stands in front of the fridge with the door open and says "hun... I can't find the orange juice..." and then I walk over and point to it right in front of his nose lol.
  2. I'm sorry that Grand Turk won't be on the itinerary for you... we love that port, and I'm sure the local economy is hurting for cruise dollars right now too. But I agree with your appreciation of the rear serenity area on the smaller ships, so maybe you turn that into a "sea day"... and any day on a cruise is better than a day at home 🙂
  3. On the Grand Turk Port webpage... scroll down just over half way: https://www.visittci.com/travel-info/turks-and-caicos-coronavirus-covid-19
  4. Sadly it appears that Grand Turk port is now closed through the end of August... but hopefully Carnival will substitute it with something nice 🙂
  5. We've cruised during Easter, Valentine's, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve... they're all great in their own way, but my fave is Christmas and New Year's Eve B2B cruises... so special and fun!!
  6. Ya we rec'd ours for our April 12th Eclipse Hawaii cruise about a week ago... I died a little inside when I opened the envelope. 😢
  7. Yes and no... originally booked through Canada, and then, during one of the many, many issues I referenced previously, had to go through the US site to sort of get rebooked, and then it was a bit of a blend of both going forward. I was surprised to see that the US site actually accepted my booking number for the form (the US site offered both options of FCC or Refund, whereas the Canadian site ONLY showed FCC as an option). So I completed the US site form and submitted, and by all accounts it SEEMS to have been accepted, complete with confirmation email back to me with a refund reference number. But who knows how this will play out... it looks like even Americans who booked through the US site and requested a full refund are getting the runaround... so ya. But one way or another, I WILL be getting my money back. I'm nothing if not determined when I sink my teeth into something... and my teeth are very firmly entrenched in this matter. Their own T&C's state that they are to provide a refund in the event that they cancel the cruise from their end, and for ANY REASON. I won't settle for anything less. VISA has already confirmed that because of MSC's own policy on this matter, they will favour us in a dispute, so now it's just a wait and see game.
  8. We are in the same Canadian "no refunds, only FCCs" boat so to speak... even though their T&C's clearly state that they will provide a full refund for the fare paid. Our cruise for May 23rd on the Seaside was cancelled by MSC. I actually ended up going through the USA site to complete the "full refund" form, and even rec'd an email confirmation with a verification number saying our refund would be processed in 60 days. I'm waiting to see if it happens, but if it does not, I will dispute the full charges with the credit card company. Regardless though, we will never cruise with MSC... ever. This was going to be our first cruise with them and right from the moment we first booked it's been a colossal pain in the butt dealing with them on absolutely everything! They're almost impossible to reach, and when I did finally get in touch with someone each time there was an issue (and there were many, many issues over the course of the last 5 months), half of the time the rep on the phone had no clue how to deal with the issue, and the other half of the time their systems were either "down" or just so messed up that they didn't even know how to work through them.
  9. So it appears that the "no refunds" option is only being applied to Canadians, but Americans can get a full refund. That's just pure BS! Again... NOT ACCEPTABLE... and definitely NOT the way to treat an entire country of potential clients. Just wow!! Definitely not something I'll be settling with... and once I do get my full refund, and I WILL, I will definitely NOT be using my Canadian money to cruise with MSC. Unbelievable!!
  10. The only option we are being offered for our cancelled Seaside cruise May 23rd is a future cruise credit... no refund option at all. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Would love to hear from anyone else who have now found their cruise has been impacted by the latest dates (through May 29th) and if you were offered the choice of refund or FCC.
  11. Have just rec'd notice that we are NOT able to get a refund for our May 23rd Seaside cruise that MSC has cancelled effective today. WHAT!??? Each of the other cruise lines we sail with are offering the option of FCC's or a full refund... how is MSC not following suit? Definitely not the end of the matter for me... I will be pursuing the full refund option with the full force of my bitchy might for as along as it takes to get satisfaction in this matter.
  12. John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek)... he and his wife and their sons and daughters in law were on a cruise from Japan to Vancouver with us in May of 2017 on the Millienium. My hubby kept saying "that's him, I know it is", and I kept saying "nah... why would he be on a cruise?" He and his family were often at the ice bar at the same time we were each day, and finally I worked up the nerve to ask the woman after "Q" had left the bar for a few minutes... me: "So hubby and I are having a disagreement about who you're with" her: "Yup... even before you ask, my husband is John de Lancie" me: "Well I guess I lost that bet!" her: "Well if I'd known there was a bet on the table, I would have played this out a lot longer haha!" She was really funny and lovely 🙂 Then we chatted for a few minutes with his family before he returned (really didn't want to bug him, but they engaged us) and it turns out one of his sons that was also cruising with us is "Q junior"... played his son on the show too! We left them completely alone and didn't even try to take photos or anything... just a really nice family enjoying a cruise together. We didn't notice anyone else bugging them besides me that one time hahaha!! So I assume they got to enjoy a great vacation out of the spotlight.
  13. lol!! If he gets lost on the way to the airport, tell him it's where that cool Jetson's looking building is and all the airplanes fly up and down from that area lol!!
  14. You're the only one on the whole bus? Are you sure it was a legit driver and not a bus thief?? LOL!
  15. Wow... that's crazy! But understandable given the circumstances of the last 2 days
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