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  1. Thanks for your review... we'll be boarding her in just 4 days for a B2B2B and we're so excited! We were on her last January, so we're really looking forward to all of the changes. The biggest concern at this point though is the earthquake situation in Puerto Rico - not for our sake, but for the sake of the poor people there who have already endured so much in the past couple of years... just hope there won't be any more quakes. 😞
  2. Love the Summit and Celebrity on the whole - thanks for your very positive review, and glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves so much! :) We'll be boarding the Summit in 2 weeks and can hardly wait - Celebrity has become our favorite line, though we didn't try Celebrity out until over 30 cruises on other lines. The little touches are nice :) Celine
  3. Just be aware that you CAN NOT use your OBC to pre-pay your gratuities... you can only apply OBC to gratuities once onboard. Celine
  4. Just got off the phone with Celebrity, and I'm less than impressed with the information I rec'd. As many of you will have heard by now, the current gratuities rate is increasing effective Jan 6th. Celebrity has "graciously" allowed guests to prepay their gratuities prior to that date, even if their sail date is after that. What they WON'T allow you to do however is pre-pay the gratuities using existing OBC. We have a B2B2B on the Summit on Jan 14th, Jan 25th and Feb1. The first leg included a pre-paid gratuity perk, so that one is not an issue. The Jan 25th and Feb 1st legs did NOT have a pre-paid gratuity perk associated with the booking, but we did receive a few hundred dollars OBC as part of a promotion for those bookings that would effectively cover the cost of the gratuities. I tried to pre-pay the gratuities several days ago online, using the "edit gratuities" option in my cruise manager, but it would not pull the $$ from the existing OBC... so when I phoned Celebrity then to explain the issue with that, their response was "Oh for some reason you can't use the OBC to pre-pay the gratuities, just everything else like beverage packages, upgrades, specialty dining, excursions, etc. You can simply use the OBC to pay your gratuities onboard, easy peasy". Great. Then this morning I (along with most of you) rec'd the email notifying us of the increase. Called them again to say that I'm TRYING to pre-pay prior to our Jan 25th and Feb 1st cruises, but it's against their policy? The rep I spoke with, Tracy, confirmed that yes, that's just the way it is. I do have the option of paying in advance with my credit card, but that's silly... the whole reason I had the OBC to begin with is to use it to pay the gratuities. I realize it's just a dollar a day extra per person, but the actual dollars are not the point here... it's the principle of the matter. There's absolutely no conceivable reason why the OBC can't be applied to the gratuities in advance the same way in which it's applied to everything else. I'm annoyed by this... but 'll get over it and I'm sure the cruise will be just awesome. Just wanted to vent a little, and warn others that they can't use their OBC to pre-pay the gratuities to pay the current rate. Rant over... Happy New Year everyone :)
  5. Me too - just got ours in the mail for our cruise in a couple of weeks, and we're in Canada and they still mail up here to us :)
  6. 19 days to go until Summit B2B2B for 25 days :) Can't wait!! :)
  7. I keep hoping some day we'll be on a cruise with a huge Goth group... they NEVER want to step foot outside in bright daylight, so I figure we won't have any issues getting loungers around the pools! LOL!!
  8. And still zero communication from Celebrity… As I mentioned previously, we booked directly with them, no TA involved… So in my opinion, no excuse to not have contacted us yet. Several members on our Roll Call have reported receiving communications from both their TA as well as directly from Celebrity. Like I said before, the longer they leave it to communicate this pretty big change to their guests, especially the ones who are totally unaware because they are not on Cruise critic, the more issues there will be for both Celebrity and guests to clean up this mess - this past week surely there have been more folks planning excursions, flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodations etc. etc. etc. And for those of us who are still waiting on official communication, that means we are also waiting to book hotels and flights, and we are at the mercy of those fluctuating prices. Just really poor communication all around from Celebrity. I honestly expected so much better from them. I have now received 23 mass emails virtually begging us to purchase excursions and drink packages and Wi-Fi packages and specialty dining etc.... but not a single peep about the fact that they are shortening this cruise. Not even a simple message asking guests to be patient as they try and work out the details before finally providing the whole picture of information.
  9. 2 separate deposits... one for each leg.
  10. Exactly my thoughts!! We booked directly with Celebrity, so no TA to wait on. And yet I have gotten 13, yes 13!!!! generic mass emails from Celebrity since Wednesday urging us to buy excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, book on the Edge, etc. etc. etc. Surely they could have emailed the passengers on this sailing at least advising there is a change coming. Incredibly poor communication on their part.
  11. I'm the one who originally contacted Celebrity earlier this week when I was looking for this cruise online in order to book our friends to join us... and I'm still waiting to hear back from Celebrity LOL! Glad that some folks have been contacted by now... but still wondering where our contact is. Sheesh. Not very good customer service on Celebrity's part - I expected better communication from them. And the longer they take to contact people and communicate this schedule change, ESPECIALLY to those who are not on cruise critic and thus may not have any idea whatsoever, the more likely people are to be booking air fare and hotels and excursions, etc.... and the more issues there will be for guests and Celebrity to clean up this mess. I'm super annoyed about this! My guess at this point is that Victoria will almost certainly be dropped, and that they will make up time on the open ocean giving us 4 days at sea instead of 5, and they'll keep all the current Hawaiian ports in their current order. BUT... that's only a guess on my part. I'd really like to know for sure so we can plan accordingly, (and let our friends in Victoria know that we won't be visiting with them on April 11th afterall... 😞 )
  12. I agree it sounds very unlikely… And while she use the words “drydock“ I’m guessing it was more likely a very quick wet dock… There was a non-booked gap between April 6 and April 10 following the San Diego to Vancouver repositioning, and it looks like they just added two days to that. There has been speculation from others that that four day gap was actually a chartered cruise… But I don’t have any confirmation of that.
  13. UPDATE** "Zee" is the rep I was dealing with at Celebrity.. she's now clarified - it's NOT a charter. The Eclipse is going in for a dry dock prior to the April 10 cruise, and apparently it's going to take longer than expected. So it will now be an 8 day instead of 10 day cruise, departing Vancouver on April 12 instead of the 10th. It was just scheduled this afternoon, which is why even their own staff weren't aware of it yet and she had to go digging. It's a relief that the whole thing isn't chartered, but bummed that it's a bit shorter. She advised that we should get an email in the next couple of days, followed up by a phone call to discuss the options, reduced price reflecting the shortened cruise, etc.
  14. Sure hope you're right... just 4 months away, which is why we went ahead with the reservations in Hawaii.
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