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  1. I must have had 8 Pellegrinos a day ! I love the stuff! Drink package: WORTH IT!
  2. Well, this is a great cautionary tale. I was a bit stressed out over my internet, and was at Guest services and they asked if I wanted to allow my grandaughter charging privileges. I said ok.🙄 She went to the arcade and before 30 minutes passed, she used 41$ worth of play. I caught it right away and told her no more and she agreed. She was horrified she spent that much in such a short time. Needless to say, we both learned a valuable lesson!
  3. I may do that. She is more into R&R and I am into exploring.
  4. On my Allure cruise in August, we only have six hours in San Juan. My friend has been there a few times, but I have not. I think we will stay on the ship. On my birthday cruise with my sister in law in November, we have a twelve hour port stop, so we will do proper exploring there.
  5. We went to the sloths and did a snorkel tour after. If we go again, I will definitely book that, it looks FAB!
  6. I agree that there were one too many ports. I like three ports and the rest of my cruises are only three. I had a ten year old and she wanted to snorkel each port and we(me)were exhausted. IMO, I thought the shows were wonderful! I have been to many Broadway and London shows and they may not have the settings that they had, but their (RCCL) enthusiasm and talent were quite noteworthy.
  7. The muster drill in the Royal theater B1 was like a scrum and it seemed quite dangerous to me. They should have allowed "sections" to leave in an orderly fashion. Lines to American Icon MDR. The top pool deck was awful on sea days. One can just go into a pool to get "wet", not swim. Solarium was good but became rather hot, no pool, just hot tubs. IMO, I think the majority of the people on board were families. There were many "extended" families too! I don't imagine in the fall there would be as many as there were in the summer. It is what it is, and we were ok with it.
  8. Bem I am sorry we did not get to meet up. I had terrible issues with the WIFI and could not keep in touch with my grandaughter when she was at "kid's club". I must have spent 2 hours with the Voom guy and guest services Monday morning. I could not get the wrist bands either. They said they were not available on this cruise. It was SOLD OUT. I loved Grease and Columbus too! I loved the cruise but at times was completely frustrated with the crowds. The food started great on the first Key lunch day after that, not so much. I had to send three dishes back back in the MDR because they were awful. Aaaah but the sunsets on my veranda and the guitar player in Central Park.......HEAVEN and worth every penny. B+ for the cruise.
  9. I just returned from July 7 HOTS. We did (2) mytime with and without reserations. It works best with, but if you go earlier around 5:45. American Icon was a "hot mess" IMO. First night was a ZOO.
  10. I thought the food was quite good on Coco Cay, in fact I liked it better than the ship's lunch.
  11. Thanks so much, we will be on HOTS on Sunday, can't wait!😍 BTW, that was an excellent review!!!!!!!!😁 One of the best. I am sure there will be thousands of kiddos!😉
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