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  1. Glad to see someone else felt as I did about that. It was really offensive to those of us in our golden years, with many of us being in better shape than those decades younger!!! Donna
  2. All I can say is that O accepted my reservation for two of us for a La Reserve dinner. This cruise is in January 2022. We'll see how it works out.
  3. Hi, Thrak! Yes, the +1 is entered for the emergency contact, but still nothing. I'm not going to worry about it any more; I'm done playing around with their app. Must be ok, since it allowed me to make dinner reservations though. Will find out on the 15th when we arrive at the terminal. Donna
  4. Welllll, still no luck adding emergency contact, so I'll not bother any further. However, I was able to make my reservation for first night on board in Crown Grille; no option to chose preferred time, but the auto 7:30 works well for my sister and me.
  5. No, I haven't, since the app opens to the page with all the check marks for completed entries, the only one not checked is for the emergency contact. Just tried again and got the same thing. Turned off my phone to stop the 'loading'. I'll try to log in with my booking number when it opens again. Thanks for this tip, Tedferg!
  6. About this Medallion - insert choice words here - for two days I've tried to add an emergency contact to no avail! (more choice words here). The damn "loading' wheel just keeps spinning. And I've just completed all of the other info I can at this time with the exception of the health statement and boarding pass, and I get a statement IN RED saying I don't have access to booking #XXXXXX and to check my records again. Is this some kind of a joke that Princess is trying to foist off on us? All I want to do is schedule my first night's dining preference. Is this too much to ask? Sorry for my rant, I'm really quite a pleasant individual! Donna
  7. With your cat pictures, I assume you left one. or two at home! Loving this review as I have others of yours which I have read. Thanks for all the time required to do this! Donna
  8. Thanks for this, Thrak! You just answered my unwritten question!! That is what we shall do. I just want a card to get into my room, get me on and off the ship, and pay my on-board charges (if any, which I doubt). I tried entering my passport by scanning as directed by the app, as well as taking my photo four times for each task. Neither were entered and I was asked to scan/photo again, and again, and again, each time with the same result -- NOTHING. SO we will arrive at the pier without completing the app, and hopefully they will just clear us for boarding with the little plastic card we are used to. I don't need to order drinks to be delivered to a lounge chair, I know how to go to the specialty restaurants and make a reservation, and also don't need dining times since we are in a suite. SO THERE, PRINCESS, IF YOU REVIEW POSTINGS ON CC! Donna
  9. I usually book the B3 afts on deck 7 and never had any problems with noise or obstructed view.
  10. WHAT is she doing in the Everglades???!!!
  11. Hmmm. I cancelled an O cruise last week when informed through O that all cruise pax within EU countries will be required to wear masks ONBOARD except while eating, drinking, swimming, sunning or in their stateroom. Unfortunately every port was within the EU. This was the Marina 8-29-21 in the Baltic. I hated doing it - canceling - but wearing masks for almost the entire time I was to be within EU jurisdiction was my deal breaker. Donna
  12. I cancelled two Delta flights last week, one paid with an e-ticket and small amount of cash, the other with $$$. My e-ticket was re-issued with the same exp. date and additional value,and the other they refunded to my CC. All in all, I was happy with the outcome. The transaction was completed the same day. Donna
  13. Just a word of caution: You are identifying your home city and last name on open posts. Not a good idea in my mind. Please take this advice in the spirit in which it is given.
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