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  1. Jim_Iain did a "live from" while on their TA aboard Infinity last month. They are very seasoned cruisers and didn't complain about anything IIRC. You will find his thread on this board on Page 7, scroll down to their B2B on Infinity, about half way down the page
  2. I started reading this post a few days ago, till about the second page. Today I returned to find it has evolved into a full scale war between posters. I think this thread should be shut down by the hosts! Why can't people act their age and stop bickering about who is right/wrong????? On this note, I'll say goodbye.
  3. O did refund the cost for the PE seats, and it was on Delta. We've been happy flying Delta across the pond and continue to do so. Perhaps we should start looking at other TA carriers.
  4. We did deviate, arriving 4 days early and leaving about 10 days after the cruise. Since this experience, we have never used O's air again; rather we do our own bookings, sometimes with frequent flyer miles. Works out much better for us.
  5. I booked it at the same time I booked my cruise, about 10 months out! And we didn't get them but O didn't charge the fee for them when they found the seats unavailable.
  6. Thank you, Fiona, for mentioning Cancale. That is the town we stopped for lunch at on our way back to the ship! Delicious moules and a lovely wine.
  7. The one time I used O's air, I'd opted for the premium economy. BUT..... by the time O ticketed the flights, no PE seats available. They are limited in number and had all been sold out prior to the 270 days out plan O works by. From that time on, I booked all of my flights myself, getting seats I wanted, and taking O's refund on air.
  8. Love the fact that you have lounges on your verandah, but those side chairs that Kelly chose still look like the folding chairs that are used in conferences, church halls and funeral parlors!
  9. Agree - Sorrento is my favorite place to stay post-cruise. Doing the same thing in September. BCN, 3 days, cruise 12 days, Sorrento 8 days. Then all good things come to an end and it's time to go home, do the laundry, clean the house, cook my meals..... BUT it is certainly great to be able to do both!
  10. I agree on both points!
  11. Hi, Mary! Donna here from our South Pacific cruise Lima to Papeete on board the lovely Marina. Just checked hotels in Civitavecchia and one which has pretty good reviews is La Casa Sul Mare and gets four stars from Trip Adviser posters. They provide transfer from airport for a fee, and the price seems pretty good at 130+/- euros per nite. Across the street from the beach and a few minutes walk to the port. Good luck, enjoy your cruise, and perhaps some day our paths will cross again! Donna
  12. If you are lucky, one of the guest lecturers will be James Grant-Peterkin who is extremely knowledgable of all things Easter Island (he is a full time resident there who also operates a great tour company). He lectured on four days prior to our arrival, lectures including history on the settlement of the South Pacific islands. Each day his lecture was presented to standing room only attendees. In Bora Bora we used Patrick at Maohi Nui tours for their lagoon tour and luncheon on a motu (an islet in the lagoon). Excellent tour! ***** Easter Island we used James Grant-Peterkin's company, Easter Island Spirit. We booked the two day tour and were actually able to tender in on both days. We were certainly blessed! Another five star tour. In Moorea we used Safari Mario (I believe). Another fun day and great tour. Hope this helps. There's lots out there.
  13. Five or six years ago we had arranged with two other couples to hire a driver for the day. He took us to Mont St Michel first, then Honfleur for lunch, after which we returned to the ship. It was a delightful day for all of us!
  14. Jim-Iain, thank you so much for taking me back a couple of years to our tour of the Pena Palace and Sintra! What a fabulous place that is. Many happy memories....
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