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  1. ECCruise They absolutely can. Just like they can restrict bringing liquor onboard. Or prevent you from walking around the ship nude (except for certain charters) or spitting in the buffet food. BouHunter, sorry! It was ECCruise who stated 'certain charters'. My apologies. Donna
  2. Booked on Riviera 12/3 - 12/20. If she sails, so do I!!!
  3. 'final payment is due in June' from OP's post. Since final is not due until June, why hesitate cancelling this cruise now, and book the one for next year. This way you don't lose anything, and don't get dragged out until after you have to make final pay. Donna
  4. The chocolate tart in el Baccio - it's like eating decadent fudge Mom used to make! Not too sweet, either!
  5. Thank you,, RocketMan, I was just about to post the same.
  6. Hi, nyc2! My sister and I are also on this cruise - hoping it happens, one way or another! By that I mean perhaps our itinerary could be changed if we can't go into Japan and we'll have a 'mystery' cruise! I like surprises; but, please Celebrity, don't outright cancel this cruise. I need it for my mental health! Donna
  7. I'm with you all the way, Dan!
  8. I stand at the grill while my lobster tails are cooking and TELL the cook when to take them off and plate them for me. Never - since the first one - have I had an overcooked lobster, steak, shrimp since! Works like a charm; try it next time. Given their size (quite small) I let them cook for about three minutes - no more.
  9. No worry there; supplies are brought to the ship on pallets which are off-loaded from trucks. After they have been put on the docks, the ships' crews load them onto the ships. Watched provisioning many times at departure ports as the supplies were brought to the pier.
  10. They are the smallest sleeping accommodations on the trains - approx. 4' x 6'. They're equipped with two facing semi-reclining chairs, which at night convert into the lower bunk with a pullman drop-down for the upper berth. Quite comfortable for two except at night when one has to climb into the upper berth. As I had mentioned we've done three Amtrak trips across country. The first two, we took turns in the upper for the whole trip - myself in the upper on the first trip, my sister there on the second. That was enough especially as we are not getting any younger, thus the decision to take two separate roomettes on the third trip. Worked out very well and for not much additional money! Donna
  11. A follow up to my suggestion of getting two roomettes: If I recall correctly the difference in total price was only about $150 more. Money well spent! Donna
  12. Why don't you just phone X and see if you can buy-up to the S-1 corner? It's worth a try. And one never knows the answer without asking the question.
  13. Have you asked to speak with Resolutions Desk?
  14. I'm surprised no one has mentioned 'lift and shift'! JenJohnCourt, the above program allows you to move your sailing to one in the future with certain parameters: same ship, same itinerary. In taking advantage of this program, your entire booking is moved to the new cruise, including price, stateroom classification, and any perks associated with the booking. This lets X hold on to your money, yes, BUT now you won't have to wait for the cancellation to occur, nor for X to return your money or receive a future cruise credit (FCC)! My suggestion (in case you're interested) would be to rebook to next year to celebrate your first anniversary together. Wishing you much health and happiness in the future, Donna
  15. Pinot, Good for you! I've done three cross country trips - two on the southern route and one on the northern - on Amtrak and loved the train. A note of caution: Those sleepers are very small, though comfortable. If you are not getting a family sleeper, I'd suggest getting two of the smaller ones with the upper and lower if you are 'up there' in years. That's what we did on our last one two years ago, since neither of us wanted to climb into the top bunk. Much more civilized. A note on food which is included in the sleeper fare: our first one in 2002 had very good food whereas the last two it was mediocre. However the scenery made it all worthwhile!
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