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  1. $413 pp is almost twice the cost for someone to date in Luminae if you paid on a day by day basis. $30 x 7 days = $210! What is ~X~ thinking?? Oh, never mind, it is Celebrity math!!!
  2. Yes, worldometers.info is extremely informative (guess, that's why it's in their name). I've been following this link since the 20th and logging the info for Japan as I have a cruise booked in Millie in Sept. out of Vancouver. (94 cases on the 20th, 161 listed today. Hoping to see a decline prior to my final pay in June!) Donna
  3. Perhaps StanandJim are not 'most people', but the exception. I know many folks who will be in the pool - either at their home, club or on a ship - for their health and comfort! In reading their trip reports, they are very active gentlemen in the ports visited, and welcome the relaxation of being in the pool on sea days! Donna
  4. I, for one, hope that it comes sometime in early June if they decide to cancel. My final payment on the TP sailing - Vancouver to Tokyo - is due about June 13! If I can't do that one, I won't be going to Asia, and ~X~ will most likely be offering substitute cruises to that area. I am keeping an eye on new corona virus in Japan on a site called worldometer.info, and logging the numbers on a weekly basis. Donna
  5. Love the aft PH! Yes, a bit narrower than other PH's but certainly usable. Spent 30 days in one several years ago, and loved every day. And yes, we had in-room dining a few times, as well as coffee each morning. Not once did we suffer from lack of room to walk between the table and chairs and buffet.
  6. Ditto! I'll be following worldometer.info which is tracking the virus in all countries reporting, Japan among them. Currently there have been 94 cases reported with two deaths. (their site was updated today, and does so daily.
  7. To anyone who has sailed in the FV corner wrap on Millie, have the large dining table and chairs been replaced on the verandas? Thanks for your responses.
  8. Can anyone tell me if X has replaced the large table and 6 chairs in Millie's FV corner staterooms? I had read that they had been removed during the refit, but think I recall someone posting that they have been restored to those FV corners.
  9. Paul, you have hit the nail on the head! There are far more intolerant folks out there today with an entitlement attitude/only my opinion counts, don't you think. This cr!! has been going on for at least the past 20 years, and it is getting worse all the time. Oh for kinder, gentler days once more! Donna
  10. I'm booked on the trans Pacific Millie cruise 9-11-18 and it hasn't been cancelled. I'm taking a wait and see attitude a few days prior to final payment time and will decide at that time. So not ALL Asia cruises have been cancelled. Donna
  11. Have a 24 day Oceania Cruise booked for March 18 and I WILL be on that ship. My next cruise - September on Millie - I'm taking a wait and see approach! That cruise will be from Vancouver to Yokohama with two other ports in Japan. I'll keep an eye out for cases in Japan as it nears final payment. Low number of cases, I WILL be on that ship as well! Donna
  12. Just tried this morning and I did get in! Thanks for your response!!!
  13. Jut tried to log in to Manage my Reservation as well as My Account and no can do!! Anyone else having trouble this afternoon? Donna
  14. SCUBA_TOM, I'm really enjoying your blog for this cruise, and especially your wine notes. I've made a list of some I'd like to try when I join the Millie for a Transpacific to Japan in September. I hope they have most of them on board at that time! Thanks for taking the time for all this posting!!!! Donna
  15. Mura, so very sorry to hear of your curtailed cruising, I know how much you and Howard enjoyed your many voyages and land trips. I'm sure it's hard on both of you, and much worse for Howard. Best wishes to both of you! Donna
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