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  1. And I agree with you 100%. The shoe tying statement is the one that got me upset, but he did apologize!
  2. Thanks for this nj. That hadn't entered my mind, but you are right!
  3. We had our final pay on a December 2020 moved to 90 days out - October 20th.
  4. OK, my question which was unasked has now been answered. 14 day cruise = $100 obc; 15 days or more = $250. Darn, my December cruise is only 14 days! Think I will purchase today anyway! Now to my e-trade account. Donna
  5. Kazu, I recognized the hibiscus and the dahlia, but what is the one in the last two photos? Beautiful pictures!!!
  6. No, I didn't! Please resend and put "cruise critic" in the reference line. Cause if I don't recognize the sender it goes to spam! Thanks.
  7. Prices up and prices down. Today I got the 'down' version. Booked Reflection SV today for $4968. Yesterday it was $5588! Good for me.
  8. Pinot, I do hope your November cruise is a 'go'! Because if yours goes, our December one will be sailing as well! We're sailing from Miami; how about you? Donna
  9. Such a GREAT place. Found it by accident about 6 - 7 years ago, and it's our go to beach whenever in Cozumel on cruises! Guess the secret is out by now.
  10. Hi, Redneck! Would you mind sending me an e-mail? classy1donna@yahoo.com
  11. I'm looking at an SV - love sitting looking over the wake. Also best place for seeing the scenery on both sides of the ship. Donna
  12. So true, jelayne! Right now they have the standard $500 off and one perk -classic drinks. Probably can't expect more than that now, can I!
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