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  1. Jim_Iain, since you both love crossings, why not change your 2020 place-holder trip from Oct. to Sep 11 on the Millie, Vancouver/Tokyo? A friend has gotten together a group of seven or eight. We'd love for you to join us on this trip! Donna
  2. I just don't understand some people! Have they never used CURTAINS while dressing? The sheers work very well, don't they.
  3. I first saw painted rocks at a Mexican Pacific coast port town, but these were a fund raiser started by a visiting Rotary Club to raise money for an impoverished inland town. The Rotarians brought painting supplies and had the children collect and paint the rocks which were then brought to the port area for sale! I still have mine about 15 years later.
  4. Yes, purduemom1, I realize that and that is really what I was asking about. Should have posted it that way but I guess I was having a senior moment or thought everyone would instinctively know what my brain was thinking!
  5. Thanks, waterbug123, Business is the way I'll be booking. It made all the difference on my last flight to Europe in September! A blissful 6 hour sleep for a change.
  6. The one Rob the Cruiser shows above is similar to both types I have. Mine with the zipper has the white fabric on the top with the O logo, while the all blue one with lesser quality fabric and no zipper.
  7. Exactly what I did with mine. I guess the reasoning behind the divider was to keep wet bathing suits away from the dry stuff, but I just use the bag for 'stuff' and groceries!
  8. You feel exactly as I do! Let's get it over with. I will, however, be. staying over in ATL as I don't want to get to PBI at ten p.m. and then get my ride home. Usually take a 1230 flight out of ATL to PBI
  9. This is something I. hadn't mentioned: the bags we received in PH were SUPERIOR (the blue and white ones) to the others, which were a lesser quality material, and no zippers.
  10. Thanks for the input, cruisemom42, this is exactly what I was looking for. Someone who has taken it and will do it again. The other option was the 10 hour flight to LAX, overnighting, then the four hour flight to ATL, then home to PBI. I've been on 11 hour flights from Venice to ATL and they were LONG, but I wasn't in business, which I will be booking for this flight. Had a wonderful sleep on my flight to BCN in business, so I will book this direct flight on the first of Nov, which is when they open up for my trip home on 25 Sep 2020. Again, thanks bunches! Donna
  11. I've no idea! When one turns up in our room we ask for a second. But no, we usually bring one from a previous cruise. I've plenty of bags to use for grocery shopping now!
  12. If we had connections on the ships, we wouldn't be staying in ocean view, B2, B1's, but at minimum would be in a PH! Oh wouldn't that be great if true. No, Orv, no connections, just happy dispositions.
  13. It's Carora, Venezuela. But I'm guessing the OP is actually talking about Vancouver (YVR). Sorry, CruiserBruce, Hapster85 got it right! Thanks, Hapster!!
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