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  1. Hello! My daughter and I went last year for a graduation gift. Not sure if true for next year, but Royal does one itinerary from Barcelona and finishes in Venice. Only happens once a year. In ‘19 it was in the middle of May which was perfect for us. The rest of their itineraries are either up and down Italy on the west or the East. (ex leaving Barcelona and returning there). We really wanted to see Rome and also a Croatian port so this was great. We flew into Barcelona and departed from there. We stopped on Cannes, France, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Zadar, Croatia and finished in Venice. It was truly magical. We loved every single place. Probably my favorite was the Almalfi Coast, and seeing the towns of Positano and Sorrento. Magical!!!! We used RomeinLimo for our Rome excursion and I can’t say enough good things about them. I booked this and was able to get two other cruisers which cut the price in half. Much better than going on a bus load full of people. We used Aldo Limos for the Naples excursion and they were also fantastic. We used Private Guides Croatia for that trip to Krka National Park. So beautiful. Please let me know if you have more questions or just need more info!!!
  2. Thanks so much for the guide!!! This particular tour just says it’s 5 hours long and doesn’t say how long for each one. The heli/glacier part does state we land on the glacier and walk around for about 15-20 minutes. Really want to do both whale watching and heli/glacier so this may work for us. We are only stopping in two other ports-Skagway and Victoria and I’ve already booked a private tour bus in Skagway to drive into the Yukon/Emerald Lake. I read that Juneau is the best place for the whale watching!!
  3. The tour says you will walk on the glacier for 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t say how long each tour is only that it’s about 5 hours.
  4. Hello. Was just curious if anyone has done this in Juneau or has this combo tour booked for an upcoming trip? The travel agent we booked with sent me a cruise sheet with many excursions, and this was one of them. You do the whale watch first on a boat, then go on a helicopter glacier tour which also lands on the glacier. The price of this tour is $500 PP. We are booked on RC and they don't offer this combo tour. Some of the helicopter tours they do offer are over $400 PP and this is just for the glacier tour. They do offer the helicopter glacier/dog sledding combo for $678 PP, but we're more interested in the whale watching. I was trying to find this combo heli/whale watch tour online to read reviews, but not having much luck. There is a whale watch/helicopter glacier landing combo on Trip Advisor for $440 PP, but there are no reviews. Just wanted to ask around here to see if anybody has done this and can recommend a tour company! Thank you!!!!
  5. Yes the cruise director’s name was Michele, a man from Italy. He was really good. Really liked the asst director too, Gemma, (think that was her name). She was from England. They did have the 10 drink cards, as some people we met had bought them. I think they were around $85.
  6. Hello all! I just wanted to give a quick review of our cruise that we just had that ended on May 18. First, it is a much older and smaller ship so not a lot of activities for teens. I was with my 18 yr old daughter. She did the rock wall and went to the gym a few times. The cruise director and activity staff were absolutely awesome! We participated in many of the games at night especially the adult ones. This was my first royal Caribbean cruise so if you like crazy people and fun do not miss the crazy quest game!!! Laughed so hard! We had a team of eight and included two guys who were participating in everything so funny! Do not go to this game show if you do not have a sense of humor or easily offended 😂😂. We really enjoyed the flags of the crew. Can’t remember exact name, but that was nice. We thought the food was excellent. My only comparison is Carnival so this was much better in my opinion. My daughter is a vegetarian and the dining room choices at dinner were great. Did not eat in the wind jammer very much maybe once or twice for breakfast. The breakfast in the dining room was much better. We thought the shows were terrible. Probably the only negative of the whole trip. I had heard that the magician illusionist was good but we did not see that one One tip I didn’t know. I bought the coffee card which gave me 15 specialty coffees and I did not use them all had about seven or eight left I was told that they never expire. I would have thrown that card away if someone had not told me! That’s all I have. Really enjoyed the ports and can’t wait to go on another RC cruise!
  7. What are the actual shows on Rhapsody? Also, I’ve seen many posts from cruisers on other ships that talked about reserving seats for shows? Do we need to book seats for shows on Rhapsody? Sailing in a week out of Barcelona! TIA
  8. Ooops sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know
  9. I should have also said that what happens if we are at our own table for 2 and we get there by 6:30 or so? Does it matter then?
  10. Great thanks so much for the info. I’m actually on hold right now with ***** to ask them about the MTD. If we have to keep the 6:00 time, we definitely wouldn’t be much past 6 or if we can’t make it by that time, we’ll just eat somewhere else. I don’t want to hold people up!
  11. Hi everyone! My daughter and I are cruising May 11th on Rhapsody out of Barcelona. I booked our cruise on cruise.com because they had balcony rooms available and RC did not. Anyway when I booked the only option for dinner was 5:30, which is just too early. I just called RC and the rep told me that the My Time dining is closed and that my choices were 6:00 or 8:30. 6:00 is better, but still early and 8:30 is late!! He said I would have to call ***** to change it. My question is, if we have the 6:00 dining, do we have to be at the MDR at 6:00 sharp or is 6:30 ok?? TIA!
  12. Thanks for the info on the Starbucks! As long as I can get lattes somewhere, the coffee card will work for me!
  13. OH gotcha! I totally read that wrong on RC's website! Well that is an easy choice to make then. I'll buy the coffee card for myself and the soda/voom package for my daughter. The coffee card sounds like a great deal. Hell my venti lattes at starbucks are $4.53/day! Thanks for the quick response!
  14. Sailing on Rhapsody this May and looking at the different drink packages. The refreshment package for $28.60/day includes sodas, mocktails, premium coffees, bottled water and fresh squeezed juices. The coffee card is $31/day for 15 specialty based espresso drinks. I just want lattes!! I am also a soda drinker. Just wondering why would anyone buy the coffee card, when the refreshment package is less $ and includes the premium coffees?? The coffee card is coffee only and costs more. I'm confused......
  15. Yes I did look at the deck plans, that’s how I found the casino. Was curious about table games etc. Thanks
  16. Just wondering about the casino on Rhapsody of the Seas. When I go to RC's website and review the ship, the casino isn't even mentioned in the "things to do"! I was starting to think this ship didn't even have one, but I found it shown on the deck plans. Must not be that great LOL. Was wondering what table games they had specifically craps and the table minimums. Also, do they have Texas hold em? Thanks!!
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