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  1. We are boarding Symphony of the Seas on Saturday, November 23, with our family of 13 in 4 cabins..... Questions: 1. Can we board earlier than our 'stated' time on our Sea Pass paperwork? (We all got different times on our registrations, from 1:00 to 3:00). 2. If we can come earlier than our 'boarding time', what it is the earliest you have arrived at port and been able to get checked in and board? (No, we did not purchase a special pass to get on early and we have only cruised Royal once before). 3. If we can board earlier - what time should we arrive at port (I'm assumi
  2. Thank you for the info! I think my only other question would be - If you have the wristband, do you use it to get on and off the ship or do you still use your card for that?
  3. We are going to be on the Symphony of the Seas with our grandchildren and we would like to be able to text with them onboard so that we know where they are without making them come back to check in all the time. Do you have to purchase an internet plan for all of us to do this or is there a ‘social plan’ that will work or do they have something that is free on the app that could work? Obviously, we don’t want to buy an internet plan for all of us, so I’m looking for our options. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your help! Do you know anything about the 'wristband' for $4.99? Do these work as room keys, and can items be bought with them? Are they waterproof? We are considering them for the children so that they aren't as likely to lose them as a room key but I've called Royal twice and gotten two totally different answers...… Thank you!
  5. We are in four side by side ocean view balcony rooms on Deck #10.
  6. We are taking a family cruise in November with 6 adults and 7 children (ages 8, 9, 11, 11, 14, 14, 17) and we have not cruised on Symphony of the Seas before. Could anyone help me with answers specifically for this ship? How many outlets are there in the cabin? Are there any USB ports? What are the adults typically wearing to dinner in the main dining room on a normal night and also on formal night? What shows would you recommend? Did your child(ren) enjoy the kids activities? Is there anything else you would recommend that we not miss, see, or do? Also, we co
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