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  1. We disembarked at Marigot earlier this month at the conclusion of the Transatlantic voyage. The ship docked at the port so tenders were not required. I can't describe the location of the port but agree with Jim that taxi drivers should know. Also, I'd think that the pre-cruise information provided by SeaDream should include the port embarkation information. Have a great trip!
  2. The ship goes into dry dock when it arrives in Lisbon. They plan to use the crossing to work on the ship prior to dry dock.
  3. Thanks for the info. We are booked on this one as well. Not pleased at all!
  4. Happy to report that ohmiss is doing just fine. No supervision necessary. We've had a nice couple of days on board. Weather has been generally partly cloudy with temps in the high 60's. Sunday the seas were a bit bouncy with a few crew members and passengers feeling the effects. Today has been smoother and was a delightful day to be out and about. Tonight is the Captain's welcome party. The usual trivia game is held every afternoon, there are 2 lecturers on board - both MD's and the Club and Activities Directors have led morning walks around Deck 6 - 16 laps or a mile each day. Lots of familiar crew members on board providing the usual great SeaDream service. Tomorrow we are in Funchal, Madeira from 8 AM until 2 PM and then we're at sea for the next 9 days until we reach Nevis on November 1.
  5. Hi Jim. We have crashed the party so am sorry to report that Oh Miss won't be the sole passenger on this voyage. She and we arrived in Malaga after a long night and day of traveling exacerbated by a tardy BA transatlantic flight which caused us to miss our connection in London and gave us the opportunity to bus from LGW to LHR. We can see SDI from our hotel room though so all is well. We'll do our best to check in here from time to time, busy schedules and internet speed permitting.
  6. Correction. We are on SDI and you will be on SDII. So we will not have the chance to meet. Sorry for the false alarm. Hope you all have a great trip!
  7. Wow. Still nobody else? We may have to come along for moral support 😉
  8. Looks like it's gonna be a lonely journey, oh miss 😉!
  9. Glad to hear. Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed your first one!
  10. Thanks, Trapper. We were very fortunate with the weather. Not too hot and just a touch of rain. Venice and Dubrovnik were mob scenes as usual but no crowd issues elsewhere. Incidentally, I agree with your comment about the A/C. It's never worked better!
  11. We disembarked SD 1 yesterday after an exceptional 11 day voyage. The ships go into dry dock regularly. No soot and no colored water. The ships are 35 years old but are very well maintained. Hope that helps.
  12. Yes, and we are leaving town tomorrow afternoon for a long planned SD adventure. Here's hoping for the best for all!
  13. We've done the crossing a few times and in fact will be on yours. No to worry too much about packing for these trips. I did the EB crossing this April with a carry on only. I made use of the SD laundry but the expense was very reasonable. We usually pack generally for warm weather but include a sweater or windbreaker for cool breezy days early in the trip. We have always spent much of the trip out on deck. Hope that helps and look forward to meeting you.
  14. Thanks and most certainly will do so.
  15. Thanks for the good wishes, Trapper. I agree with your assessment of Marc. I first sailed with him back in April on the EB Crossing and thought he was great. I'm looking forward to sailing with him again this trip. On another note, did you happen to find out what the ship is doing between today and Saturday?
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