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  1. I know this has likely been discussed in another thread, but I am having a difficult time searching. I am looking for the bed placement for 12329. Can anyone help? thanks.
  2. Me either! In fact, I can't see anything about my upcoming cruise except the date, ship and stateroom #. Not even details on remaining balance, etc.
  3. UK Fan

    Vivo Beach Club excursion

    Any experiences to share? We are interested in it as well.
  4. Thanks for letting us follow along!
  5. I'm really enjoying your review!
  6. UK Fan

    San Juan

    Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thanks! I booked Il Lugano!
  8. Thank you! I think s that's what I'll do!
  9. After researching some more, the Renaissance near the port also has availability and similar pricing, however, its reviews are as good as the RI Intracoastal. Struggling a bit with this decision!