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  1. Absent any further instructions from Viking( and THAT is becoming very difficult) the Bermuda tourism office states a PCR test taken within 3 days must be attached to the travel authorization all visitors must obtain prior to flying in. The problem is Bermuda wants this application not later than 24 hours prior to arrival. This means the COvid PCR test must be done with results within 48 hours-OVER A WEEK-END (because the Bermuda cruise leaves on a Tues.) There are rumors that Viking has a plan- but no one on the Bermuda cruise board has gotten any written info- so who knows.
  2. Hey have you gotten anything official as far as entry requirements?
  3. Guess I've been lucky ( so far). We have had only 1 change- Delta return flight. Our connection was made 15 minutes later than originally stated. We are also on the July 13 cruise.
  4. Azulann hubbs and I are on the same cruise. We live 2 hours south of Atlanta and coul dnot get on Delta flight to Bermuda. Instead we are being flown from Atlanta to CHarlotte to Bermuda.🙄 While disappointed not to be able to go off (shopping!) on our own, and on the limited excursions,, we understand. The ship will be our vacation. Can't wait!
  5. It appears that information depends on to whom one talks ( why am I not surprised?) I think I will bookmark the 3 places I have been researching for the pre PCR test and just wait until I get my info from Viking ( 8 days prior) AND watch to see how things work out with those that cruise before me😉; That way I will have my "ducks in a row" no matter what procedure is used.
  6. Thanks Stempy! Will be very interested to read about your experiences. Hubbs and I are on the July 13 cruise. Have fun!!!
  7. Great, just need that in writing now-lol. And wonder if the airport will allow us to get on the plane without that paperwork? Hey which date re you booked?
  8. Thats why when doing a a google search it might be better not to use the word"rapid". I googled, "fast" and "quick" and came up with 3 options within an hours drive of me, one being a saliva pcr test.
  9. This from the "faqs" section from the Government of Bermuda's covid webpage that specifically addresses the type of pre-covid PCR tests that are acceptable. " What specific types of COVID-19 tests are acceptable? A COVID-19 PCR test and rapid COVID-19 PCR test are the acceptable types of tests at this time. Antibody tests are not accepted. The test must be completed by an accredited laboratory. The test result must show the traveller's name, date of birth, date of the test result, and the name and contact of the laboratory. " Elsewhere it does state the test must be a PCR test and thst
  10. I am (still) in the original pfizer study group. I have to submit a weekly "symptom" log online and get blood work every 3 months. I did ask about booster and was told my antibodies are still very high. If i drop below a certain level ( wasn't told what that level was) I would be offered the booster. Interesting....
  11. Day 0 is Saturday. I did call to verify Bermuda runs travel visa applications on Sat and SUnday too. The site states at least 24 hours to process so technically could send it in Monday morning to get it back by Tues morning, but that is cutting it kinda close. our plan is to call the 3 places we have identified as having the PCR test we need to ensue it can stil be done on a Sat and we would get the results by SUnday before noon. Then send off everything to Bermuda SUnday afternoon. I know, overplanning/overthinking....
  12. If I ever get anything in writing via email from them, I'll post it. The ID NOW test would be much easier ( and cheaper) for us too, but....
  13. I have called Bermuda's covid hotline twice and received 2 different answers, 1 yes and 1 no. I have also emailed them 2x ( to try and get something in writing) and not received a response. The timing is too tight for me to take that risk.
  14. I also found one that does the saliva PCR tests about 10 minutes from home. Promises 24 hour turn-around time and does the test 6 days a week ( no Sundays). BUT-$250😲
  15. try searching for "quick covid PCR test" or "saliva PCR tests". If you search for rapid covid tests, it might take you to the antigen sites.
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