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  1. I'm scheduled for a B2B on the Freedom. The last 6 day in Galveston, then the repositioning to Seattle in April. I sincerely hope you get to cruise and have no trouble and have a wonderful time! That way I'm sure my cruises will go. 😁
  2. I thought it was strange that the only transatlantic showing on Carnival's website is the Legend on the way back, but not going over. We are booked on the Valor from New Orleans to Barcelona in January. I checked with my PVP today, and it is still on. I figured both Valor sailings, and the eastbound Legend sailing weren't showing because they were at capacity. (Whatever the capacity may be. 🙄 )
  3. My husband and I booked this cruise 2 months ago. It's our first NCL cruise. So happy to see this thread.
  4. This was an extremely clear explanation. Thanks!
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies. I think we’ll give Norwegian a try.
  6. Good day to all. I'm thinking of booking a cruise out of New Orleans for Superbowl in 2022. (Yes, I'm a planner. Lol) There are 2 cruises leaving the same day, one NCL, and one Carnival. I've never been on NCL, but have been on Carnival and Princess. The NCL cruise is about $800 more than the Carnival one for the same category room for 2 people. But this includes the Free at Sea. We usually don't get the Cheers drink package from Carnival because we don't drink enough to break even. In your opinion, would the NCL cruise be worth that much more than the Carn
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