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  1. I thought it was strange that the only transatlantic showing on Carnival's website is the Legend on the way back, but not going over. We are booked on the Valor from New Orleans to Barcelona in January. I checked with my PVP today, and it is still on. I figured both Valor sailings, and the eastbound Legend sailing weren't showing because they were at capacity. (Whatever the capacity may be. 🙄 )

  2. 1 hour ago, klfrodo said:

    You have no choice what the OBC is used for.

    You start your on board account with a negative balance (however much your OBC is for) and then as charges come thru on the account, your negative balance soon goes to positive and you owe money.

    This was an extremely clear explanation. Thanks!

  3. Good day to all.


    I'm thinking of booking a cruise out of New Orleans for Superbowl in 2022. (Yes, I'm a planner. Lol) There are 2 cruises leaving the same day, one NCL, and one Carnival.  I've never been on NCL, but have been on Carnival and Princess.


    The NCL cruise is about $800 more than the Carnival one for the same category room for 2 people. But this includes the Free at Sea. We usually don't get the Cheers drink package from Carnival because we don't drink enough to break even.


    In your opinion, would the NCL cruise be worth that much more than the Carnival cruise? I have nothing against Carnival, but want to branch out because of the different places NCL goes. 


    Thank you for your replies.

  4. Scubacruiserx2,


    I have thoroughly enjoyed your review. I have the Silhouette booked in April. It will be my first cruise on Celebrity. Different ship than the one you were on, but similar; different itinerary, but similar, and some of the ports are the same.


    Your pictures are incredible! I also enjoyed how you took quite awhile to finish it. I had something to look forward to many mornings.

  5. I had no idea that the card color designated your room catagory. On Princess it represents your captains circle status so when I received the peon white card on my first celebrity sailing I thought is was because I was new to Celebrity. I didn't realize that it meant that I was booked in a "Modern Ghetto" ocean view room. It's a good thing that we don't wear them on a lanyard.


    This thread has opened my eyes as well. I have my first Celebrity cruise booked. I've only cruised Carnival, where the color of the card represents how much you have cruised with Carnival. I've seen many people who proudly wear their platinum cards on a lanyard.


    This thread also reassures me that Celebrity cruisers have a good sense of humor. Pickets and phones in bras -- on vibrate no less. Made my day.


    Oh, and I keep my card in my pocket. One of the things I love about cruises is not carrying a purse and a phone. When dressing up, I do use a nice evening bag.

  6. I always figure that we will probably have a wait somewhere. At the hotel, at a restaurant, getting in the terminal, getting parked, getting on the ship, etc. until after muster drill when the cruise starts. I'd like to do most of my waiting on the ship. If I have to wait 15 to 20 minutes in the terminal, that's all right. After that, I'm on the ship! Other people are waiting through some other process. They may go on the same cruise, but mine started earlier. That's the way I look at it.

  7. In all the pictures I've seen of the back of the Silhouette, it looks like the overhang covers more of the balconies on deck 12 than on the decks below. I'm specifically interested in room 2159, but any info about the balconies on the back of the ship would be helpful. I've looked at the spreadsheet. It has a wealth of information, but I didn't see the answer to this question.


    Thank you for your help.

  8. That I can do the single digit dance and people know what I am up to !


    Most of our friends are non cruisers and don't understand the peace of checking out on the ship. Being on the west coast, they just goto Vegas. While I have to agree that the Inspiration is no Vegas, the beauty of being disconnected is priceless. If someone wants to reach you, they have to work for it :cool:


    I have been reading both good and bad about the new menus. I am looking forward to seeing if they have taught the cooks to use salt yet :-)


    And this is the place where those of us with more than 100 days left are jealous of the single digit dance.


    Dance, dance, dance!

  9. I am platinum. My sister is not platinum and did not purchase FTTF, but she used wheelchair assist. We got to the port to check in at NOLA together. My dh and I went straight to our room to drop off stuff. It was ready for us. My sister was pushed down the hall in a wheelchair pushed by a Carnival person. We met them in the hallway when we were leaving the room. So the time for getting on the ship wasn't that different. But their room was not ready. So a disabled person may get on the ship without too much of a wait, but if it's important to get in the cabin right away, I would say either purchase FTTF or wait until late in the day to board.

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