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  1. How about those parents that post that their Celebrity is the favorite ship of their one year old child? I also have noted that even on school vacation weeks, there are not many children on Celebrity ships.
  2. Much depends on your departure time. However, if you are leaving from Florida, I will have breakfast at my hotel. Then I will eat lunch on the ship when we board. We usually eat at the Ocean View Buffet around 1 pm. I believe it opens at 11 am.
  3. Guess what? Same shows and Amber Ashleys tribute to you know who! We were told that the production shows have been the same since the ship was launched. That was from a cast member.
  4. It was so frustrating getting connected on the first few sea days. I heard people saying they were glad they did not purchase a plan. We had significantly better connections waiting to get in port. Free and fast...
  5. I would use my Elite free minutes first and that would give me an idea as how the internet was working. On some cruises, it has been so slow I would not purchase it. You can also get a discount mid-cruise and that can be $$$ advantageous.
  6. Remember the saying that the check is in the mail? I don't expect the footstools to make a re-appearance. I remember when the Aqua Class bottled water policy had been changed a few years ago. I brought it up at the Meet and Greet and none of the Officers had heard about the change. But the room attendants knew. Interesting....
  7. There is not much to do in the port. We did a whale watching excursion from the ship and also included a beach break at Bacardi Island (Cayo Levantado). .. Seas were a little rough for the whale watch but we had a great time. We saw many whales which were wintering from the Northeast. Recommended.
  8. You will find it listed under Stateroom.. Look for yourself.
  9. The sparking wine has not been cut nor have the bags. I called Celebrity and it was confirmed that Aqua receives what Concierge receives (minus the first day lunch) and also the Stateroom amenities. If you were to look at Concierge Class, the sparkling wine is included. Bags are listed under Stateroom. On our recent cruise, we received the sparkling wine and even the nicer tote bag. I had expected a lower quaOlity one and brought my old blue leatherette but received a new one. Maybe a Christmas gift for someone...😀 On one cruise, they did run out of bags and we had been told it was a supply issue. (But my room attendant found one for us).
  10. That is true of most water in Florida. The bottled water available on the Classic Package on Equinox was borderline drinkable. We enjoyed the ship's water more or get one of the premium waters but pay more for it. As for outlets, I recall two at the desk and one in the bathroom.
  11. Go to your nearest travel agency and request a Celebrity cruise book. All of the amenities are listed starting with Stateroom and move on from there. For instance, it lists for Concierge "includes all Stateroom amenities plus" . And under Stateroom amenities, it lists "complimentary tote bag". I have the booklet in front of me. And I got a tote bag on our recent cruise as have most others who have posted here.
  12. I sail Aqua and I get all the amenities from Concierge (except the luncheon) and Verandas. Concierge class get all the perks from Veranda class. Been like that for many years. For example, the sparkling wine is not listed in Aqua because it is listed in Concierge. The only time I was not given a bag upon entering the room was when there was a supply problem.
  13. Maybe you should go to the Celebrity website. It is listed as a Celebrity shopping bag which is available for Verandas -and above. On our last few cruises, we have gotten the Navy blue one with leatherette handles with a small pouch inside. Loving it!
  14. Before you posted this, did you ever consider it could be a supply problem on your cruise? You may have jumped to a faulty conclusion. There were no such issues of our cruise. I got a nice bag from Celebrity.
  15. When we also were on Equinox, we received the nice blue leatherette zippered bag. I did not expect it and brought on an old one just in case. My favorite bag. They do run out of bags and have to re-stock.
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