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  1. Well said. In addition to the $100 deposit, you will get a hundred dollars or so per stateroom for booking on board. i.e. $150 for a 7 day cruise staying in a Veranda. The other "perks" are generally the same. What I find interesting is that you will be told that you will "get" 2 or 4 perks. They don't say that you are actually paying for them in the pricing.
  2. You can get discounts for other nights once on board. For instance, when we docked in Puerto Rico, we could get Tuscan Grill for $25 per person. When we are dining in the MDR, we like to meet our table mates the first night.
  3. Free for everyone on Celebrity in Seattle as long as your flight fell within certain time parameters. Baggage fees are separate and depending on the airline.
  4. On the first night on Equinox and Solstice, we booked for 6 pm and that is when the doors were opened for diners. I am not sure what time they opened on other nights.
  5. The restaurant does not open until 6 pm. No 5:30 reservation on Equinox.
  6. I would pay $125 per person. If you are not bothered by noise, go for it. I prefer to pay more and choose my room
  7. I would suggest you dine together in the MDR or in a Specialty Restaurant. They will often turn away suite guests. Don't plan on joining your friend in Blu.
  8. The Sky Lounge has always been that size since the Reflection was launched. I am not happy taking away public space in order to increase revenue by adding more rooms. You will notice the difference in service at the bars and in Blu Restaurant with the increased number of passengers.
  9. Much depends on the nature of the group. We have been on some that you would hardly notice the group. On a couple of others, they took over many venues. One night, they booked every specialty restaurant. Nightly, they took over the martini bar. We now know the groups and we avoided them last time and their aggravation.
  10. Fresh orange juice machines are still being used in Blu. Saw them when we had breakfast there on our last two cruises.
  11. This one family just had their children jump in the pool. 😮
  12. Reflection is a great ship and my preference over Edge. We have noticed that the additional passengers do make a difference. Public spaces just seem more crowded and are. Service tends to suffer, especially in Blu, the Aqua Class restaurant as there are more passengers entitled to eat there. More difficult finding a lounge chair as well.
  13. 200 more passengers and half of the Sky Lounge has been removed. So when there are functions there like the Elite Happy Hour and Captain's Club Celebration, it is definitely more crowded in the Lounge.
  14. There is definitely a more crowded feel to this ship from the buffet to the pool area. So get to the pool earlier and expect more people on board. Sea days can be challenging. Internet was much slower on sea days so I found speeds better late at night or when in port. I tended to use the speedier internet off the ship when in port. Don't miss an opportunity to eat dinner at the Lawn Club, especially as the sun begins to set.
  15. If I were going to Chichen Itza, I would fly. It is a more efficient way versus taking that ferry. Personally, I have reservations about that ferry.
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