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  1. Ill informed TA and then someone just wants the attention by posting. Look how many people have responded because they are now all worked up. What will be the next "rumor".....
  2. I saw the changes over the weekend. There were two types of refundable rates. One with no perks and another with 2 perks. The different on a 7 day cruise was $300 per person. That is a good deal in my opinion. (But the price was still more than what I had booked onboard).
  3. Turned down as the shareholder OBC cannot be combined with the present promotion.
  4. That is why one should check out the location of their room prior to booking.
  5. Oceanview was open from 6 to 8:30 am on Equinox.
  6. Wines vary by the location on the ship. The Ensemble Lounge will have some different wines than another area of the ship. Many wines are not listed. For example, there was only one rose listed on the list in Blu. But we had a different rose for 4 consecutive nights. . It was fun to experience different wines.
  7. There is no additional fees unless you exceed the maximum amount allowed for the drink. For example, if you chose a beer that is $2 above the maximum allowed, you would be charged $2 and 20% of that $2. Someone started a rumor that has upset a number of cruisers. Just a rumor for what that is worth.
  8. A year ago, we went to a big box TA to get information on a cruise last summer. TA said there would be an 18% addition to the cost of the beverage package. TA insisted we would be charged this amount on the cruise which we had in mind. We ended up booking with Celebrity directly and there were no such addition. I suspect the TA was confused. But that is my take.
  9. If no pool, misters or hot tub, I won't be up there either. I could bring up a kiddie inflatable pool but where would I get the water?
  10. There are some individuals that will defend no matter what the reality is. There are several of them on this board. Some. have supported the loss of replacement bottled water in Aqua Class due to the notion of saving the environment. But they will say nothing about the waste of paper advertising art auctions, bingos, shopping, etc. that are passed out to each room on a daily basis. By the way, there is a process called recycling...
  11. We were charged a tax for having lunch at the Lawn Club Grill because we were in Puerto Rican waters when the bill was presented to us. If we had been in International Waters, there would not have been a tax we were told.
  12. If there is a special time you would like to dine, then I would book now. On our recent cruise, the dining venues were pretty empty in San Juan. We were offered $25 per person that evening. But prices are often based on supply and demand.
  13. The Aqua Cafe should be open as you are sailing on the REFLECTION. Your inquiry was not directed for the Equinox. Enjoy your cruise. You will be on an outstanding ship.
  14. October 5th. Peak in the Boston area is usually around the second week in October.
  15. Yes, it is open. We eat there when we board the ship to avoid the craziness at the buffet. If you want to go to the buffet, wait until they announce the rooms are open to passengers.
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