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  1. One of the shows on Equinox has been on the ship since the ship was launched.. We were told that in a backstage tour. Minor adjustments over the years....
  2. The Solstice is a really nice ship. We have been on this ship several times and really enjoyed it. Staff tried really hard to please. On our cruise in Alaska, there was a turnover in staff the day we left Seattle. It was helpful being an experienced cruiser as I was able to give some suggestions to some staff. For instance, our room attendant in Aqua was having his orientation after we left Seattle. Poor guy. He worked really hard and was placed in an awkward situation.
  3. I see where you are from. There is great pizza in CT. The pizza on Celebrity is rather bland. But I guess they have to appeal to the majority of cruisers. The toppings are fresh but the sauce is bland and I cannot find the words to describe the dough. I can report that our cruise to Alaska we had lobster from Maine. I was surprised but could definitely tell the difference. Then they wanted to put a cream sauce over it. Just melted butter for me!
  4. I used to get it all the time with Senior and Residency rates. It has been many cruises sailed since those times. Don't buy the shares expecting to get OBC. Buy them for their investment appeal.
  5. During the online checkin, I have only been asked for the last 4 digits of my credit card. As for the assigned boarding time, that is nonbonding and only a way to spread out the masses. We just show up and board the ship after completing the paperwork.
  6. On several of our cruises, they have had a scrapbooking activity. I have enjoyed meeting other cruisers and participating in this activity. There was no cost involved. Check out the activities available in your planner.
  7. On our recent cruise on Equinox, there was NO trade in at the end of the trip. There were life changing gifts passed out to the winning team at each session. Nothing of any value. Travias were well attended.
  8. There is shuttle and you buy the round trip ticket right there off the dock.. People do walk into town but it is often rainy and windy there. We took the shuttle and it was quick and efficient.
  9. Tips are already included in the beverage packages. You can use your onboard credit to pay for daily gratuities, purchases in gift shops, and for Specialty Restaurants. You may decorate your door but don't place anything of value and make sure the door is not damaged by adhesives.
  10. Never heard of Celebrity losing a passport. However, some people take their passports ashore and end up losing them or having them stolen. This has been the case despite Celebrity telling people NOT to take their passports ashore.
  11. I believe you have solved the issue. Went back to my cruise calendar: There are 3 events which took place on different days:: Cruise Critic Connections Party (10 am), Captains Club Celebration (12:30 pm) and the Senior Officers Party (7:45 pm).
  12. It is not a great deal without the two perks. If the perks are not included, you are actually paying a lot more than the $50 upgrade and not worth it.
  13. Good advice. I always bring a final copy of our invoice as on one cruise, the amounts of OBC were not transferred to the ship's computer for some strange reason. Bringing it made a big difference in resolving the issue.
  14. Thanks for the review. Not surprised to hear about the entertainment. I think it has gone in a different direction since Celebrity has gone in-house. Brent Nixon was fine for one cruise --but once is enough...
  15. I have enjoyed our cruises on Silhouette more. My reasons include fewer cruisers and a friendly staff. We had sailed in Aqua Class and Blu was definitely more crowded with more tables and diners on the Reflection. Staff was stretched thin. I am disappointed with the loss of about 40% of the Sky Lounge on Reflection to accommodate a suite. Food quality is very good on both.
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