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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post. I love your diplomacy regarding crew and staff, etc. We were on the same ship a few weeks ago and I totally agree with you. Hope you continue to have a great cruise!
  2. We were told by crew that the dry dock will be in the Bahamas.
  3. Go to Trip Advisor. Great site. As mentioned, there are events going on during the Fall and colleges are generally opening at that time. But hotels can be expensive. Plan on $300-$400 a night. You want to be downtown. The T or MBTA works nicely to get around town. It is a subway system with different color lines. There are free maps available to explain the routes. The North End of good for Italian food and you have Chinatown as well.
  4. Be aware that there are juice drinks at the dispensers. Orange-guava, fruit punch, lemonade, etc. are mostly sugar drinks. Not really juice... There are small cartons of milk available as well as yogurt in another location at the buffet.
  5. On my flight down to FLL, there was a young lady and puppy next to me. They had the two seats and the dog was in a small carrier on the floor next to me for the most part. I can say the dog was better behaved than half of the children on the plane. And it was a long ride for the pup.
  6. Maybe the next promotion will be "Dogs Sail Free". Nearly all the dogs I have seen on ships appear to be pets. There have been exceptions...
  7. A couple of weeks ago, we went on the ship's excursion to Atlantis for the aquarium. We were told-as cruise ship guests- we could use the pool but not the beach area.
  8. When you go through the booking process, the time appear in a window. You have to go through the booking process and it is right before you actually make the payment or instruct to use the OBC. It is not listed in the menu of available tours.
  9. People did not wear their day clothes for dinner. However, it was rather informal and not particularly dressy. There were hardly any tux or fancy suits. Dress code called for long sleeve shirts for the men in the restaurants. It was on the front page every day....
  10. We did the Atlantis Tour which included the aquarium and marine exhibits. It is more than just one large tank. We really enjoyed our visit there. The tour included the hotels and casino. This was booked through the ship. And we have been to numerous aquariums.
  11. As for cooking a steak yourself at the Lawn Club Grill, it depends on how busy they are. I was not allowed to do so during a busy time. In addition, when I did cook my own filet, I was able to grill the outside but then the chef puts the filets in an oven to bring it to the desired doneness. If you want a great meal for a special occasion, Murano is the place to go. Our favorite entrees are the chateaubriand and the table side prepared lobster.
  12. There has been talk of menu changes for years and years. They did add a few more poultry dishes like pheasant and duck but nothing significant.
  13. I agree with all your points. We have not had a Beyond the Podium speaker for many, many years. When I inquire, I am told the speaker missed the ship. Illness. There is less to do on the ship and more space dedicated to income producing activities. Just compare the activities now versus years ago and it is obvious. We do enjoy relaxing but there need to be more. The entertainment needs improvement. A DJ by the pool for hours and hours. How about a Steel Drum group for a change?
  14. You should have been given a small menu that listed the starters available on a daily basis. We were given that on the first night. As for items from the MDR menu, they really don't like to do that as it is a good distance from the MDR kitchen to the Blu kitchen.
  15. On Equinox, there were minor changes in the MDR and Blu. Generally, the same menus as for the last year or so. However, the menus have rotated. For example, filet mignon or prime rib was not served the first night in Blu as in the past. Day 1 was served on Day 7 on our 7 day cruise.
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