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  1. The mystery meat provides a form of exercise for your gums. I do miss everything in Murano, Lawn Club Grill and breakfast in Blu. Don't miss the pizza and hamburgers.
  2. I remember going to a local restaurant and my dad saw a fly in his cup of soup. I think he was doing the butterfly.... After notifying the waiter, the waiter replied. "No charge for the fly today". (He brought him a bowl of soup versus a cup).
  3. How can you tell if the roll is warm without touching it? 🙃
  4. How can you tell if the bread is fresh unless you can give it a good touch?
  5. Let's see. We have had cruisers bringing their "service" dogs on board with fake certificates. You can obtain certificates exempting you from wearing a mask. Now you can obtain fake vaccination cards. It will be difficult for a cruise line to deny boarding to these individuals.
  6. If you want sun, head forward to the Aqua class cabins. Be aware what is above you when you book. On the Reflection, Blu is more crowded due to the increased number of Aqua class cabins. For instance, on the other S-class ships, there are 4 tables between the window and the aisle. On Reflection, there were 5 and rather cozy. Food is very good in Blu. Also, you cannot order entrees from the MDR from Blu due to the distance to the MDR kitchen. You can always eat in the MDR.
  7. We docked at the same pier and we had time to go to the Butterfly Gardens and then to Butchart Gardens. It was open past 9 pm when we were there. We really enjoyed our visit. Spectacular! Took the cruise line tour. There was live music at the floral Gardens for us to enjoy.
  8. Actually, there are 2 pools outdoors and one in the Solarium. And if you want to count the whirlpools (hot tubs), there are 4 outside and 2 in the Solarium.
  9. You may be confused as there is no pool on the Retreat Deck for suite guests. As mentioned, there are pools available.
  10. No shower is located there.
  11. Have the single upgrade to Aqua Class. Or you could dine with them in the MDR, buffet or specialty restaurant.
  12. These are resorts whose entry and merchants are controlled by the cruise line. Actually, Labadee is not an island. It is a resort in Haiti leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. Labadee is fenced in and monitored by a security force.
  13. On this site, check out the Review section. Just go to Celebrity and then Equinox. You will get a variety of critiques.
  14. Been to both locations on certain Celebrity cruises.
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