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  1. Depending on how much money you play. Money in. More money in better perks. People get free cruises and all expenses on ship comped. All food and bar, and extras. Do not know how much they gamble, has to be a lot
  2. I find, and maybe it’s my phone, that apple closed it down, and asked for your Apple ID. What since you don’t have real WiFi, this can not be done on the ship. Have to go into port get free WiFi and fix my phone
  3. Four points on Burbon street. Take cab to ship it’s a flat rate price for taxis
  4. If you have your own portable O2 concentrator, take it. Just ask for an extension cord. Take it as a Carrie on when boarding the ship. Airlines will give you a hard time, having to get advance ok. Not cruise ship. The portable O2 should be able to operate on its battery’s when using it around the ship
  5. There is always some type of food place by the pool. Depending on the ship as Guys or just a hamburger place. There a drink dispenser, coffee dispenser, hot water, tea ice, cold water there. You will not have a problem.
  6. There are cheaper brands then Yeti, it’s basically a back pack that line with material to stay cool. Have to add ice. Will have no problem getting on the ship with it. At ports, most ports will not allow food, drinks, and ice from the ship into there country. Guest you can buy food once off the ship and take it with you. Coming back onto the ship. No food, closed drink maybe. Wine ok Unless you are going to PR and stop at CVS don’t see any really up side
  7. Or anytime Dining. You can go when ever you want
  8. Just request twice a day if that what you want. Sometimes we are at the casino until 4 AM. And it hard getting up early. After 4 early is like noon
  9. NOLA is where the ships sail from. It’s not a port on a cruise..NOLA is in the USA. You can set up tours on the internet yourself. Or Take a taxi, or walk. Depending on what hotel your staying at they can work with you.
  10. Problem with IPhone. It’s keeps asking you to turn on data. So you cab accidentally turn on data. If you get the second internet plan above social. You can only have one device connected at a time. You can e mail text and sometimes make WiFi phone calls with that plan. Also you can log off one phone and log on another as a family can all use it .
  11. Many more younger people at Early Dining. I don’t have young children and like the later Dining.
  12. Has many different types of food on At buffet. It’s really the question of so you want to spend 2 hours eating in MDR. Restaurant type feel, being served, app, soup, main and desert. Or you want to served yourself at buffet. Eat and get out much faster. More of a cafeteria feel. Some people don’t get to go out to restaurant very offered and totally enjoy the MDR. Others don’t. Some of Us like Red other like Green
  13. Two thing that I don’t like. Specialty Restaurants. What ever is on Specialty Resrauranr is not served in MDR. You would not pay for something you would get for free. BUT like NCL there MDR has nothing on there menu, chicken breast five different ways. CCL isn’t that bad because have less Specialty Restaurants. People like Play list Players productions ??? It’s the only show on the ship, it’s either go to it. or do nothing type of thing I understand things cost more, fuel, food, employees ect. But it’s not like they are charging 2000 prices it 1990 prices today. And making it up with cutback and up changing.. prices to cruise are up with the new ships prices are up 50% to 100% over 2000. Cruising is still a good deal. Paid one price and ita all inclusive, Room,Food, Entertainment, and you get to see some ports
  14. You should get some free cabins I really don’t think you can do a partial charter. You can get a discount price, free rooms, used of large rooms for get together. You may get some free food for you get together that linger of stuff. Total different then cutting a deal for the ship a week paying the Cruise line two or three million and you take care of everything else. Booking collecting moneys, giving out cabins, ect Also time of year is important. Don’t think cruse lines care about charters in the summer, Thanksgiving week. Christmas week, Easter week. If you are going in October, or March you could get a better deal
  15. If you do MTD. It’s faster, more like 60 minuts. In regular MDR you enter at 5:30. and they don’t start until 6. Then the app lines in the kitchen so it takes time to get apps. Ect. MTD if you don’t go when it opens. Everyone is at a different point of there meals. So I am on apps and the table next to me is finishing up
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