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  1. I watched a special on cbc here in Canada a few weeks ago. It was on the Fifth Estate documentary program and was very eye opening. http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2011-2012/thewreckofthecostaconcordia/
  2. Friends of mine are thinking about doing this excursion during their St. Lucia stop on the Carnival Victory. They are concerned about the distance from where the ship docks. I read it was about an hours drive in a previous response. Would people say that's about right? Thanks!!
  3. Costa will survive. There will be challenges and questions for the entire industry however.
  4. San Juan was cancelled from my cruise on the Freedom last year. Most of my group booked before the port was removed (I booked after) and I believe they received OBC.
  5. Disappointing! I loved the daily paper. My cabin mate and I would look at it together every day!
  6. Carnival Corporation and plc is the owner of several cruise lines including Carnival, Princess, Costa, Seabourn and many others. Carnival Cruise Lines does not own Costa, they just have the same parent company. I think it will be interesting to see the response of the entire cruise industry to what has happened. The conversations at Seatrade in just 2 months should be interesting.
  7. No ship is unsinkable. Accidents happen all the time usually as the result of human error. I hope the real lesson of this horrible incident is for cruise line executives, crew and passengers to pay more attention to overall safety while on their cruise. Nobody likes to think that the unthinkable could happen. This incident shows that yes it can happen. So pay attention during muster drills and don't hide in bathrooms.
  8. My guess is that the ship will be stripped of anything useful and then scrapped. Trying to repair and sell it would be a significant challenge. Who would want to buy it?
  9. There is room on all the life boats for all passengers and crew so a "women and children" first policy simply isn't needed. And could make evacuations actually take longer if everyone is scrutinized when boarding to know the order. Should mothers take priority over women who are childless? Should passengers take priority over crew members? Should fathers take priority over childless women? Too complicated and time consuming. If everyone boarded life boats in an orderly fashion there is room for all.
  10. I would go. Of course when something like this happens it makes people have second thoughts. The same thing happens when there's a big plane crash. Incidents like this are thankfully rare. Hopefully it makes people realize the important of participating in the safety drills fully. The information could save your life. Next time I cruise I'll also me paying better attention and try out my life jacket so I know what to do. You think you know and its easy to figure out but everything becomes harder when you're panicking.
  11. Its your call. My parents pulled me out of school for a week to go to Disney when I was in Grade 7 and I can't say I had trouble catching up. Talk to their teacher and get the work they are going to miss.
  12. Its my opinion that staff should enforce adults only. I avoided the main pool on the Freedom because of the kids. No I had no problem with families going on vacation - my parents took me everywhere when I was a kid and all the kids I saw were pretty well behaved. But if an area is adults only it should be enforced because otherwise what's the point of saying it adults only in the first place.
  13. The only rental car place I can find in Downtown St. John's is Hertz. I believe the location is close to the port. Enterprise has locations in St. John's and I'm sure they would pick you up at the dock. Alternatively you can rent do a taxi tour of the city. They offer a rate of around $40 for 3 hours.
  14. Parks Canada is a great organization! Although it should be from the Yukon to Newfoundland and Labrador (not PEI). Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site near St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly point in Canada. Its also part of one of the most popular shore excursions in St. John's.
  15. I had my bag searched at going through Newark airport a few years ago. Got home and found a note inside that it had been searched by Homeland Security. The bag had been locked and they broke the lock off. I don't even bother locking my bag anymore because of that. They would have searched your bag regardless of it being locked or not.
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