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  1. Not true. Our PM has commented that the new COVID variants are making it harder to open a trans-Tasman or South Pacific bubble which was hoped for in Q1 2021. Re-opening NZ's borders will rely on evidence that "being vaccinated means you don't pass Covid-19 on to others or we need enough of our population to be vaccinated and protected that people can safely re-enter New Zealand." At the moment, anybody entering New Zealand - resident or visitor - needs to immediately enter a managed isolation quarantine hotel and remain there for a minimum of 14 days as well as returning multipl
  2. Akaroa is a seaside village of a few hundred people - I'd be surprised if there was any option at all. I think you will need to get to Christchurch to have any range of options.
  3. Xena was some of the earlier special effects and film manufacture (costumes, weapons, make up) work done by Weta Workshop. If your cruise is visiting Wellington, a Weta Workshop behind the scenes tour would take you back to some of those early days and also the work they're doing now on products like the upcoming Avatar movies, Pete's Dragon, Narnia, Thunderbirds .. even Power Rangers!
  4. Kia ora from Wellington. I'm sure you were hoping for a straightforward answer, but Easter Sunday trading is mixed around New Zealand depending on local conditions. Shops in Wellington are most likely going to be closed but the key attractions will be open, so plan on spending time on a tour out to Weta or other offerings onboard, or visiting Te Papa national museum, Zealandia, Cable Car etc. Sorry you'll miss the shopping this time though!
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