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  1. On the Easy Package all drinks up to €6 included, Bacardi is priced at €6.50 so not included
  2. On the Bellissima Barcardi white superior rum is NOT on the Easy drinks package, we were on for 3 weeks and Bar Tender told us it is Appleton on Easy Package. As we had upgraded to Premium before we travelled we got Barcardi
  3. MSC got back to me, Bacardi superior is only on the premium package so I’ve upgraded to that one, we sail on the 11th so then I’ll know for sure.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Our Bellissima sailing is from Barcelona to Dubai so no-one will have done it yet, I’ll just have to wait until we’re on and then upgrade if necessary. I emailed MSC last Monday but still haven’t had a reply.
  5. Please can anyone tell me if Barcardi superior white rum is included in the Easy drinks package on the MSC Bellissima? I ask as I am getting conflicting answers some say it’s Appleton rum. When I google MSC Easy package it say Barcardi, Beefeater Gin and Smirnoff vodka others say it’s priced at 6.50 euros so isn’t. Someone sailing/sailed on the Bellissima must have the answer. I have pre ordered the Easy package and it’s included on another sailing as we have booked Auerea so I need to upgrade if it’s not included. Thank you so much .
  6. Hi, Has anyone stayed stayed in this Cabin and was it noisy from the Buffet above, I wouldnt have chosen this Cabin myself but I wasnt present when "the girls" booked it for birthday celebrations in February. Thanks
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