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  1. We had a very similar experience on our cruise in September. Our neighbours were very noisy the first few nights - the male guest was a very heavy drinker and came back very late ( early hours) banging the doors, raising his voice and putting on the TV. We spoke with them when we got to the point of “no more tolerance” and his partner was clearly very embarrassed indeed - it did mostly solve the problem. Although it didn’t stop him coming back late I am sure his wife had made it clear to him that she wasn’t happy. He used to sleep in very late, she often breakfasted on her own. We saw him regularly in the Explorers Lounge drinking with a friend -unfortunately we had found as a neighbour one of the very few irresponsible drinkers on board who was determined to get the very most out of his silver spirits package. We have cruised three times now with Viking and have only heard low level TV - the rooms are very well soundproofed. If our discussion had not worked we would have definitely gone to guest services and I am sure they would have acted. Maybe the bartenders need to be a little more assertive with very heavy drinkers??? !! ( Controversial!!) . Can I say I am sure this is an extremely rare problem1
  2. There are several ways to make a reservation on the ship. Before you go download the Viking Explorers App to your phone. As soon as you get on board log in to the system and make extra reservations over those you have already! Next you can make them on the television system in your room. It is also possible to make reservations by telephone to guest services, at the restaurants themselves, and each day at breakfast time at the entry to the World Cafe on the right side of the ship someone is standing by to make and change reservations! We usually manage to get 2 extra in each when we get on board, and then if we wish to go again , especially if there are menus we haven't tried at the chef's table we speak to the Head Waiter who sorts things out! We have always been able to get as many reservations as we have wanted. Sometimes you may need to be flexible on time and some days they get lots of cancellations ( not sea days!) when people are tired from a full day of activities or lobster is on the menu in the main restaurant! We have found after we have got 4 reservations in each speciality restaurant the system will not let us have others electronically (we are usually in a PV cabin with automatic access to two). The only way to overcome that is through the head waiters in the restaurants themselves until late in the cruise when the "system" seems to open up again. When we were on board in September there were 5 menus ( Chinese, Asian, Scandinavian, Venetian and Tastes of the World) over the 14 days - each was on for two days - that meant that the first menu (Scandinavian) came round twice. There are other menus so I think it impossible to predict what is coming until you can log on and book. We are on Orion in April and our reservation dates for the restaurant are in 10 days time so we will know then! When you go to book on line the menu for the day is shown to you so you can decide if you are happy. They will make changes for dietary and allergy reasons but basically it is fine dining and no choice. We like it very much but we recognise it is not for everyone. We were told last time that the formula of rapid menu change had meant increased covers in the Chef's Table. People seem to either love it or don't! The fans like us try every menu and are very happy!! I am always willing to try something new and although the portions can be on the small side you will never go hungry on a Viking ship! I hope that helps.
  3. That's a good question! We have never managed to eat lobster in three cruises! We have always been eating in one of the speciality restaurants that night! I think they move it around and keep it quiet!! I do know that when it is on, spaces open up in both Manfredis and the Chefs Table as a result of cancellations! So...off we go to one of those!
  4. We have been on three sea cruises and Mamsen's was open every day at lunchtime - it does have slightly strange opening hours but was always open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and late evening. The Explorers Lounge Bar was always open - from mid morning. At breakfast time coffee and juice is served from the bar as soon as Mamsen's opens. Just occasionally it can be very busy if "scenic cruising" is on the menu!
  5. Hello Wendy , We have stayed in a PV cabin ( Twice) and been very happy - there is loads of storage space in the wardrobes, shelves, drawers, by the bed and under the bed! Last time we were on board we had several empty drawers and my lovely wife does not travel light! The bathroom has masses of space for your essentials. We have not stayed in a DV cabin but my understanding is that there is less space due to the way the cabin is laid out but that generally speaking again there is ample space for most requirements. We started out on our first trip in a Junior Suite for a special celebration but quickly decided thar the extra cost was just not worth it!! It was lovely to be up on the 8th floor but the PV cabins seem to us to have that great balance of early bookings, space to relax , and amenities that we value. We have been happiest on the 4th floor as we can then walk everywhere without the lift! There used to be a big difference in the price of PV cabins between the categories but this is now almost non existent. I guess those who like them have worked out that there is little benefit in being on a higher floor. We like to be towards the front of deck 4 (away from the lift) which are the cheaper ones and in our opinion the best sited!! I think you would be very happy in one of these for a world cruise - we are going to Asia in April for 28 days and that is what we have booked ( although we could only get a 5th floor at the back as the whole cruise was sold out when we booked a year ago and we took a cancellation) .
  6. We went with Alla for two days and they were excellent. We went to the Faberge as part of the trip which Viking were not offering at the time and we had plenty of time there. We did not feel rushed at all over the two days and were delighted with their service. I would be reassured by all these comments - you will be much less rushed in the Alla small group and I am sure overall will see more.
  7. As far as the Chef’s Table is concerned you can probably get as many reservations as you like on board - they will try to fit you in - Manfredi’s is a different matter - download the Viking App to your phone and as soon as you get on board make extra reservations before most people know what is going on! If your friends make them at the same time or within half an hour you can then get the head waiters to merge them! We managed to get 4 Manfredis reservations and ate each time the menu changed in the chef’s table which was 6!! You just need to work the system! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. We always seem to have more OBC than we can use so we send stuff to the laundry - it is always very efficient and if given in the evening is back the next day - no need to pay for the rush surcharge as it comes in a rush anyway! They take great care. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. There is a bit of a rush but it always seemed to me to have space - we were a bit disappointed by tea the one time we went - if we needed an afternoon snack we went to the explorers lounge where tea would be served from the bar and some lovely cakes and pastries are offered at Mamsen’s ; that could be crowded too on sea days! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Yes drinks are very reasonable - if you are in a PV cabin or above there are alcoholic drinks in the mini bar which they will customise for you. We have had the “package” free twice, once as a promotion and once as compensation for a problem; we are not great drinkers and would not have had the value from it but if you like the Chef’s Table and want the upgrade wines they charge $25 a person - that is included in the drinks package. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. As mentioned there were 4 on our recent cruise too - I have to say their subjects were very closely related and we did give a couple a miss - the minutiae of Viking Mythology and the history of boat building were not quite our thing! We enjoyed the history and Geology . We were disappointed that the wildlife lecturer was left off because the boat was completely full!!! Many of the history lectures are “standard” ( look for the magic word iconic) - these have all been written by Charles Doherty who runs the history programme for Viking. He is very entertaining and we have met him a couple of times. This means if you go say on Viking Homelands and In the Wake of the Vikings (which we have) the lectures are repeated!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. We are just back and 6 menus were offered on a 2 day rotation - there are 7 now I understand. We ate there 6 times - we had the Scandinavian twice and gave the Venetian one a miss - we love it there - they had more covers on our cruise in the Chef’s Table than ever before - there are those like us that like to try every menu and they will bend over backwards to fit you in. The quicker rotation has increased the popularity among the “regulars” . It is not everyone’s cup of tea I quite understand that! Manfredi’s reservations are much more of a challenge! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Yes it should be on your invoice and then onboard - the drinks simply are not charged when ordered - it is very straightforward. Tell them in the Chef’s Table you are on the “package” and some very nice upgraded wines will come out! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Just an alternative suggestion - the airport bus is very convenient indeed. We caught it right outside the terminal - booked in advance - it has 4 stops in town the final one being at the Radisson where we stayed which is walking distance to the Viking berth. It took about 30 minutes maximum from airport to hotel. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. We were on the 4th September cruise this year - we just missed one stop in Nanortalik due to the wind and had a relocation in the Faroes which we really liked as we were able to take a lovely walk up the Fjord - it affected those wanting to visit Torshavn on their own which wasn’t possible. It is a beautiful trip - we saw amazing scenery both on land and from the boat and some amazing whale watching in the St Lawrence on the way to Saguenay. The weather was generally very good indeed - I had too many clothes with me - just wore my thinnest fleece and rain layer but we are used to it being from the U.K.!! The deck was closed one day for walkers due to the wind. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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