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  1. When we sailed her it was on deck 3. We were on the railing on deck 4 and had a view of a 90% empty dining room during our late seating.
  2. Senators are putting a bill into play that would allow cruises from US ports to start July 4 2021. They are taking serious the threat of more ships finding non US homeports. Royal and NCL have already started moving ships and Carnival which said last week that they would not abandon US ports has apparently had a change in thinking and will now consider moving ships also. Carnivals new Mardi Gras may skip the Caribbean altogether and home port in Barcelona
  3. Oasis Class with 6500 passengers feels far less crowded than most ships we have ever been on. I would assume Quantum class is laid out similar with Royal doing a great job of keeping activities going mid ship, forward, and aft at the same time. Plus you are sailing a month before easter Sunday. happy cruising
  4. That is where we are. We are still booked on Harmony for Oct 2021 B2B. 99 percent sure we will cancel, masks, social distancing, limited shows, and restricted shore access is a definite no go for us. The only thing keeping us from canceling is the hope of a 125% FCC if they cancel. Still have a few months to finally decide.
  5. Plan on one night in the Windjammer for dinner, it is usually very good. Be sure to let your servers and table mates know if you are skipping the next nights dinner, some times they hold up the table 10 - 15 minutes thinking you are just running late. Happy cruising, it is a great addiction..
  6. You will each have 3 free drinks added each day to your seapass good at any bar, showroom or dining venue to be used during happy hour. I did read that the 3 drinks will be upgraded to 5, but who knows what lies ahead.
  7. Sits under the shops so it should be quiet. It is a connecting cabin and that would be a no go for us.
  8. Wife always calls the airline the following day and has never had a problem picking seats
  9. 2009 Mariner of the seas Valparaiso Chile to Los Angeles 16 nights . Ship was at 70% capacity , weather was perfect every day, made friends with people from England that we still email regularly. That was the longest cruise we had been on and still remember it as a favorite.
  10. New home port in Nassau. Thats why Royal, Carnival and Ncl are all looking to move home ports away from the CDC influence.
  11. Got to get it extra crispy, if not it shows up like fatty flabby greasy bacon. Wash it down with a wedge salad and finish with the large ribeye. Asparagus and Mac & cheese ... It is heat attack heaven.. And try to save room for the mud pie...
  12. Absolutely love the pork belly appetizer ordered extra crispy.
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