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  1. That little vanity chair on Symphony has a back that is about 6 inches tall. If you have a jr suite you will have a arm chair.
  2. What little local currency I end up with, usually a few dollars, I always leave it on the desk as a little extra for the cabin steward. Unless it's paper euros which I save.
  3. 🎯 There were " Public Call Stations" in Canada in 1903, Talk about living the past.
  4. Fascination is way past her prime and way to small. Freedom is actually larger than the Horizon. If you want to try something new go with Freedom. Royal seems to have a much better way of spreading out passengers through out the ship. Even though freedom is 16 years old she shines as if new.
  5. Cruise lines are very good at controlling costs and cutting out waste. The fact they use outside TA'S shows that is a profitable form of cutting costs. Cruise lines will book over 24 million passengers in 2019, it would take multiple 10's of thousands of cubicle dwellers to service that amount..
  6. We have used Air2sea many times. Call the airline the next day to pick and confirm seats. Be sure to use the airline booking number and not the Air2sea conformation number when using the airlines website.
  7. You must have missed the 12 posts before yours.
  8. This is what we found on Oasis and Allure also. When they scan your sea pass it seems to only look for a reservation, not for a day or time.
  9. True, but you have also given up hundreds of dollars in perks each time you went direct. 40 + cruises you may have shorted yourself 10 to 15 thousand in perks..
  10. Actually not the worst. I have a friend who went through this in 2015, LAX to Vancouver and then board the ship at Canada Place. He was denied boarding the Air Canada plane at LAX. Getting on or off the ship in Canada has no bearing on entry to Canada. The ship is docked in Canadian waters.
  11. We ate at Chop's and 150 on symphony. I preferred Chop's my wife likes 150. They do have a beef tenderloin for 2 at 150 that I ordered for myself as my wife wanted chicken. For some reason she was at her limit for beef after two nights at Chop's. We were also able to get the Cauliflower Steak as a shared plate. Ate outside at Chop's for the first time and it was very nice.
  12. If you feel comfortable with the cruise line then just book with them. Once booked and settled you can then look for a TA to transfer to, allowing you to pick up a few hundred in perks. Our son just booked a Disney cruise and got a lot of perks for booking. He got off the phone with Disney and immediately called the big box member store he uses and just gave them his booking number and received a big gift card as a thank you. Most cruise lines have a 30 - 60 day transfer window. And as Flatbush flyer said, being in control of your booking means almost nothing.
  13. If your on Royal Caribbean the onboard water is very expensive and may be worth the trouble. If you on Carnival the water onboard is very cheap. As others have said just hang it on the back of the wheelchair in 3 totes.
  14. You need a Canadian Lawyer. A bit pricey for a TRP or a CCR, $1500 minimum. You could even be denied boarding the day of your flight to Canada. Cancel and go somewhere else. Felons who attempt to cross the international border between Canada and the United States of America may risk being denied entry due to criminal inadmissibility, even if their criminal conviction happened 20 or 30 years ago. Foreign nationals with felonies on their record may never be "deemed rehabilitated by the passage of time", and can be stopped at the border and sent home regardless of how long ago their crimes occurred. Admissibility to Canada is determined by the severity of the equivalent crime north of the border, and if the Canadian equivalency is punishable by a maximum imprisonment of ten years or more, the individual does not qualify for automatic Deemed Rehabilitation. Felons who are adequately prepared to go to Canada, however, may enter the country by way of a Temporary Resident Permit or Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation.
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