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  1. I think that was why they opened it up ship wide. We got most morning coffee from the baristas in promenade cafe. The specialty coffee area in the spa never had a line.
  2. Our last cruise on Symphony they used Dazzles for Pinnacles, The Attic, The DL and Jazz on 4 were for D and D+. They also allowed specialty coffee from Promenade Cafe and the Spa coffee bar 24/7. The Attic and Jazz on 4 had a far superior appetizer spread then the one in the DL. Had a great 14 nights. happy cruising
  3. Sad to see it go, best DL in the fleet. Moving to deck four sucks. Looks like you will be among the last to enjoy it. On the brighter side they did install a virtual balcony window in the Symphony DL. Once we saw it we knew. not ever for us. We will be on the Allure TA after the refurb and will miss the Dl on decks11/12. happy cruising
  4. By removing auto grats you are shorting behind the scenes workers and those in the Buffett. The person you tip individually is required to turn the tips over to the pool. When tipping become mandatory it will be because of select tippers like you.
  5. Right, There are two lines one for and on without reservations. No reservation line might be a slight wait at prime time. If you like your time, table and wait staff you can ask for it to be permanent all week.
  6. Our son booked through Costco, open my time means you have MTD with no set times being reserved. He went on the cruise planner and reserved his dining times. This was several years ago on Oasis.
  7. Over 60 days on Oasis Class. For us bigger is always better.
  8. Might be much easier onboard to change to late seating, you can take that final double cocktail down to dinner from the DL. You can also get a few bottles of water durning happy hours to load up the fridge in the room for the following day. happy cruising
  9. We have a B2B Nov. 2020 First leg 3 night is $107.39, second leg is $99.00. Chop's plus 1 is only offered on first leg for $81.36
  10. If you show up at the terminal around 2pm the lines will be gone.
  11. Other than no luggage valet you have been badly misinformed. We were on her for 14 nights and the cruise was awesome. We had 11 specialty restraunt diners and all were very good to excellent. happy cruising
  12. Good catch, we are on the B2B leaving on Oct. 25th and then on the Nov.1 TA. If this TA is your first cruise it is a awesome choice. Sea you onboard. happy cruising.
  13. Go up to the top of the page, click on research, click on ships and there are 300.
  14. When we were on Symphony it was the chair and foot rest, two of each. We have had four Oasis Class cruises with one more booked for 2020, always deck 12 forward hump as we like to be up high. Deck 12 also has about 80 fewer cabins in the front compared to lower decks, and the forward elevators are used much less throughout the day although they are busy after the shows let out. happy cruising.
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