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  1. Royal Caribbean Ovation of the seas does 2 a year, April and September and it has solo cabins. 10 nights Vancouver to Honolulu, 2nd leg 18 nights Honolulu to Sydney, does the reverse trip in April.
  2. Radiance holds 2400, Oasis hold 6400. Might be a little more crowded getting off.
  3. This is January 5th 2020. Before Taxes and fees it is $148.50 pp $13.00 under the advertised $161. No one understands Royals math. SUMMARY View pricing by guest Interior Stateroom Guarantee $430.00 2 Guests DEAL NRD -$25.00 BOGO50 NRD -$108.00 $25.00 Free Onboard Spending Credit FREE Subtotal: $297.00 Taxes & Fees $181.00 Total For Room (after discounts) $478.00
  4. Agree with biker, we have several specials reservations every cruise and never reserve before 8pm many times we have a 8:30 reservation and people still arrive after us. happy cruising
  5. Same thing we are doing. Allure 10/25/2020 and back on 11/1/2020 to Miami. might sea you onboard.
  6. Promade Cafe, 24 hours. Big pots of coffee and Specialty coffee by the cup.
  7. Not in the good ole USA, every ship must zero out on turnaround day.
  8. Check out Cunnard, I think one of the Queens does New York to Southampton several times a year. They occasionally run a discount on certain weeks that price a inside cabin at below $1000.00 pp Might be a long drive Texas to New York but it is a option. happy cruising
  9. All depends on how many specialty dining nights we have. Love a large table with lots of conversation. If we are only doing 2 specialty restaurants we go for late traditional large table. Last 14 night cruise we had 11 specialty dining nights so we went for MTD as it would be rude to not show up 11 times. Lunch or breakfast is always a table for 2 . Always sit with a group in the Diamond Lounge. Sit by ourselves in the bars unless it is trivia time. Most cruises we are at one of the very last tables to leave. That picture of a dining room is absolutely awful the way the tables are set up, much prefer Oasis class dining.
  10. + 1, I preferred the steak from Giovanni's over Chops. Plus Giovanni's had no problem giving a 3rd entree to share at the table.
  11. I have found that ordering from the wait staff in the bar you get them same as the DL, if you order from the bar tender behind the bar they seem to be much more flexible. Have also found the bar tender looks at the sea pass card, sees's Diamond printed on it and often does not run the card.
  12. Yes wipe out will be gone. Replaced by Loco Fresh which in my opinion is much better. Opposite side of the ship will have the new BBQ place. Same is true for Oasis and Allure after the reforms.
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