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  1. Yes, don't wait.. It ends tomorrow, unless extended.
  2. Waiting to hear from others, I will be bummed if it is available. 14 nights on Symphony last year and if was there I missed it. Unless it was inside of Izumi, I never tried that one..
  3. I would avoid all of deck 13, deck 14 is a happening place with lots of traffic. Enjoy your TP, happy cruising
  4. The ship will be heading in a NE direction so it really won’t make a whole lot of difference which side you’re on as far as the amount of sunshine you’ll get. Of course, in the morning the sun will rise on the starboard side of the ship and the port side will get more sunshine in later in the morning and for the remainder of the day. If you’re looking to lie out on your balcony and tan you should probably go with the port side. We had ovation booked for last Aprils TP and had a deck 8 forward balcony booked. Had cabin 8560 which is kind of on a corner. But alas the china plague hit and it was cancelled. happy cruising
  5. Over 500,000 thousand people cruised per week in 2019. First 3 months of 2020 new records were being set. How many people did NOT contract Covid 19 and did not die. I will guess the number in under 100th of a percent. World wide contraction is at 0.03% Facts go either way.
  6. If you cancel through the cruise planner the refund is same day, if your cruise is cancelled and you let Royal do the refund then yes it is months..
  7. Sounds like you are booked on the Enchanted Princess. Be aware that Harmony is 50% larger and carries over 6,000 passengers. Some find the size of the ship and passenger count overwhelming, although we find Oasis class ships far less crowed than the smaller ships. Much more entertainment nightly on Oasis class. We have sailed both lines and find RCL is more to our taste. We are in our 70's and absolutely love the mega ships. We have Harmony booked next OCT. for a Med cruise followed by a 14 night TA back to Fll. Might check out Harmony on YouTube, happy cruising
  8. Try Cubby at the airport. Radical Storage uses locations throughout the city. Both run about $7 per bag. We have had good luck dropping luggage off very early using the curbside skycap. happy cruising
  9. Technology is catching up. Who would of thought Willy Wonka was a genius before his time. PEOPLE LAUGHED WHEN ThyssenKrupp, a company synonymous with elevators, announced it was developing one that goes every which way. Who'd ever heard of such a thing? Everyone knows elevators go just two directions: Up and down. Some took to calling it the Wonkavator, after Willy Wonka’s wacky lift that goes sideways, slantways, and longways. "There were some doubts," company CEO Patrick Bass says with just a bit of understatement. Put aside your doubts. After three years of work, the company is testing the Multi in a German tower and finalizing the safety certification. This crazy contraption zooms up, down, left, right, and diagonally. ThyssenKrupp just sold the first Multi to a residential building under construction in Berlin, and expects to sell them to other developers soon, will cruise line architects be next. The future of elevators is now the present, and it's pretty damned wild.
  10. You would need to go back 4 centuries to avoid the lines and be buffet free, love those Swedes. The Smörgåsbord is a 300-year-old tradition in Sweden. It’s a meal served buffet-style with multiple dishes of different foods on the table. It’s normally a celebratory meal where guests help themselves from a range of dishes.
  11. Masks, social distancing, no roaming the ports, means no cruising for us. We are in Vegas every other month, place is a pain in the a**, only go to visit mother in law and not worth leaving Summerlin. Look at England. Lockdowns, masks, distancing and second wave now hitting. Time to let nature take it's course.
  12. Lots of foot traffic in the promenade but not in the halls. Only way to access the hallways is around the outside of the elevators. A hump cabin on 8 would be very nice. Center hump cabin on forward hump is a great choice. We have had that cabin location on deck 12 several times and views are great.
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