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  1. We did the L&S May 13th and let Royal cancel the cruise planner items... Still Waiting.
  2. Dalek in forefront only kills humans, 2nd Dalek kills humans and all viruses. Trump needs to hop a ride on the Tardis, go to planet Skaro, make a biggly deal with Dr, Davos and send a few to earth.
  3. We were also booked on the April 2020 Sydney to Honolulu and cancelled. With the flight being 16 hours there was no way I would sit in standard economy. We used Air2Sea and the price for economy plus was around $3000 for two and then we needed to add Hawaii to LAX for about $600 additional. Air fare and hotel was more than the cruise price for a deck 12 balcony.. I was actually happy things were cancelled. Lax to Europe has never been over $1600 for two in premium economy. As a side note Air2Sea has always been a pleasure. Several years ago our flight to Rome was canceled the morning of the flight because of a hurricane. 30 minutes on the phone with Air2Sea and we were booked onto a different airline with no additional cost or fees. happy cruising
  4. Skip the extra nights in FLL. and check out a Oasis class ship.
  5. hospitals have been using blue light for several years and achieve a 99% kill rate. Biggest draw back is that blue light kills people also.
  6. Royal Caribbeans new ship Odyssey of the Seas has 7 and 9 night Greek sailings next summer, several are advertised as late or overnight stays. We are also lovers of the big ships and have a med b2b on Harmony booked next year.Happy cruising
  7. We did the L&S on May 8th, received a notice from Royal on May 13th that cruise planner items were canceled, today July 1st we are still waiting for the refund..
  8. And as long as the muster station is not filled. Murphy's law seems to be taking over the cruise world.
  9. Pretty close, it is Symphony. Still Dazzles and it is missing the 3ft glass wall separating the chairs from the walkway
  10. You are missing the big clue, something in the room is there on some ships and gone on others.
  11. You could not be more right and you could not be more wrong.
  12. Located between decks 7 and 10. Still in full service, one venue has had a name change one almost had a name change, damn pandemic.
  13. Can not be Oasis, something obvious is missing..
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