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  1. Oatmeal cookies (when you can find them.)
  2. I am paying $726 to fly one way NS CDG to LAX NS business class on Air France in November. So there are still deals depending on where you go. I have found fares going through CDG to LAX to be better deals especially through Air France and Delta. But I had to look hard to find decent business class RT fares for next spring. Also returning from CDG. And open jaw from LAX to Copenhagen and back from CDG in May is costing me $2,500 in business class on Air France. i think the days of cheap upper class fares via choice air may be coming to an end.
  3. Unfortunately I only began sailing Azamara recently so missed out on the good old days for the most part. I like the experience once I am onboard but sometimes dealing with customer service and the web page (as a single) is just so frustrating that I never get that far unfortunately. I have noticed some very good fares in the UK but I don't like their cancellation terms. I am an experienced traveler though and know how to get the deals, generally, if they are to be had, so I will just keep trying and have a look at Silversea and Crystal. Even Celebrity has significantly increased prices so that they are comparable with Azamara on some itineraries, like the Adriatic. Anne
  4. Thanks for your help Bonnie. The prices on all the Alaska cruises now are at least $2,000 more than they were when I last looked so I have lost interest. I was not that keen to go to Alaska anyway and it was the exceptionally low prices about a month ago that tempted me. Since they are long gone, so is my interest. Anne
  5. Thanks Bonnie. but in the meantime the prices have gone up considerably and I just gave up on the cruise. Anne
  6. Bonnie, When I called about those discounted Alaska cruises a couple of weeks ago the prices were way more than double for me than for double occupancy. When I asked for a breakdown as it didnt make sense (they were not guarantees at that point), the agent told me I would have to send an email to a supervisor for clarification. This was so frustrating to me, I just stopped pursuing it as i wasn't prepared to wait Days for an answer and the cruise would probably not have still been available anyway. On Celebrity this issue with single occupancy on guarantees has always been resolved immediately to my satisfaction by their resolutions department so I would love to know if Azamara does something similar. If not they should! There is no excuse for poor customer service. anne
  7. Interesting discussion. I have only sailed on AZ twice but once I was able to snag an Oceanview guarantee with no problem at all. It turned out to be an obstructed 08 which I was able to switch to another obstructed in a better location between two lifeboats. It had to be done manually by a supervisor, though. I have often had to ask Celebrity too on guarantee solo cabins but have always been able to book them in the end. Recently I had a very frustrating experience with an agent when I was trying to book an Alaska cruise which supposedly had a reduced single supplement. When the price came up it was considerably higher than what two people would pay even though it was not a guarantee. I asked to speak to a supervisor so I could understand the pricing but the agent insisted I would have to send an email, and who knows how long that would have taken. She was so obnoxious and unhelpful I just got frustrated and didn’t pursue booking any further. But it was very upsetting and left a bad taste in my mouth although I do love the Azamara experience when onboard. They need to get their act together regarding transparent pricing. anne
  8. Bonnie i just called AZ and they clarified that this means any cruise that will be substituting Cuba ports for other ports, except for the 2019 TA. In other words, Caribbean cruises that were Cuba cruises in 2019. That makes more sense as I doubt they would let you substitute the TA for a Capetown Cruise or some other expensive itinerary, even in the same category stateroom.
  9. Hi Bonnie, What does “in the same category” mean? Does this mean, for instance, if you booked a transatlantic, you can book another transatlantic for the same price as you paid for the Original TA? Or does it mean that, if you booked an ocean view on a transatlantic cruise that visits Cuba, you would be able to an ocean view on any other cruise on Azamara regardless of he itinerary for the same price as you paid for your existing cruise? If the latter, that would be an especially amazing deal. How do we get clarification? Also if you booked through a TA will Azamara be reaching out to the passenger booked or only to the travel agent? thank you for your help. Anne
  10. A few years ago, Celebrity informed passengers when they were boarding in Rome, that the Israel ports had been cancelled due to the violence at that time, and that they were being substituted with Greece. Then there were the cruises that had to drop Istanbul after the coup and airport attack. And on and on. I guess we should be lucky this happened before final payment to allow us time to consider possible alternatives.
  11. ptrpanpens

    Bed Pillows

    Ask the room steward or the hotel manager to give you the name of the maker. I agree the bedding on AZ is fantastic and such a great upgrade from Celebrity or other similar lines, it is unbelievable the difference. also they will bring you all the pillow options if you want to try them.
  12. The first time I sailed Azamara I booked a guarantee obstructed oceanview to save myself about $2,000. I was used to balconies on Celebrity so took a deep breath before I opened the door to Cabin 6036, which was positioned between two lifeboats so had somewhat of a view, like Phil’s cabin. I must admit that I really liked this cabin so much that I booked it again. Like Phil said, it is very well laid out and I found it cozy, not cramped at all. Of course, I travel alone and will say it might be a little tight for two people. (Although several couples I met had obstructed OV cabins and were fine with them.) You do have to be careful though, when dressing, to close the curtains as the crew often is right outside the window cleaning the lifeboats.😱😱 And BTW, the quality and comfort of the bed and linens on Azamara more than made up for any size deficiency compared to Celebrity! Anne
  13. I will be canceling this cruise if they have not decided about Cuba by the time final payment is due in about 5 weeks. I have a backup plan just in case. Hopefully Azamara will do the right thing and fully disclose before people are locked in (if they aren’t already). i did notice that the following cruises to Cuba are still showing so maybe it has something to do with the US port (Key West) as I heard there were some problems going there and then to Cuba.
  14. ptrpanpens

    Air France

    I fly Air France businss class all the time and find that it is one of the easier airlines to find business class for 67;500 miles but this is from LAX to CDG, Rome, Barcelona or Lisbon. Alsoeasy from JFK and sometimes less miles. I am sure it makes a difference what route. Also, the easiest miles are to be found on the 388, not the 777 which is better if you are flying alone. I have never flown their premium economy but booked it once and was able to upgrade to business class at the airport for decent amount of $$$ plus some miles.
  15. Thank you Bonnie. No one has been able to figure it out yet that I spoke to. And with that going on, no wonder they have so many empty cabins. The reps dont even catch the fact that the prices they are seeing do not make sense given the posted prices on the web site. It seems like it should immediately jump out at them that $1,199 plus a 25% single supplement should not come out to over $4,000 even with high port taxes. anne
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