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  1. I recall reading somewhere that Azamara said it would be 30 days for a refund to be processed. I did receive an email with the FCC part of the refund attached. Still waiting for the %refund that was in cash and the refund for My Choice Air flight on a cruise that was cancelled March 11.. Wouldn’t start worrying until at least 30 days.have passed
  2. Azamara desperately need a good proof reader! This sort of thing happens all too frequently.
  3. Big kudos to Air France for refunding my miles and the entire amount of taxes (no cancellation penalty) immediately. I sent an email to Flying Blue describing my situation and it was answered within 24 hours. The miles were back in my account immediately and the taxes were credited to my credit card within three days. thanks Air France for excellent customer service. now Delta.. that is a different situation as they dont respond unless you are within 72 hours of departure.
  4. thanks. I am going to give it until the end of the week. If I dont get anything by then I will cntact my travel agent. I wasnt ecpecting anything this early anyway.
  5. Has anyone received a future cruise credit on a recently cancelled cruise? Was it on a letter sent by mail or in an email attachment? i received an email from Azamara today referencing an attachment for future cruise credit on a cruise I cancelled last week, but there was no attachment in the email. The last time I received a future cruise credit, a letter was sent by regular mail from Azamara which had the future cruise credit attached. just wondering if anyone has had this experience on a recent cruise credit issued since the Coronavirus situation.
  6. I would not want to be on a ship if people start developing symptoms of Coronavirus. Even in a normal cruise, people usually get the common cold, bronchitis or other respiratory symptoms even if it may not be the virus itself. no, not a good place to be so hopefully everything ends up well.
  7. I was told a week ago that refunds would take from 10-14 working days. Given how many of these they are processing it isn’t surprising.
  8. I just cancelled my May cruise on the Pursuit on Monday. not surprised about this..just a matter of time.
  9. Just be sure to get all documentation in writing, even via a comprehensive email from the travel agent or cruiseline. I would not leave anything they said to chance without complete documentation. i got an email with all imformation, including the person the travel agent spoke to. Supposedly they record telephone conversations.
  10. ptrpanpens


    I was also on that sailing. Canceled on Monday. Not willing to risk getting sick, quarantined or worse. Too bad because it was a great itinerary and very cheap. Oh well.. another time.
  11. i guess they must have updated their policy this morning. In any case, I wish you good luck and just remember that Italy will still be there next year (hopefully) and will probably need your tourist dollars more than ever. My friend who lives in Ravenna and is a tour guide there says things are very difficult for them. I plan to visit there as soon as it is safe to travel to lend support to their wonderful country and people.
  12. Hope you get a good outcome. Azamara really needs better communication.
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